Porygon2, the evolution of Porygon, is at present obtainable as a Tier Three raid boss for the total Ultra Unlock Part One: Time occasion in Pokémon GO. This could also be useful for individuals who do not have an Upgrade with which to evolve their Porygon into this type. With this Raid Guide, you’ll be able to put together a workforce to tackle this Normal-type Pokémon and ideal your catching technique.

Porygon2 official artwork. Credit: Pokémon Company

Top Porygon2 Counters

Pokebattler, which calculates all attainable mixtures of Pokémon and strikes, lists the highest 10 Porygon2 counters as such:

  • Shadow Machamp: Counter, Dynamic Punch
  • Lucario: Counter, Aura Sphere
  • Shadow Hariyama: Counter, Dynamic Punch
  • Conkeldurr: Counter, Dynamic Punch
  • Machamp: Counter, Dynamic Punch
  • Shadow Mewtwo: Confusion, Psystrike
  • Breloom: Counter, Dynamic Punch
  • Mega Lopunny: Low Kick, Focus Blast
  • Hariyama: Counter, Dynamic Punch
  • Mega Gengar: Sucker Punch, Focus Blast

It is beneficial to energy up your counters as a lot as attainable, however creating that quantity of sturdy Shadow Pokémon with their strikes unlocked is a tall order for even essentially the most practiced gamers. Here are ten extra non-Shadow and non-Mega counters that may assist take down Porygon2 with effectivity.

  • Blaziken: Counter, Focus Blast
  • Sirfetch’d: Counter, Close Combat
  • Toxicroak: Counter, Dynamic Punch
  • Heracross: Counter, Close Combat
  • Regigigas: Fighting-type Hidden Power, Giga Impact
  • Mewtwo: Psycho Cut, Psystrike
  • Emboar: Low Kick, Focus Blast
  • Alakazam: Counter, Focus Blast
  • Gallade: Low Kick, Close Combat
  • Therian Forme Landorus: Mud Shot, Superpower

How Many Trainers Are Needed?

Porygon2 could be defeated by one coach. With the above counters, this should not offer you many issues to drag off as a solo coach. However, one ought to all the time energy up their counters, particularly as a result of Fighting-types are sometimes helpful in raids.

Using the Circle Lock Technique to ensure Great or Excellent throws, together with Golden Razz Berries, is the easiest way to ensure you catch any Pokémon. Keep in thoughts although that Porygon2 is an advanced type and can yield further Porygon candies when caught. Try utilizing Pinap Berries at first so that you could multiply the variety of candies earned.

Shiny Odds

Porygon2 can’t be encountered in its Shiny type. To get a Shiny Porygon2, you should catch a Shiny Porygon and evolve it up.

Happy raiding, fellow trainers!

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