Ash Ketchum has journeyed with many touring companions all through the Pokémon anime, however there may be one in all Ash’s associates who’s stronger than all of the others. Though not all of Ash’s associates shared the identical ambitions as Ash had, a lot of them did turn out to be achieved Pokémon trainers in their very own proper. Some had been already fairly expert by the point Ash met them, as there have been a couple of who had been already fitness center leaders at the moment.

Most of Ash’s associates and touring companions had their sights set on undertaking their very own objectives. The associates that Ash traveled with allowed the anime to discover totally different points of the Pokémon world, not simply restricted to battling and the Pokémon League. Audiences discovered about Pokémon Contests and Pokémon Showcases, in addition to studying about what it takes to be a Pokémon Breeder.


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While Ash’s rivals in the Pokémon anime usually taught Ash extra about what it means to be a Pokémon coach and new battling methods, his associates had been usually instrumental in increasing his slim worldview and instructing him extra about Pokémon and their inherent nature. Luckily, Ash was at all times recreation to be taught new expertise from his associates, which solely served to enhance his personal expertise as a Pokémon coach too. Some associates stood out greater than others, particularly when in comparison with Ash, concerning their expertise as Pokémon trainers. Pokémon Journeys and Pokémon Master Journeys have given the anime the prospect to revisit a few of Ash’s outdated associates, making it attention-grabbing to see which of Ash’s previous touring companions had been the strongest then and now.

Misty And Brock In Kanto & Johto

Brock Ash Misty Pokemon

Misty and Brock traveled with Ash all through the primary two areas of the Pokémon franchise. Brock, nevertheless, did journey additional than the Kanto area and the Johto area. Both Misty and Brock in the Pokémon anime are on comparatively equal footing on the subject of their expertise as Pokémon trainers.

Though Misty wasn’t technically the Cerulean City Gym Leader when she and Ash met, she has been presiding over the Water-type fitness center for the reason that third iteration of the Pokémon anime, Ruby and Sapphire. Misty can be an aspiring Water Pokémon Master. Misty’s power as a coach lies in her potential to beat her fears. She was afraid of Bug-type Pokémon however traveled with Ash to Murcott Island, which is known for its uncommon Bug-type Pokémon. She was additionally deathly afraid of Gyarados, regardless of it being a Water-type Pokémon, because of a traumatic childhood incident, however was capable of tame one close to the top of Misty’s run as Ash’s traveling companion. Her willpower to beat her fears and her resolve to indicate her sisters that the Cerulean Gym wanted to offer a correct battling expertise proved Misty’s mettle as a coach. However, her bias in favor of usually “cute” Pokémon did severely restrict the facility potential of her group, particularly throughout her journey with Ash.

Brock, very similar to Misty, was a Pokémon Gym Leader in Pewter City, specializing in Rock-type Pokémon. He traveled with Ash by way of many areas, not simply Kanto and Johto, but in addition Hoenn and Sinnoh. Despite his appreciable expertise as a Pokémon coach, Brock’s true ardour lies in caring for Pokémon. On his journeys with Ash, he discovered quite a bit about caring for Pokémon and changing into a Pokémon Breeder, expertise which he additionally handed on to his associates, and is now pursuing changing into a full-fledged Pokémon Doctor. Brock’s strength as a Pokémon trainer comes from his data of Pokémon care-taking. He is aware of the bounds and strengths of the Pokémon he trains higher than anybody. Brock does handle to present Ash a run for his cash on quite a few events throughout their observe battles, however his coronary heart wasn’t in Pokémon battles as a lot because it was in care-taking, and it usually confirmed in his technique, which lacked creativity and even willpower.

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May In The Hoenn Region

May in front of an image of her and Ash in Pokemon

May, one in all Ash’s different companions within the Hoenn area moreover Brock and May’s little brother Max, went on a considerable developmental journey all through the third era of the Pokémon anime. Though she was initially fairly afraid of Pokémon, May later found her ardour for being a Top Pokémon Coordinator and entered a lot of Pokémon Contests throughout the Hoenn area. May has fairly a robust group readily available these days, which features a Blaziken, Venusaur, Glaceon, and Beautifly. Since the Pokémon anime Ruby and Sapphire, May has traveled to the Kanto and Johto areas, competing in Pokémon Contests there as effectively.

May’s power as a coach lies in her aggressive spirit. She is aware of what her Pokémon are able to, each by way of stunning presentation and by way of battling – and whereas she is aware of that Contest battles and commonplace Pokémon battles are very totally different beasts, she learns quite a bit from Ash on her journey and incorporates that into her technique. Her largest weak point as a coach is her personal shallowness; she’s liable to giving into rival Harley’s makes an attempt at bullying, letting it have an effect on her performances and the way in which she works along with her Pokémon.

Dawn In The Sinnoh Region

Dawn Pokemon

Similar to May, Dawn had a dream of changing into a Top Coordinator like her mom Johanna. She traveled all throughout Sinnoh with Ash, his Pokémon partner Pikachu, and Brock, coming into Pokémon contests throughout the area. She was the runner-up within the Sinnoh Grand Festival, probably the most aggressive event for Pokémon Coordinators. Her group consists of some attention-grabbing and unconventional decisions, together with a Piplup that refuses to evolve, a Quilava, a Togekiss, and the huge Ice and Ground-type Pokémon Mamoswine.

