Cho mentioned Ronaldo then cursed at him in Portuguese.

South Korean soccer “Player 9” Cho Gue Sung turned an overnight superstar after making his World Cup debut in Qatar 2022.

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His Instagram, initially at round 20K followers, now boasts 2.1M followers. | @whrbtjd/Instagram

At first, his “idol-like visual” put him on the radar, however it didn’t take lengthy for his athletic expertise to be a magnet for soccer followers worldwide. Then, by the tip of Korea’s newest match in opposition to Portugal, Cho made headlines once more: This time, for getting sassy on the sphere with Team Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Cho (left) and Ronaldo (proper) | Sports Chosun

According to Joongang Ilbo and Sports-G, Cho rushed Ronaldo off the sphere when the Portuguese participant was substituted off within the sixty fifth minute of the match. Seeing Ronaldo “take his time,” Cho grew impatient and mentioned, “You fast, fast!” in English (assumed to imply, “Move faster!”).

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| New York Post through Getty Images

When Ronaldo was substituted off, he was taking his time getting out of the way in which. So I rushed him, saying, ‘Fast! Fast!

— Cho Gue Sung

Photos from the match captured Ronaldo putting his finger over his lips, shushing Cho. The interaction, followed by the apparent “angry” Ronaldo, sparked curiosity; Then, following the match, Cho and Ronaldo both recalled the moment and revealed what actually happened.

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| New York Post via Getty Images

Cho said he heard Ronaldo say, “Caralho” in Portuguese (English equivalent said to be “F*ck,” though Ronaldo meant it as “Shut up”). Cho is thought to have understood the swear word possibly because of his familiarity with the language, thanks to Team Korea’s Portuguese teaching employees.

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Ronaldo shushing Cho. | Reuters

Then he instructed me, ‘Caralho.’ I do know what meaning in Portuguese.

— Cho Gue Sung

ESPN additionally reported on the 2 gamers butting heads on the sphere, although the sports activities information web site mentioned Ronaldo was “insulted” by Cho. Regardless, Ronaldo instructed soccer followers, through the New York Post, that “There is no need for controversy. It’s the heat of the match. Whatever happens, things always stay on the pitch.”

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Cristiano Ronaldo | The Athletic

‘What happened was before my substitution, the South Korea player told me to get off quickly. I told him to shut up as he doesn’t have that authority. There was no disagreement [with the coach],’ Ronaldo was quoted as saying.


Beating Portugal 2:1, South Korean gamers have superior to the knockout rounds the place Team Korea will face Team Brazil, the winner of the Group G.

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