After Momonosuke, Yamato, and the Samurais battle to combat Admiral Aramaki, Shanks arrives to hit the admiral along with his personal Conqueror’s Haki. Seeing this, the admiral retreats, whereas implying that he’ll combat the Emperor sometime, bringing Chapter 1055 of One Piece to a satisfying conclusion.

Since the members of the Seven Warlords of the Seas’ bounties get frozen after they acquire the place, there are clearly these with bounties which might be too low or too excessive earlier than being frozen. After they lose their positions as Warlords, their bounties get unfrozen, which is why individuals like Blackbeard and Law have bounties within the billions of berries. Among the 11 individuals who turned Warlords, solely Dracule Mihawk has no recognized bounty, although it would not be stunning for his to be revealed quickly, because the World Government has completely disbanded the Seven Warlords system.


10 Buggy – 15,000,000

Buggy the Clown is the captain of the Buggy Pirates and an ex-apprentice of the Roger Pirates. After the Paramount War, he was appointed as a brand new member of the Seven Warlords. After the occasions of Wano Arc, he’s now a member of the Four Emperors. Buggy makes use of the Paramecia-type Chop-Chop Fruit, which permits him to separate himself into items and be proof against slashing assaults.

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Although Buggy is seen as a weak character and is just current for comedic functions, his excessive luck causes him to outlive many precarious conditions, and it made him seen as one of many prime canines within the pirate world. After changing into one of many Four Emperors, it’s seemingly that his bounty is now a lot higher than this.

9 Boa Hancock – 80,000,000

Boa Hancock, the Kuja Pirates’ captain, is the one feminine Warlord in historical past. She presently reigns as Amazon Lily’s Empress. Boa Hancock is without doubt one of the few individuals who can use all three kinds of Haki. She makes use of the Paramecia-type Love-Love Fruit, which may petrify each dwelling and inanimate objects.

Hancock is extraordinarily robust, managing to combat a variety of pirates and destroy a number of Pacifistas through the Paramount War. She also can petrify anybody who will get drawn to her. She was in a position to get an 80,000,000 bounty on her first journey as a pirate, showcasing her skills.

8 Crocodile – 81,000,000

Crocodile, a former enterprise accomplice of Nico Robin, was the president of the now-defunct Baroque Works, a thriller crime group. He was detained in Level 6 of Impel Down after shedding in opposition to Luffy in Alabasta. Crocodile makes use of the Logia-type Sand-Sand Fruit, which permits him to produce, management, and switch his physique into sand.

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Later on, Crocodile was launched by Luffy through the Impel Down arc, making him presently free. What makes Crocodile harmful was that he managed to deceive a complete nation into pondering that he’s a hero and conceal his id the entire time till he received defeated by Luffy.

7 Bartholomew Kuma – 296,000,000

Bartholomew Kuma is a revolutionary who was the king of Sorbet Kingdom and a former Warlord of the Sea. He turned a Celestial Dragon’s slave someday after the Straw Hats’ reunion, however Sabo and his allies freed him. Kuma makes use of one among the most powerful Paramecia-type Devil Fruits, the Paw-Paw Fruit, which has the flexibility to teleport people and repel a number of kinds of assaults.

Kuma is a particularly robust particular person, with the ability to defeat all the Straw Hats directly earlier than the time skip, which justifies his bounty. Unfortunately, he has been turned by Dr. Vegapunk right into a Pacifista who has misplaced his complete persona however not earlier than requesting the scientist to guard the Thousand Sunny for 2 years.

6 Gecko Moria – 320,000,000

The largest ship on the earth, the Thriller Bark, is owned by Gecko Moria, the captain of the Thriller Bark Pirates. Moria makes use of the Shadow-Shadow Fruit, which allows him to create a military of zombies by taking different individuals’s shadows and projecting them onto corpses or different people, and even himself.

Twenty years in the past, Moria fought Kaido, a former member of the Four Emperors, however in the end misplaced, main him to hunt a military of the undead. Even after absorbing shadows himself, Luffy barely managed to defeat him, proving how Moria is one of the most powerful villains.

5 Donquixote Doflamingo – 340,000,000

Doflamingo, previously a Celestial Dragon, was the captain of the Donquixote Pirates and the earlier king of Dressrossa. He is presently imprisoned at Level 6 of Impel Down after his defeat by Luffy, the place assassins had been incessantly despatched to kill him due to his information of Celestial Dragons’ secrets and techniques.

Doflamingo makes use of one among the most powerful awakened Devil Fruits, the Paramecia-type String-String Fruit, which may clone himself, slice by way of meteors, fly, and imprison and crush a complete nation in an unstoppable Birdcage. It’s not stunning that he obtained such a big bounty previous to changing into a Warlord given his energy and familiarity with lethal secrets and techniques.

4 Jinbe – 438,000,000

The tenth crew member, Jinbe, serves because the Straw Hat Pirates’ helmsman. He was additionally the earlier Sun Pirates’ captain. Jinbe is a grasp of Fish-Man Karate and possesses the uncommon potential to speak with aquatic animals, one thing that’s famous to be unique to merfolks.

Jinbe’s bounty elevated from 250 million to 400 million after betraying the World Government through the Paramount War, combating alongside the Whitebeard Pirates as a substitute. His energy and his betrayal in opposition to the World Government is what made him earn a bounty this excessive, which is presently the 2nd-highest among the many Straw Hats.

3 Edward Weevil – 480,000,000

Edward Weevil, additionally referred to as “Whitebeard Jr.,” is a pirate who declares himself to be the organic little one of Edward “Whitebeard” Newgate. Sometime after the passing of Whitebeard, he became a Warlord. He proved his energy by defeating 16 Whitebeard-affiliated pirate crews single-handedly.

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According to Admiral Kizaru, his energy is corresponding to a youthful model of Whitebeard, which says lots about him. He managed to earn a bounty this excessive resulting from inflicting an excessive amount of disaster in his actions, even inflicting 600 civilian casualties.

2 Marshall D. Teach – 2,247,600,000

Marshall D. Teach, usually referred to as Blackbeard, is without doubt one of the Four Emperors of the Seas who turned an Emperor lower than two years after changing into a captain. His potential to plan a scheme that might see the execution of his former chief Whitebeard and the annexation of a lot of his earlier lands reveals how artful and merciless he’s.

Blackbeard can be the one one who has wielded two Devil Fruits — a mysterious potential on condition that doing so is considered inconceivable. He has probably the most highly effective Paramecia kind, the Quake-Quake Fruit, which has the flexibility to finish the world, and the particular Logia Type Dark-Dark Fruit, which may nullify different Devil Fruit powers. As a consequence, Blackbeard has one of many highest lively bounties and the best bounty development price within the sequence.

1 Trafalgar D. Water Law – 3,000,000,000

Trafalgar D. Water Law, the captain of the Heart Pirates from North Blue, is without doubt one of the strongest members of the Worst Generation. He makes use of the Paramecia-type Op-Op Fruit, usually referred to as “Ultimate Devil Fruit,” as a result of of its potential to present immortality to a different particular person in trade for the consumer’s personal life.

After giving the federal government the hearts of a whole bunch of pirates, Trafalgar Law rose to the place of Warlord. However, he misplaced it after becoming a member of forces with Luffy. He feuded briefly with Kaido and made a big contribution to Big Mom’s defeat along with Eustass Kid. Law presently has one of many highest bounty ranges within the sequence, in addition to the best amongst former Warlords.

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