Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin premiered July 28 with a three-part premiere that launched us to a brand new era of liars and by extension, their mother and father.

The moms had been essential to the success of the unique collection, and right here, they’re extra essential than ever because of the new iteration of A seemingly focusing on the women for the sins of their moms.

Elena Goode performs Marjorie Olivar, the mom of Noa (Maia Reficco).

When I requested Goode what attracted her to the collection, she felt like many points had been telling her to signal on.

“There are so many aspects of it that make it unique, interesting, thought-provoking, and emotional,” Goode shared with TV Fanatic.

“There was so much depth to all of the characters. We’re living in this Pretty Little Liars universe, but this is a whole new expression of it.”

“And I think what makes it so exciting and so attractive is that each and every individual character is very, very complex.”

Thanks to the occasions of 1999, the moms are a giant a part of the collection.

Goode believes that artistic selections will assist the collection attain a greater variety of viewers.

“I think that’s exciting because the experiences that the young women are going through, their story is an important one to carry through to all different generations,” Goode added. 

“And I think the reverse is also true with the experiences of the mothers that even though parents are supposed to represent pillars of wisdom and strength and responsibility in truth, parents are humans that flawed.”

Marjorie’s relationship with Noa was portrayed to be flawed all through the collection premiere.

“Their relationship is very dynamic at times. You will see the protectiveness and closeness they have for one another, the loyalty that exists there,” Goode continued. 

“And at other times, you will see the exact opposite dynamic at play between them. You will see betrayal, you will see dishonesty. You will also see a lack of trust.”

“You will see all of these different emotions and dynamics unfold in their relationship while simultaneously maintaining that strong mother-daughter bond.”

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Season 1 Episode 3 discovered Noa confiding in Shawne that she did not break the regulation and was masking for her mom.

With somebody like A on the unfastened, secrets and techniques don’t remain buried, and it is solely a matter of time earlier than it involves the forefront.

As for whether or not Marjorie would blame her daughter if that occurs, Elena teases, “Knowing Marjorie, yes, she would.”

The moms began to grasp that one thing could be very mistaken in Millwood on the finish of the premiere, and Marjorie teased that they are going to transfer ahead in a approach viewers won’t count on.

“Marjorie’s active tool to deal with difficult things and to deal with things that she wants to hide is denial. That’s always kind of been her go-to, to avoid, to deny, and to suppress at all costs,” Elena mentioned of what Marjorie will do subsequent.

The subsequent two episodes of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin drop Thursday on HBO Max.

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