Kanpur-born actor Param Singh feels that almost all instances, every day soaps are blamed for being regressive however when new experiments are executed on TV, they fall flat!

“It’s unfortunate that when makers have tried to do new projects, audiences have rejected it. I too believe that more experiments should be done on TV. But, why blame TV alone. On OTT and films too, a lot of regressive and ‘ghisa-pita’ content is made. What matters is, as an actor what you do out of it, and then, eventually, it comes down to your choice of role,” stated the ‘Sadda Haq’ actor.

Singh feels content material that he’s getting new forms of roles to play. “My first show (Sadda…) was of a college student. Then I played a slave in ‘Ghulaam’, a journalist in ‘Mariam Khan…’ and I played scientist in ‘Haiwaan: The Monster’, and now this. So, I try to do different roles in the best possible manner.” He has additionally executed three internet reveals ‘Black Coffee’, ‘Holycross’ and ‘Tadap’.

That actor stated that lot of instances he has portrayed a personality that he doesn’t imagine in in any respect. “In my latest romcom show, ‘Ishq Par Zor Nahi’, my character has a regressive thinking that girls are meant to stay home and do household chores. Personally, I believe in equality but as an actor, it becomes my job to enact what the script says. Also, what we shoot is prevalent in society, so I take it as a challenge. In fact, if I had to play myself it would be very boring.”

Talking about his roots he stated, “My father is from Kanpur where I was born, while mother is from Lucknow. When I was a kid, we shifted to Mumbai but I used to spend my vacations there. I feel that my roots, connection with relatives and my parent’s language has contributed to my craft. Also, I have travelled a lot, so in my roles, I try to bring something from memory and add my version to it.”

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