Dawn’s power as a coach is clear in her creativity, which rivals even Ash’s artistic battling methods that he portrayed within the later seasons of the anime. She combines her Pokémon’s strikes in distinctive methods to play to their strengths, together with a transfer referred to as Flame Ice, which includes two forms of strikes which can be usually one another’s polar opposites. Dawn was liable to overworking her Pokémon at occasions, nevertheless, which proved her willpower but in addition confirmed that she generally forgot to consider her Pokémon’s particular person wants.

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Iris In The Unova Region

Iris and Axew Pokemon

Though Ash Ketchum‘s second touring companion within the Unova area, Cilan, was a Gym Leader on the Striaton City Gym (in addition to an A-class Pokémon Connoisseur, that means that he can determine compatibility between a Pokémon and its coach), Iris is the actual stand-out Pokémon coach of this touring trio. Iris desires of changing into a Dragon Master. It is usually talked about all through the anime that Dragon-type Pokémon are a few of the hardest forms of Pokémon to coach, however Iris manages it superbly, and have become an extremely sturdy coach in her personal proper, placing collectively a powerful group together with a Haxorus, a Dragonite, a Gible, an Excadrill, and an Emolga.

Like Ash, she tends to catch Pokémon she makes a reference to, which is ideal for her changing into a Dragon Master, alongside her potential to learn Dragon Pokémon’s minds. Iris’ willpower to turn out to be a Dragon Master rivals Ash’s willpower to turn out to be a Pokémon Master, and neither is prepared to surrender. They are at all times able to be taught if it means getting one step nearer to their objectives.

Clemont In The Kalos Region

Clemon in the Pokemon XYZ anime

Clemont is the Electric-type Gym Leader for Lumiose City. He’s additionally thought of one thing of a genius, creating many innovations to assist him and his associates throughout their journey (although not at all times efficiently). Unlike Misty, Brock, and Cilan who’re all Gym Leaders fairly early on in a coach’s journey of their respective areas, Clemont’s Pokémon Gym requires trainers to have four badges in an effort to problem him, or his stand-in robotic Clembot. His group features a highly effective Luxray, Heliolisk, Magneton, and Diggersby.

Clemont’s power as a coach is linked to his scientific background – he approaches battles analytically, learning his opponents’ methods to consider the right offense. This does additionally come at a price. It’s more durable for him to emotionally join along with his Pokémon and his personal emotions are generally repressed because of this, however his journey with Ash teaches him quite a bit and his relationship along with his Pokémon, particularly Chespin and Luxray, is bettered because of this.

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Kiawe In The Alola Region

Kiawe in the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime

Kiawe was one in all Ash’s closest associates within the Alola area. What’s attention-grabbing about their relationship is that they functioned as each associates and rivals. Ash and Kiawe had comparable battling ambitions, although Kiawe’s purpose is to turn out to be Akala Island’s kahuna.

Kiawe makes a speciality of Fire-type Pokémon, and his group consists of a Charizard like Ash once had, Turtonator, and an Alolan Marowak. Kiawe additionally managed to make it to the highest 4 of the Alola Pokémon League, which is the League that Ash lastly managed to win in spite of everything these years. Kiawe shares his Pokémons’ fiery nature and is at all times in sync with them, which allowed him to make use of Z-Moves fairly early on as a coach, a ability that requires complete belief in a single’s Pokémon and the knowledge to respect the facility Z-Moves can present.

Goh In Pokémon Journeys

Cinderace and Goh hugging in the Pokémon anime.

Pokémon Journeys and Pokémon Master Journeys operate considerably otherwise from earlier Pokémon anime iterations. Instead of touring to at least one particular area, Ash now travels to all of the recognized areas along with his buddy Goh, working as analysis fellows collectively for Professor Cerise. Both Ash and Goh love Pokémon equally, however Goh’s purpose is to catch one in all each sort of Pokémon, together with the legendary Pokémon Mew.

Goh is an accomplished Pokémon trainer just because he’s already caught a powerful variety of Pokémon, together with the Water-type legendary Pokémon Suicune. But, regardless of his prowess as a Pokémon collector, Goh is comparatively inexperienced as a Pokémon coach or battler, and Ash reveals him the ropes quite a few occasions all through the collection. His Drizzile evolves into an Inteleon as a result of it took its coaching routine into its personal palms, not due to Goh’s expertise as a coach.

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Who Is Ash’s Strongest Companion?

Ash Ketchum and Iris in Pokemon Master Journeys

There’s little doubt as to who Ash’s strongest touring companion is now. In the time for the reason that Pokémon Black and White anime, Iris has turn out to be the Unova Champion and has reached the ultimate eight within the World Coronation Series in Pokemon Master Journeys. Ash can be competing within the World Coronation Series, which is a contest that trainers from all around the world can enter. The winner of the World Coronation Series is decided to be the strongest coach on this planet, a title which is at present held by the Galar Region Champion, Leon. Other trainers within the prime eight embrace the Sinnoh Champion Cynthia, Alain, who managed to beat Ash on the Kalos League; Steven, who’s the Champion in Hoenn, and Lance, who’s Champion within the Johto area.

Iris’ unbelievable journey to turn out to be a Dragon Master has actually seen her develop as a coach within the Pokémon anime and become one of Ash’s strongest associates up to now, and her spot within the prime eight of the World Coronation Series is effectively deserved. Iris, like Ash, is aware of that changing into a area’s reigning Champion isn’t sufficient to show to the world that you simply’re a Dragon or Pokémon Master. Her meteoric rise by way of the ranks of the Unova Pokémon League is extremely spectacular, sure, however it’s the relationship she has along with her Pokémon, Pokémon which can be historically powerful to lift and prepare, that makes her stand out as Ash’s strongest touring companion of all time.

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