Combee can solely evolve into Vespiquen beneath particular circumstances in Pokémon BDSP. A feminine Combee is required for it to evolve into Vespiquen.

Combee is a Pokémon with a singular evolutionary methodology to remodel it into Vespiquen in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. This technology did introduce the world to new evolutions of older Pokémon like Mamoswine and Porygon-Z, nevertheless it additionally featured dozens of latest Pokémon. Fan-favorites like Rotom and Lucario debuted within the unique Pokemon Diamond and Pearl again in 2006. Creatures like Mothim and Wormadam require gamers to search out Burmy, a particular Pokemon that may solely be present in one approach. Outside of buying and selling with a buddy, Burmy is a Pokémon that may solely be discovered when inserting honey on timber. After 6 hours have handed, the tree has the prospect to spawn a random Pokémon, a few of which could be extremely uncommon to come across. These encounters embody Combee, a Pokémon that debuted in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Trainers wanting so as to add its evolution, Vespiquen, to their assortment might want to stock up on honey.


Fortunately, Pokémon BDSP gives two methods for gamers to get their fingers on Combee. The first is thru the honey tree methodology. There are 21 honey timber scattered across the Sinnoh area. Trainers ought to head over to Floaroma Meadows and converse with the person on the town. The sport permits them to buy as much as 10 honey at a time. Use this for extra probabilities to search out Combee. If gamers are working low on money, they’ll use the VS Seeker to rematch trainers. These rematches will nonetheless present trainers with the prize cash in the event that they win. On the opposite hand, gamers can discover a Combee as soon as they achieve access to the Grand Underground. It has the prospect to seem inside Grassland Cave or Sunlit Cavern.

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The factor that makes Vespiquen so troublesome to evolve from Combee is its gender. Only feminine Combee are allowed to evolve into Vespiquen. Evolving Combee into Vespiquen normally would not be an issue since most Pokémon have their gender cut up down 50%/50%. However, in the case of Combee, the prospect of working right into a feminine is 12.5%, making it a troublesome Pokémon to come across. Players can discover a vivid pink dot on its head to see if the Combee is feminine. Once the feminine Combee reaches degree 21, it’s going to routinely evolve into Vespiquen.

Finding a Female Combee in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Pokemon Go Combee.webp

The greatest place to discover a feminine Combee will be in the Grand Underground. Since Combee can seem in Grassland Cave or Sunlit Cavern, gamers have two completely different possibilities of encountering it within the overworld. Fortunately, the Combee can have the pink dot on its character mannequin within the overworld if it is a feminine, saving the participant tons of time between encounters.

Upon coming into both Grassland Cave or Sunlit Cavern, scan across the room for Combee and if it isn’t feminine, go away the room and are available again. This will reroll the spawns inside this den, permitting the feminine Combee one other likelihood to make an look. Players trying to complete their National Dex might want to acquire Vespiquen and the opposite 492 Pokémon of this technology.

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Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl can be found now on Nintendo Switch.

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