An outdated Pokémon city legend means that Mew will be discovered below a truck in Vermillion City, and now a fan mission pays tribute to that rumor.

A fan-made Pokémon recreation brings a part of the franchise’s lengthy and expansive historical past to life by implementing an outdated city legend. Nintendo’s monster assortment franchise started again in 1996, and since then it has develop into an infinite half of common tradition all over the world. Over the collection’ historical past, many myths have popped up amongst followers – with Pokémon Red and Blue‘s legendary Mew truck being one of many franchise’s most well-known fables.

More than 25 years in the past, Pokémon Red and Blue launched avid gamers to the now-beloved franchise and its authentic roster of 151 supernatural creatures. However, to the dismay of many curious Pokémon trainers, solely 150 monsters had been out there to seize in-game. The Legendary Pokémon Mew was not really current in Pokémon Red and Blue, with the mysterious and cute creature later distributed by developer Game Freak at reside occasions. The flying pink Pokémon’s absence rapidly led to rumors that it was hidden someplace within the video games, with many avid gamers fruitlessly looking the titles for the unobtainable critter. Theories and rumors about Mew in Pokémon Red and Blue unfold all through the pre-internet world by phrase of mouth, with one frequent concept claiming the Legendary Pokémon may very well be discovered below a hard-to-reach truck inside Vermillion City.


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Paying homage to the city legend of the Mew Truck, Reddit person Ghoti-Bone has included a reference to the speculation in their very own Pokémon recreation. The customized collect-’em-all expertise is being constructed inside RPG Maker XP, with a particular Pokémon add-on permitting Ghoti-Bone to make use of property from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. The platform permits the person to customise the mission’s panorama and character dialogue, permitting for the inclusion of the Mew Truck allusion. In Ghoti-Bone’s video a non-player character tells the person about “a typical playground rumor” which suggests {that a} “Mythical Pokémon” will be discovered behind a close-by truck, with a Pokéball sitting behind the automobile. While the Poké Ball is presently solely aesthetic, apparently the creator may very well place Mew in that location sooner or later.

Due to the recognition of Pokémon, rumors are likely to crop up in regards to the franchise ceaselessly. While a few of these city legends might become true, some myths comparable to shiny Jirachi’s absence from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire are confirmed false years after release. Since launch, many followers believed it was not possible to acquire the shiny variant of the Legendary Pokémon Jirachi within the franchise’s 2003 installments. In January 2021, 18 years after the unique release of the titles, it was confirmed that shiny Jirachi may really be obtained by means of regular means with sufficient time and luck. Two gamers spent many hours attempting to find the elusive Wish Pokémon, with each of them coincidentally encountering the uncommon creature on the very same day.

With a collection as outdated and widespread as Pokémon, there are sure to be rumors and theories sparked by curious followers. Rumors about Pokémon Legends: Arceus show that the custom of spreading rumors continues to be alive, and Ghoti-Bones’ customized Pokémon title pays tribute to outdated city legends of the collection’ previous. While the notorious Mew Truck in Vermillion City might not have been a reliable secret hidden inside Pokémon Red and Blue, the fan mission may provide gamers a possibility to meet that age-old playground promise.

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Source: Ghoti-Bone/Reddit

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