Saitama, the legendary protagonist of One-Punch Man, debuted a brand new transfer so highly effective that it makes all his earlier exploits seem like little one play.

Warning: accommodates spoilers for One-Punch Man #168

Saitama, the legendary protagonist of One-Punch Man, debuted a brand new transfer so highly effective that it makes all his earlier exploits seem like little one play. After elevating his already absurd energy to new heights throughout the battle towards Garou, Saitama by accident unleashed a way that simply destroyed the biggest planet within the Solar System.

One-Punch Man revolves round Saitama’s astonishing feats of strength. The manga took the idea of “over-powered” and made it the essence of its protagonist, creating a novel mixture of comedy and thrilling motion. Over the course of the sequence, Saitama confirmed a full vary of strikes that have been each absurd and extremely harmful. Serious Squirt Gun sprayed magma at such excessive strain that it countered a beam of vitality extracted from Earth’s core. Serious Table Flip destroyed the entire surface of Io, Jupiter’s moon, in a single transfer. Even the comparatively easy Serious Punch break up a whole ocean in two. However, Saitama’s strongest approach is definitely not even intentional.


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In chapter #168 of One-Punch Man, the battle between Saitama and Cosmic Fear Mode Garou reaches its climax. The Hero Hunter learns that Saitama kept growing stronger during their battle, and he’s now not in a position to sustain. Just when Garou realizes it, Saitama lets out a robust sneeze. While Garou is ready to dodge, planet Jupiter is simply behind him. There is a lot power in Saitama’s “Serious Sneeze” that your complete gaseous layer of the planet (greater than 1,000 instances the quantity of Earth) is blown away, exposing its core. This is such an epic and mind-blogging scene that sequence artist Yusuke Murata determined it deserved a minimum of three full-color double-spread pages.


Even if readers are used to the ridiculous results of Saitama’s methods, blowing away circa 90% of Jupiter with a sneeze is a brand new file. This second was used to emphasise how a lot the dying of Genos has modified Saitama. For the primary time since buying his powers, the hero skilled an actual upsurge of feelings. This pushed him past his already absurd limits, making Saitama truly develop stronger. During this battle, Saitama suffered for the first time (even when not bodily), which made him evolve as a personality. Fans may have been apprehensive that each one this drama may overtake the sequence’ comedy roots, however blowing away Jupiter with a sneeze proved the other.

Serious Sneeze completely embodies all the things that makes One-Punch Man so good. The authors may have used any potential option to showcase Saitama’s new, even-more-absurd energy, however they select one thing as ridiculous as a sneeze. It proves that, irrespective of how a lot One-Punch Man and Saitama are evolving into one thing extra “serious”, the manga won’t ever abandon its roots and it’ll stay a novel and entertaining mix of comedy and motion.

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