Ponniyin Selvan: I has been launched in theatres and is operating fairly efficiently. The movie has grossed over 230 crore worldwide in simply its opening weekend, with a haul of over 100 crore nett from India alone. As the title suggests, the movie is an element one in all two in Mani Ratnam’s grand adaptation of Kalki Krishnamurthy’s eponymous novel. Even because the movie ends on a cliffhanger, a quick post-film (or pre-credits if you’ll) scene reveals the reality behind a pivotal character and units up half 2. Also learn: Ponniyin Selvan I: Why women are the true heroes of this film

First a fast recap of PS1 and the myriad of characters we met within the historic epic. The movie is a fictionalised account of the early days of Chola emperor Rajaraja I aka Arulmozhi Varman aka Ponniyin Selvan (actually Ponni’s beloved). The movie opens to Sundara Chola, his father in ill-health, as his two sons Arulmozhi (Jayam Ravi) and Aditya Karikalan (Vikram) are away. The emperor’s courtiers, led by Periya Pazhuvettaraiyar (Parvateshwar within the Hindi model) and his scheming spouse Nandini (Aishwarya Rai) are planning a coup. They wish to set up the emperor’s cousin Madurantakan (Rahman) on the throne.

What does Ponniyin Selvan: I post-film scene present?

Spoilers for Ponniyin Selvan: I forward!

Now, we enter the spoiler territory. As Arulmozhi is in Lanka, he’s attacked by assassins loyal to the fallen Pandya king and saved solely by a mysterious grey-haired lady atop an elephant. Our protagonist calls her Oomai Rani and divulges that she had saved him as soon as as a child too, when he fell into the Ponni (Kaveri) river. This incident gave delivery to his legendary nickname as individuals believed he was saved by the Goddess Kaveri herself. In the movie’s climax, Arulmozhi and Chola warrior Vallavaraiyan (Karthi) go down on a sinking ship, battling Pandya foes. As the movie ends, the information of Ponniyin Selvan’s demise reaches the Chola capital.

However, simply after the title card of the movie reveals PS2, coming in 2023, we see the mysterious Oomai Rani leaping into the ocean to scour for Arulmozhi within the ship’s wreckage. As the digicam pans to her face, we see an aged Aishwarya Rai. For these not acquainted with the novels, this may occasionally have come as a shock. But those that have learn the books know that the Oomai Rani is definitely Mandakini Devi, the deaf-mute queen, and Nandini’s mom.

Mandakini Devi, as depicted in Maniam’s sketch within the serialisation of Kalki’s novel, is performed by Aishwarya Rai within the Mani Ratnam movie.

How is Mandakini related to Arulmozhi?

But what’s Mandakini’s connection to Arulmozhi and why is she so protecting of him? The reply within the backstory supplied in Kalki’s five-volume novels. Now we transfer on to spoilers from the books, which can spoil PS2, so anybody not up for that, could wish to keep away from studying additional.

Mandakini was in love with the emperor Sundara Chola earlier than he was king. But they might not marry. Mandakini, in the long run, did marry and had two kids–yes, not one however two. The first is Nandini, and the second is definitely Madurantakan, who was switched at delivery, and whom the Chola courtiers, now wish to set up because the emperor. Neither Mandakini, nor Madurantakan know that they’re mother-son. Mandakini, in reality, believes that her son was still-born. This unfulfilled maternal protecting intuition makes her look after her former lover’s son Arulmozhi.

What does this imply for Ponniyin Selvan: II?

So far, Mani Ratnam’s movie has stayed largely trustworthy to its material. So, it solely is sensible if the sequel follows the plot laid down within the books as properly. Mandakini could have a bigger position partly 2 and the movie will clarify a lot of her tragic backstory as properly, significantly her bond with the titular character. Without spoiling a lot of the plot, I can merely say that half 2 could have extra twists and turns than half 1 has managed up to now, aside from those listed above, and Mandakini’s previous performs an important position in it.


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