Remember how final week all I did was hoot and holler about how good One Piece is?

I’m afraid to let you know that the hooting and hollering will proceed.

Because wow gang, One Piece 995 is a tour de drive. It already has all of the hallmarks of a “standard” Wano episode by this level: stable animation that even at its lowest ebbs is unmatched by complete seasons of different presently airing exhibits, robust characterization that leverages each the expansive previous of the collection and the brand new frontiers of not too long ago launched solid members, cautious course that juggles deep pathos and knee-slapping laughs, and terrific music.

But then, this episode looks like a lot greater than “merely” good. The fruits of Momonosuke’s emotional arc on the high of Onigashima is a excessive watermark for his character. To say that I’ve probably not been his largest fan is to place it mildly, however seeing his reminiscences of his father simply earlier than he proudly declares his identify when cowardice would have been comprehensible – it gave me chills. And after all Yamato’s escape from the bomb shackles offered one other wave of emotion, along with the hilarity of the expressions post-explosion.

But who’re we kidding? The actual draw listed here are these remaining couple of minutes.

It’s actually astounding that that is weekly animation. The method of the Akazaya Nine heading in direction of Kaido embodies almost all of Wano’s thematic parts. It is without delay a totally trendy piece of animation, replete with expert prospers from the Toei Animation workforce, whereas on the similar time decidedly retro in its execution. You get an actual sense of the gritty tenacity and quiet affect that characterised the chanbara and jidaegeki movies that seemingly stuffed Oda’s youth. Black-and-white is stained with splashes of crimson because the Akazaya Nine burst forth from the previous injustices into the complete bloom of the violent now. Witnessing this collision of previous and current, it is exhausting to not rise up and cheer.

Blades slice. Tyrants tumble. Blood flows.

Wano’s grand finale, twenty years within the making, has begun. We are bearing witness to historical past.


Grant is the cohost on the Blade Licking Thieves podcast and Super Senpai Podcast.

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