Don’t count on the following Into the Spider-Verse sequel to adapt the grotesque destiny of one among its key variants—it is not precisely a “fun” cameo.

As the following sequel to Into the Spider-Verse vastly approaches a currently-slated summer time 2023 release date, Spider-Man followers are desperate to see which variants make it into the newest film. The first film had various variants to select from, starting from acquainted characters from the unique Spider-Verse comedian arc like Spider-Gwen to new favorites like Spider-Ham and Peni Parker. There had been even particular nods that devoted members of the fandom can get pleasure from, like a reference to the notorious Spider-Man pointing meme.


That meme originates from an episode of the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, an animated sequence that aired between 1981 and 1983. It showcases the healthful, kid-friendly adventures of Spidey and his friends, Firestar and Iceman. Since Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse already referenced the meme, it might not be too shocking to see the trio make an official look within the sequel, particularly once they do truly make an look within the precise Spider-Verse comedian. Although, hopefully their comedian look is not instantly tailored to the film, as the looks is extra of a grotesque cameo than a enjoyable and child-friendly model.

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In Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli’s “Edge of Spider-Verse: Web of Fear” (a brief story showcased on the finish of Amazing Spider-Man #7), Billy Braddock (aka Spider-UK) senses one thing unsuitable within the multiverse, so he scans over each universe to see what’s up. The very first thing he sees is Morlun (who, as your entire arc’s antagonist, is on a mission to kill each single model of Spider-Man from each single universe) slaying Earth-1983’s Spider-Man, along with teammates Firestar and Iceman.

Beyond simply being a surprisingly grotesque destiny for one of many goofier variations of Spider-Man, that is additionally a bittersweet reminder for simply how harmful the lifetime of Spider-Man might be for anybody who dons the costume. Not even one of many extra healthful, family-friendly Spider-Men are protected from an onslaught like this. It comes with the territory for being Spider-Man and, generally, a superhero.

Anyone who has adopted Peter Parker’s journey within the comics is aware of that his life hardly ever ever goes his method. This is similar Peter Parker who had his spouse and youngster taken from him, had the love of his life die in his arms, and all whereas often not having sufficient money to make this month’s lease. But Spider-Man‘s bad luck, clearly, is not unique to Peter Parker as a lot because it manages to be a assure with whoever is sporting the go well with.

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