Pranav Sachdev on taking part in 4 roles in ‘Tiny Disasters'(Photo Credit: Instagram)

Actor Pranav Sachdev performs 4 completely different characters within the upcoming brief movie “Tiny Disasters”, and is of course excited.

“I am getting an opportunity to play four different roles in the same film and that I believe is a dream for any actor. I play a casanova, a heartbroken lover, a super-rich brat and an addict. So, I play different characters, it’s basically a different representation of Gen Z,” he says.

The movie accommodates tales that finish in a couple of minutes and will be consumed on the go. Pranav explains the concept behind this movie: “We are the microwave generation, who want everything very quickly and trends show that audience attention span is getting shorter by the day. Short films are snackable, a quick dose of entertainment and lockdown has only accelerated the digital revolution. Hence, people have developed a greater appetite for shorter, crisper and juicier content. I could be wrong but I predict shorter content to be the future of entertainment.”

“These ‘quirkies’ are for the generation that wants everything instantaneous and swift. The stories begin on one note but end in a very Guy De Maupassant-esque manner, with disastrous outcomes. These stories are mini and quirky hence we thought ‘Tiny Disaster’ would be a fitting title,” he provides.

The film is directed by Gautam Arora and in addition options Nupur Nagpal, Nirmal Kothari, Deeya Dey and Deepali Jain. It is ready to release in August.

Pranav Sachdev is seen in shows similar to “Zindagi Dot Com” and “Agar Tum Saath Ho” and he lately labored within the movie “Almariyaan”, which offers with homosexuality.

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