The upcoming new Pokémon titles for Nintendo Switch, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are set for upcoming release in November 2022, bringing the Paldea area and a brand new technology of Pokémon.

This new technology of Pokémon is then virtually assured to seem in a brand new Pokémon TCG Expansion set, akin to earlier sport titles. New Pokémon TCG expansions carry the chance for brand new uncommon and useful playing cards to be created, akin to many playing cards from earlier units which have since inflated in value and worth. First Edition Pokémon playing cards are among the many Most worthy and collectible playing cards, with their price dramatically rising. First Edition playing cards have bought for vital quantities of cash in 2022, as famous on Pokémon TCG information and collectables web site, CardCollector.


10 First Edition Base Set Shadowless Magneton

Recently Sold For $17,067

Though Magneton could also be one of many less-popular electrical sort Pokémon in 2022, and may typically be neglected, the First Edition Base Set shadowless Magneton holographic card is price some severe cash to collectors.

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Magneton was one of many unique 151 Pokémon, which means it was one of many first few Electric-types to ever be created. It is an especially uncommon card that’s arduous to grade, with solely 64 PSA 10s recognized to exist, making it a extremely useful card.

9 First Edition Base Set Shadowless Raichu

Recently Sold For $17,100

As the developed type of franchise mascot Pikachu, Raichu was all the time going to be a considerably common Pokémon out of the unique 151 designs and holds vital nostalgia in direction of those that bear in mind the early days of Pokémon.

Raichu additionally had vital appearances within the Pokémon anime, which assist enhance its recognition amongst followers. With Raichu’s historical past within the Pokémon franchise, and its hyperlink to Pikachu, paired with the data of there solely being 87 recognized PSA 10’s in existence, there isn’t a shock for the quantity this card is now valued at.

8 2002 First Edition Neo Destiny Shining Charizard

Recently Sold For $20,250

The Neo Pokémon TCG units are sometimes thought of among the finest units ever from the Wizards of the Coast (WOTC) period. Within this set are eight secret uncommon ‘Shining’ playing cards, which had artwork of Pokémon of their shiny shade palettes, with the holofoil on the Pokémon itself.

Charizard is a fan favourite Pokémon on the whole, and broadly considered one of the best Fire-types by fans. It comes as no shock that Charizard playing cards had been instantly a success with collectors, and that has solely continued to develop through the years.

7 First Edition Base Set Shadowless Mewtwo

Recently Sold For $22,655

Mewtwo is likely one of the most iconic legendary Pokémon within the franchise, particularly after the importance it performed within the first Pokémon film Mewtwo Strikes Back. With such an necessary function, it’s simple to see how others discover such worth on this card.

Not solely does the cardboard characteristic a tremendous illustration in the identical artwork fashion as outdated Pokémon idea artwork and the primary Pokémon film, however it is usually a holographic uncommon, making it one of many extra collectable items of Base Set. With 81 PSA 10 copies recognized on the planet, this Mewtwo card is one among vital rarity, and much more worth.

6 First Edition Base Set Shadowless Hitmonchan

Recently Sold For $23,100

Although Hitmonchan is not everybody’s first decide for a holographic pull in Base Set, and the truth that it’s generally disregarded and neglected within the Pokémon franchise, there’s a distinctive motive for this card’s worth.

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The worth of this card comes from the truth that the holofoil space is intensive in comparison with others within the set, which means this can be very arduous to grade. There are solely 56 PSA 10 copies recognized on the planet, which is what makes an excellent situation Hitmonchan card so uncommon to come back by and has triggered such a big worth.

5 First Edition Base Set Shadowless Venusaur

Recently Sold For $25,000

Venusaur is the ultimate developed type of starter Pokémon, Bulbasaur, and is called one of many best Grass-type Pokémon throughout the entire franchise. Because of those components, it was solely pure for Venusaur’s first version gap to grow to be such a preferred card.

138 PSA 10’s are recognized to exist, however as one of many starter Pokémon trio remaining kind evolution holographic playing cards, alongside Blastoise and Charizard, it’s simple to see how collectors love to aim reaching the purpose of proudly owning all three playing cards, making Venusaur one of the vital sought-after first version items.

4 First Edition Base Set Shadowless Chansey

Recently Sold For $36,877

Chansey is likely one of the most vital unique 151 Pokémon, taking part in an necessary function as signature Pokémon helpers and medical assistants to Nurse Joy’s, and are present in virtually each Pokémon heart.

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As a holographic card, many collectors wished the addition of Chansey to their set. However, equally to Hitmonchan, Chansey’s holographic is a part of what made it akin to considerably useful card. Scratches or print imperfections simply injury the big clear holographic space, which means Chansey can also be tough to grade, solely 48 PSA 10’s are recognized to exist on the planet.

3 First Edition Base Set Shadowless Blastoise

Recently Sold For $45,100

Blastoise is often thought to be one among the best Water-types in the Pokémon franchise, holding a spot of nostalgia within the hearts of many elder followers. Alongside Venusaur and Charizard, it completes the dear First Edition remaining starter evolution trio that many collectors intention to realize.

There are solely 100 PSA 10 graded Blastoise playing cards recognized in existence, making it one of many rarest first version playing cards. Combined with the truth that so many individuals have a smooth spot for the starter Pokémon and their evolutions, it is comprehensible how this card is now valued at such an astounding value.

2 2000 First Edition Neo Genesis Lugia

Recently Sold For $144,300

Lugia is a well-loved Pokémon launched within the Johto region, as one of the strongest Mythical/Legendary Pokémon. Lugia was extraordinarily common on the time of Neo Genesis’s release in 2000, after being the principle field artwork legendary of the 1999 Pokémon Silver online game title.

Not solely is Lugia a preferred Pokémon, however the paintings on this specific card is beautiful, displaying a sparkle impact on the holographic space surrounding the monster. This holofoil nevertheless, additionally means it is an especially arduous card to grade, with solely 43 PSA 10’s and three BGS 10’s recognized in existence.

1 First Edition Base Set Shadowless Charizard

Recently Sold For $350,100

Base Set Charizard since release has grow to be probably essentially the most iconic and influential Pokémon card of all time. This brings loads of nostalgia and satisfaction to collectors who intention to get their fingers on a duplicate.

Charizard completes the ‘massive three’ of Base Set, alongside Venusaur and Blastoise, as the outlet uncommon playing cards of every starter Pokémon’s remaining evolution. There are 121 PSA 10’s recognized in existence, with 1000’s of collectors and Pokémon fans keen to pay high value so as to add this particular card to their collections. Some people are even buying Charizard as an funding, as the worth is assured to solely improve going ahead.

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