After a two-year pandemic-induced hiatus, Navratri festivities are again in full pressure, full with celeb appearances. Depending on the recognition of the artiste, look charges begin at 1 lakh and go as excessive as 8 lakh. An individual near the occasion organisers claims that “actors these days quote incredibly high sums, and there are numerous rounds of talks, where they finally agree to a price substantially below the claimed amount because they don’t want to let go of the agreement”.

The supply continues, “Actors want to make money, so the discussions have been more intense [since the outbreak of Covid-19]. Many people are unemployed, so they don’t want to back out of the arrangement, but they also don’t want to accept a very low sum.” The supply provides, “Performers who are working seek to double their daily rate for appearances. If an actor is paid 70,000 per day, for instance, they might demand 1,50,000 to explain their day off. And this is the current trend.”

Here, actor Sangita Ghosh notes, “I don’t do many events as I have always been someone to do a few given my schedule but I realised this time the number of calls for events were much more. It’s like the last two years have left everyone hungry for more fun and glam not knowing what the next day would hold. I feel monetarily the markets gone down a little as everyone is trying to build a base back but otherwise am glad the happiness fun glam is back”.

“The people are coming back in full fledged manner, festivals seem very cold until we celebrate them in full swing, the Navratri pandals are back, and people are enjoying, with DJ sets playing hit numbers and performances popular tracks,” actor Aniruddh Dave tells us, including that he was invited to 2 locations for appearances this yr.

The invitations he obtained confirmed that the celebrations are in full swing everywhere in the nation, as he shares, “The celebrations are not bound till Gujarat and Maharashtra, it’s all over, in India and overseas”.

That being stated, many celebrities are involved about their well being and will rethink their appearances.

Actor Mahekk Chahal, “The number of appearances now have increased as compared to the last 2 years, where there had been none. Now, organisers want to make the most of it. When it comes to me, with the events increasing in number and me being a little careful of Covid, that is always there at the back of my mind”.

To this, actor Deepika Singh provides, “Well post the pandemic the events scenario has actually increased more, people want to go all out but yes the fear is there of a relapse… In few cities, people are very concerned and maintain social distance but at times it gets difficult to control the crowd, so I take precautions instead. I mask it up usually as I have a little one to come back home to as well, and everyone should remember that”.

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