Prachi Desai has been round for therefore lengthy within the leisure world that generally it’s straightforward to neglect she is barely 33. The actor returned to movies final 12 months with Silence and adopted it up with one other thriller within the current release Forensic. For anybody who has adopted or watched her profession, the form of roles she is doing now’s a lot completely different from her established on-screen picture. In an interplay with Hindustan Times, Prachi mentioned the response to her ‘different’ function and the challenges she has confronted on account of her picture over time. Also learn: Gauahar Khan says she misplaced out on Slumdog Millionaire function as a result of she was ‘too good looking for it’

Spoilers for Forensic ahead!

Forensic, which was released on Zee5 on June 24, also stars Vikrant Massey, Radhika Apte, and Rohit Roy. The Vishal Furia-directorial is a thriller set in Mussoorie with a cop and a forensic expert on the hunt for a serial killer. Prachi, whose performance as a psychoanalyst with a dark secret, is being praised by critics and fans, says she is thankful for the opportunity. “These are the kind of roles I have always wanted to play and I think it’s OTT that deserves the credit score. This is the place the place persons are taking large dangers and supplying you with alternatives one by no means actually thought of,” she says.

Prachi has by no means performed unfavourable characters in her profession earlier than, and therefore, it was a problem she relished. Speaking about how moving into the mindspace of a cold-blooded killer affected her psychological well being, she says, “You have to go into these gray zones, which are very uncomfortable. I think as an actor, it just came. It was easy. The funny part is I would instantly switch on and switch off. If you see the shot after it was cut and if the camera was still rolling, I was laughing. And I don’t mean this in a wrong way. I don’t want anyone to think I was enjoying it. I don’t know how to put it correctly but you don’t want to dwell too long. You really shouldn’t for your mental health.”

Prachi Desai performs a therapist in Forensic.

Prachi says that earlier than the arrival of streaming platforms, she had confronted limitations to being provided difficult roles, largely due to her on-screen picture and appears. Since her debut with the TV present Kasamh Se (2006) or her movie debut in Rock On!! (2008), she has largely performed the easy girl-next-door. She explains, “To some extent, it was a kind of a barrier that I was facing. In the past, if there was any role of this kind or nature, they always thought I have a very soft face for it. I’m pretty so what you do with that. Nobody really knew how they could turn this around to their advantage. At the end of the day, cross-casting is really commendable. Those are the things that make you sit up and notice. It’s very easy to keep casting people in the same roles over and over again since you’re very comfortable watching them do that.”

In truth, until just lately, she says she was being informed she is ‘too pretty’ for sure sorts of roles, a remark she isn’t fairly certain is supposed as a praise. “I heard this just a while ago before Forensic came out. There was an interesting role and somebody from the platform said, ‘Don’t you think she is too pretty for it?’ I said thank you to the director for at least telling me that. I am just happy here that they are not doubting my skill, they don’t think I lack anything there. But they think I am too pretty. I really don’t know what’s the right reaction for that but I’m definitely not going to take that negatively,” says Prachi with amusing. Also learn: Prachi Desai recalls being ‘disrespected’ by prominent directors

However, Prachi is pleased that she is being informed all this, because the suggestions helps her enhance and make adjustments. She provides, “At every stage of your life, there will be these barriers that you have to push harder against and get past them. Unfortunately, a lot of times they will not be in your control. But at least now I know this is what they think. Had I not, I’d keep wondering why I’m not doing these kinds of roles and parts. It’s good to know about these barriers and find your way around them.”

And as per Prachi, the very best half about doing these roles isn’t the validation from others, however self-satisfaction. “It’s not about proving anything to anyone but just the fact that there is a box. It’s really for your own satisfaction that there is so much more that you can really do,” she says, signing off.

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