Actor Raja Chaudhary lately met together with his daughter Palak Tiwari after a niche of 13 years. Needless to say, it was an emotional second for each father and daughter. The doting father is again in Mumbai, this time to rejoice his birthday with Palak. In a current interview with BT, Raja talked about it and shared, “My birthday was really special as I was celebrating it with Palak. She had got a cake for me and we chatted for hours. Time kaise nikal gaya pata hi nahi chala. She went back home in the wee hours of the morning,”

Raja additionally cooked a particular meal for his daughter. “I am a very good cook. And I wanted to prove it to Palak too. So I prepared a lavish meal for the two of us and we both spent some quality time together,” he stated.

Raja who’s all set to maneuver again to Mumbai shares, “The meeting made me realize how hungry I am for my daughter’s love. I really want her in my life. And so it was that night that I decided that I will now stay in Mumbai and revive my acting career. I already have a house in Mumbai. I now need to earn money for my living,” shared Raja, including, “I have already started to work on my physique and have started auditioning for roles in TV, films, and also web series. I will do any role as this time my aim is not to earn money or get famous, it is to stay in Mumbai so that I can be more close to my daughter Palak and enjoy more such memorable evenings.”

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