For weeks now, there’s been a burning query hanging over each second of Platinum End: why within the hell does Metropoliman have his lifeless sister’s frozen physique on show at his evil hideout? Well we eventually get the reply we have been ready for, and it is simply as unintentionally hilarious as you’d anticipate from this bizarre mess of a demise recreation.

That’s factor, as a result of outdoors of studying Metropoliman’s motivation and backstory, not a lot truly occurs on this episode. Our hero and villain resolve to resolve their super-powered stalemate by agreeing to a Gentleman’s Duel of kinds, the place they every take turns firing arrows at eachother till certainly one of them lastly lands a success, and that is what they do for your entire remainder of the episode, slowly inching in direction of each other inbetween monologues. It’s dumb, but additionally sort of inevitable with how these powers had been arrange within the first place. With the angel wings as an infinite teleportation cheat, just about the one manner for any battle on this present to truly conclude requires a minimum of one occasion to willingly quit a bonus, so establishing guidelines that function on the distinction system is the one possibility if we would like this story to truly transfer ahead.

Not that it does this week. Said duel continues to be happening by the top of the episode, with perhaps 5 minutes of time having truly handed in-universe. The remainder of the episode is as a substitute involved with lastly fleshing out the enigmatic villain of this complete shebang, giving us a proof for a way Metropoliman turned the bizarre bastard we all know and tolerate in the present day. Those solutions aren’t precisely enlightening, although. He was obsessed along with his “pure” little sister and freaked out so arduous about her getting a boyfriend that he threw her off the opulent gazebo of their household’s greenhouse of everlasting and timeless flowers, a standard family accident if ever there was one. But as a substitute of calling an ambulance he determined to completely protect her corpse and preserve her on everlasting show in his tremendous villain compound like a weirdo. Like the mini-boss characters from earlier than, it is an extremely goofy story, however introduced with simply sufficient self-seriousness that it turns into unintentionally hysterical to look at. None of this nonsense truly explains something about his present character although, and principally simply plugs the outlet of how anyone so self-obsessed and megalomaniacal wound up suicidal sufficient to turn into a God Candidate. It does, nevertheless, segue right into a monologue lastly explaining what Metropoliman needs to do if he turns into God, and that in itself is sort of illuminating.

See, it seems my dude took his favourite Dead Kennedy’s song manner too actually, and needs to kill all of the poor folks on the earth, leaving solely the nice and delightful and ideal wealthy folks alive to dwell in an immaculate world of wealth. If that sounds dumb as all hell that is as a result of it’s, and we might waste a number of time simply going into the very apparent logistical issues with all that. But it is not value it as a result of, similar to Mirai’s stomach flop of a heroic speech final episode, this is not truly a thought-about viewpoint. There is definitely a pressure of considering that presumes the richest folks on the earth maintain some sort of inherent superiority, and it is result in a number of evil, horrible issues being completed of their identify. But this is not Platinum End making an attempt to make a critique of neo-malthusian principle or the like, it is simply making an attempt to provide you with a motivation for its villain that is easy and simple to hate, the identical cause it made him a purity obsessed siscon. It needs the viewers to root in opposition to him, and “I want to kill everyone but Jeff Bezos and bang my dead sister” is an environment friendly option to make him the heel. But that is all it’s.

And in a manner that is becoming, since Mirai has an equally unconsidered standpoint he is ineffectually preventing for. Really, this episode has lastly shaved away any pretensions Platinum End as soon as had about itself, narrowing it right down to a playground slapfight between a pair of grumpy 6-year-olds. For some other present that might be disastrous, however for this one it seems like a becoming option to conclude this complete story arc, so this is hoping it could come to an appropriately dumb conclusion subsequent time.


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