Last we left our heroes, they had been being held hostage towards the world by a sadistic fetish nurse, who had one way or the other constructed essentially the most virulent and lethal virus ever seen and threatened to unleash it upon the Earth in the event that they did not enable her to kill every of them one after the other. It was a ridiculous, nonsensical escalation that got here out of nowhere, however on the very least it makes for a really clear drawback that Mirai and the others must determine an answer to. With a lifeless man’s change as backup, there is not any instant technique to disarm or cease her, so what within the hell may they presumably do?

The reply is seemingly to fudge how the angel arrows work to make Mirai appear intelligent. Turns out that as a result of the virus was constructed partially by utilizing human white blood cells (do not ask me how that works) it may be…killed? Maybe I’m misremembering my highschool biology course however I do not suppose viruses technically depend as being alive to start with. But possibly God on this universe has a far more beneficiant definition for all times, so his magic arrows can certainly kill microscopic entities. It’s additionally bizarre that that is simply now being introduced up regardless of a number of earlier episodes explaining how these powers work in minute element. But I assume then it could not be an enormous shock. Either approach I do not imagine for a second that Mirai knew this may work, so he successfully gambled all of human life on a determined guess. But you understand what they are saying. If it really works, you are a genius, but when it fails, everybody on Earth will get Super Ebola.

Unfortunately what follows is sort of presumably the nadir of Platinum End and its stilted, laborious makes an attempt at setting up a philosophical duel. We spend an interminable period of time with Mirai standing off towards the evil nurse as each single particular person yells at him to simply kill her. Mukaido is actually crawling within the filth, choking on his personal blood, begging for Mirai to kill her so they will not all be horribly murdered by Metropoliman. You’d suppose that may shake one thing free in our hero’s mind, possibly give him some perspective on his stalwart however unexamined refusal to kill, however it does not. All Mirai does is stand completely nonetheless, refusing to behave, and risking the lives of everybody he is aware of and loves within the course of till Metropoliman and Nurse Joyless simply attempt to off him themselves and transfer this entire factor alongside.

That by itself can be an excruciating repeat of what occurred again on the tower “fight” however then issues get frankly insulting when Hajime jumps in to avoid wasting Mirai and Saki, getting himself killed within the course of. The total sequence is sort of sickening, however not for the explanations the present means it to be, since his melting limbs and pores and skin are truthfully fairly foolish trying. No, what’s sickening is how the present tries to wring pathos out of his liquefied corpse afterwards.

First Hajime insists he is comfortable to die, as a result of he lastly obtained to know what love seems like. In spite of, y’know, that love being fully synthetic. Then his personal guardian angel insists that Hajime died at his happiest, regardless of his demise being doubtlessly excruciating and terrifying. He actually melted alive for any individual who had brainwashed him into slavish servitude – hell, he by no means even discovered Saki’s actual title – and we’re attempting to eulogize it as a grand sacrifice as a result of it was technically much less terrible than the remainder of his life. Then so as to add just a bit extra insult to the entire affair, his angel decides to hold round and watch the remainder of the struggle as an alternative of delivering the man’s everlasting soul to Heaven. Thus ends the story of Hajime Sokotani; he lived a lifetime of abject struggling, needed to be tricked into discovering some semblance of peace earlier than a torturous demise, and he nonetheless has to take a seat within the nook ready to get a experience as a result of his dad desires to complete watching the Raiders recreation. RIP.

And but, one way or the other, even that baffling sequence will get topped by Mirai’s heroic declaration in its wake. After months of pondering, fretting, and agonizing over simply what he ought to do, he is determined. He will not kill Metropoliman…as a result of killing any individual would make him unhappy. Not the precise lack of life – his plan principally entails incapacitating Metropoliman after which letting the courtroom system execute him in any case – however that the act of taking a life himself is one thing he simply refuses to do. In his personal phrases, he will not “sully his hands” as a result of the guilt of killing any individual himself would imply he cannot be comfortable. I do know it appears like I’m making this as much as misrepresent Mirai’s character, however I promise I’m not. That’s how he verbalizes his purpose for not killing.

It is, with out exaggeration, essentially the most sociopathic “hero” speech I can bear in mind listening to. Mirai simply watched an individual die for him, straight due to his personal inaction, and all it does is make him sure he by no means desires to shoulder any accountability once more. His final resolution is to let any individual else do the laborious stuff and allow them to stay with taking a life, as a result of he simply does not wish to take care of it. So both a state-hired executioner or certainly one of his companions can get their arms bloody, wreck their “happiness” in Mirai’s personal phrases, in order that he can proceed dwelling with out consequence.

It virtually seems like parody. As if Mirai is a purposeful satire of a hypothetical creator’s understanding of pacifism. I’ve stated many occasions the creators don’t really imagine in something Mirai says or does, and it could not be extra clear than this. It’s a blisteringly terrible technique to characterize not solely our protagonist however your complete narrative’s flimsy thematic ambition. Platinum End has been dangerous in many various methods: boring, tasteless, silly, or all three concurrent or consecutive. Now it is discovered a technique to be dangerous that it can not ever come again from.


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