After the main disappointment brought on by its lackluster Season 2, One-Punch Man followers can relaxation assured that the recently-announced Season 3 will blow them out of their seats. The new season of the anime, in reality, will give attention to probably the most thrilling a part of the manga, the Monster Association Arc, displaying a few of the most anticipated battles within the sequence.

Season 1 of One-Punch Man is broadly considered a masterpiece in animation. Madhouse studio took the work created by ONE as a webcomic and tailored by Yusuke Murata right into a bestseller manga, and turned it into one of the visually spectacular anime ever. One-Punch Man‘s authentic story and distinctive characters have been exalted by the dynamic camerawork and gorgeously fluid animations created by Madhouse. However, Season 2 was produced by J. C. Staff, which took a radically reverse method and delivered low-cost and stiff animation. The space the place the transition was most evident was the fights, a key part of One-Punch Man‘s success, that are notoriously laborious to animate. J. C. Staff traded Madhouse’s dynamic and sophisticated combat sequences with static pictures, close-ups, and obscuring clouds of mud, a lot to the followers’ chagrin, who hated the season for its animation.


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After three lengthy years of ready, Season 3 of One-Punch Man was lastly introduced in August 2022. While the manufacturing studio has not been revealed but, followers have loads of causes to consider that this season will appear and feel a lot better than the earlier one. Considering the place the anime left off, Season 3 will adapt the unimaginable Monster Association Arc from the manga, or no less than a superb a part of it. This part of the One-Punch Man story focuses on the heroes’ assault on the Monster Association headquarters, whereas the “Hero Hunter” Garou goes by way of a means of “awakening” that may lead him to new heights of energy, however at a fantastic price. Meanwhile, Saitama is as oblivious as ever to what is going on on round him, however the monsters made an enormous mistake: they constructed their headquarters underneath his residence.

This a part of the story has a few of the greatest, most epic fights within the manga, together with the S-Class heroes in opposition to the Monster Association Officers, and naturally Saitama versus Monster King Orochi. Considering this, and the horrible reception of Season 2, it is completely unthinkable that the manufacturing values will proceed to be subpar. Fights are probably the most tough and costly sequences to animate, however they’re additionally a fundamental part of One-Punch Man, and their glorious rendition is likely one of the explanation why Season 1 was so well-received. With Season 3 virtually fully targeted on the life-or-death battles between the heroes and the monsters, followers can anticipate the animation to be pretty much as good as that supplied by Madhouse for Season 1.

Season 3 of One-Punch Man will thrust its watchers into probably the most thrilling a part of Saitama’s story. Considering that the primary two seasons tailored volumes 1-16 of the manga, Season 3 will cowl the next 8, ending very doubtless with the epic showdown between Saitama and Orochi. This battle was merely spectacular within the manga, with artist Yusuke Murata even re-drawing the related chapters for a second time, to ensure the standard was as excessive as doable. Fans of One-Punch Man can relaxation assured that the anime adaptation of this a part of the story, coming in Season 3, will dwell as much as their requirements.

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