Pooja Bedi just lately acquired candid in an interview and opened up about her well-liked condom advert. She hailed the 90s advert as the start of sexual revolution in India. The advert additionally featured mannequin Marc Robinson and was banned from Indian tv for a very long time. 

Bedi opened up about how she dint remorse taking over the controversial advert even one bit. Instead, she feels proud being a trailblazer bringing a revolution together with her condom commercial. Pooja claimed that despite the fact that the advert was banned in India for a very long time it was thought of as the start of sexual revolution in India by the western media.

Speaking to a number one publication, Pooja stated, “It was great to be a fire-starter. The campaign was touted as the beginning of the sexual revolution in India by British tabloids. It won many awards and made advertising history. It was great to have been a trailblazer because of it.” She additionally added how she is glad that instances have modified and the viewers is broad-minded these days. She stated, “Thank heavens that people today are so open about their sexuality,” 

Pooja Bedi stated that her notion was formed by her upbringing. She stated, “To love deeply, to question limiting conventions, to stand up for what is right, to empower and fight for the rights of others, and to always maintain a sense of humour, especially at myself have been some key highlights.” 

Pooja Bedi recalls her 90s condom

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