Next month BOOM! Studios will release Alice Ever After #1. The darkish reimagining of Lewis Carroll‘s traditional Alice in Wonderland comes from author Dan Panosian, artist Giorgio Spalletta, colorist Fabiana Mascolo, and letterer Jeff Eckleberry, and follows an grownup Alice as she struggles with the aftermath of her journey down the rabbit gap. Today The Beat is happy to current a preview of the primary concern of the collection, which arrives in shops on April sixth.

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Here’s how BOOM! Studios describes Alice Ever After #1:

Alice first visited Wonderland as a baby. Now an grownup, it’s her solely escape from a chilly, unusual actuality she finds herself residing in.

But with a purpose to return to her fantasy world, she’ll want one thing stronger than mushrooms that change her dimension, and is pressured to resort to crime to feed her rising habit.

Will Alice select to flee from her uncaring household and childhood trauma in Wonderland, or discover the braveness to face her demons in the actual world?

In a press release again when the five-issue collection was first announced, BOOM! Studios editor Kathleen Wisneski hyped how Panosian, Spalletta, & co. twist the Wonderland story that readers already know:

“Get ready to get swept away by this dark, grown up sequel to the story of Alice in Wonderland that could only have come from the minds of Dan, Giorgio, and Fabiana. If you think you already know everything there is to know about Alice and the wild crew of characters she’s met during her adventures… you have no idea what’s in store for you!”

Check out the five-page preview of Alice Ever After #1, in addition to variant covers by Jenny Frison and J. Scott Campbell, under. The concern is ready to reach in shops and digitally on Wednesday, April sixth. The preorder closing date for the problem is subsequent Monday, March 14th.

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