Park Hae Jin not too long ago sat down for an interview to speak about his position in “From Now On, Showtime!”

“From Now On, Showtime!” is a fantasy rom-com concerning the centuries-long love story of standard magician Cha Cha Woong (Park Hae Jin), who can summon ghosts, and passionate police constable Go Seul Hae (Jin Ki Joo), who has her personal supernatural powers.

Park Hae Jin’s comedic performing grew to become a key focal point within the drama. “I thought a lot about how to make it more hilarious,” the actor revealed. “In particular I regarded ‘not looking funny’ as something important.”

Park Hae Jin’s comedic spark may be discovered not less than as soon as in each episode, whether or not or not it’s his cute antics in entrance of Jin Ki Joo’s character, his drunken ramblings, or his magic present mishaps. The actor named the scene within the first episode the place Jin Ki Joo grabs his hair as essentially the most hilarious scene. He elaborated, “I was trying to exaggerate the movement, so I told Jin Ki Joo to pull hard. Because I said that, she actually did pull really abruptly.”

Calling himself a perfectionist, Park Hae Jin revealed that he likes a routine life crammed along with his work. He shared, “Other actors will probably be like this as well, but I think I’ve worked hard throughout my life. I was really grateful to be able to work, and I never took a break from projects. I was thankful for every moment.”

For his subsequent position, Park Hae Jin stated he desires to strive one thing becoming for his age. “I’ve been a university student, a chaebol family’s son, and a genius serial killer. Now in ‘From Now On, Showtime!’ I’ve even been a magician who sees ghosts. Now more than before I’d like to take on a more everyday role.”

He additionally confessed that he felt trapped inside a preconceived position, saying, “I think my image as a ‘younger’ man still lingers. I think it’s because I played a lot of upright and honest youthful roles. While it’s a good image to have, on the other hand it also traps me. I’m trying to focus on finding roles that are right for me now.”

Park Hae Jin concluded, “Although ‘From Now On, Showtime!’ is just one project out of many, I think it will remain like a first love in my memory. I was always excited to go to the set, and it was a project that made me so happy every moment I was filming.”

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“From Now On, Showtime” airs each Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m. KST.

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