One-Punch Man defeats villains with one punch. Mob Psycho 100 does the identical by his psychic assaults. In a battle of thoughts vs matter, who wins?

Part of the enchantment of One-Punch Man’s Saitama, and Mob Psycho 100’s Shigeo Kageyama are their completely wild energy ranges. Saitama overpowers his opponents along with his bodily skills, whereas Shigeo depends on a spread of psychic powers to upend those that would do him improper. While every is a reluctant hero, they’re each recognized to show it up a notch when it issues, like in the event that they had been to battle each other.

Saitama’s powers are extra of the traditional superhero selection. He has superhuman power, pace, stamina, and agility. He is invulnerable to most bodily assaults, and whereas he can not fly, he can carry out Hulk-like jumps over nice distances. However, Saitama’s particular energy is his punch. Saitama’s punch is so strong that just one opponent was not felled by it outright. Saitama’s punches are available in two major varieties, regular and critical, whereby the intense punch, Saitama places his full energy into it.


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Shigeo’s powers are all associated to his psychic skills. They embody telekinesis through which he can create force fields round himself and, chloro-kinesis; the place he can manipulate and management vegetation and bushes. Shigeo additionally has the facility of astral projection the place he can separate his soul from his physique and switch it to one other physique, together with that of an opponent. Like Saitama, Shigeo not often makes use of his powers to their full extent. However, when he loses management of his feelings, no matter psychic talent he unleashes has the potential to attain full energy and most impact and past.

Based on their completely different energy units, it might appear that Saitama would be the easy winner in a battle. He has the pace and talent to defend himself to get shut sufficient to an opponent to unleash his invincible “one-punch.” However, it’s unlikely that he’s quicker than the pace of thought. That is, Saitama is unlikely to land a blow earlier than Shigeo can provoke a psychic pressure area. Naturally, every blow that Saitama registers will take a psychic toll on Shigeo, however the likelihood is that he won’t let Saitama proceed to punch uninhibited. Shigeo, as an illustration, might use his chloro-kinesis powers to have close by bushes and vegetation assault Saitama. The extra that Saitama assaults, the extra probably Shigeo will lose management over his feelings. Whether it’s worry, anger, braveness, disgrace, or animosity, certainly one of these feelings will flare up over the course of the battle and destroy no matter management Shigeo has over his psychic skills. At that time, something is feasible.

As a hero, Saitama has defeated so many opponents. This consists of the extremely highly effective psychic Geryuganshoop. Geryuganshoop’s mistake was that he tried to beat Saitama in a bodily battle, slightly than a psychic battle. Indeed, that battle may present Shigeo with a blueprint on find out how to defeat Saitama. Geryuganshoop was in a position to make use of his psychic skills to get into Saitama’s thoughts. Shigeo’s astral projection capability additionally permits him to get into the thoughts of others, and doubtlessly take management of their our bodies. A Shigeo with out emotional management over his powers might simply take possession of Saitama’s thoughts, which by most accounts is simply that of the typical particular person with none particular defenses towards psychic assaults. Once in management, Shigeo might command Saitama to “one-punch” himself into submission. Alternatively, even when Saitama had been to pulverize Shigeo’s physique, he would have the ability to destroy his soul, which Shigeo can, by astral projection hold transferring as vital. In brief, this battle would show the adage of thoughts over matter, with the Saitama’s One-Punch Man, struggling his first-ever loss to Shigeo’s Mob Psycho 100.

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