Netizens present contrasting reactions at a collection of images displaying Song Hye Kyo sporting faculty uniform prior to now. 

Amid Song Joong Ki’s dating news with a British woman, his ex-wife Song Hye Kyo is consistently being brought to discussion for various topics, from unfavorable to optimistic. Recently, a collection of footage displaying Song Hye Kyo in her youth have been drawing consideration with blended responses. 

Song Hye Kyo’s previous images are drawing blended responses 

In specific, on December twenty seventh, a submit titled “Have you seen Song Hye Kyo as a teenager who used to model for school uniform?” was revealed on the Korean discussion board Pann. Attached with the picture are numerous pictures of Song Hye Kyo in her youth, sporting faculty uniform and numerous completely different hairstyles. 

The submit, nevertheless, didn’t choose probably the most flattering pictures of the actress, resulting in a number of unfavorable feedback about her visuals. Some even mentioned Song Hye Kyo “looked like an auntie even at a young age”, whereas some claimed the actress face was “too big”, her “cheekbones too protrude”, and her “proportions were not good”. 

song hye kyo past photo uniform

In response, many others got here to Song Hye Kyo’s protection, calling the unique poster (OP) “pathetic” for deliberately choosing out dangerous footage. 

As such, feedback like, “What’s the point of hating on her based on the photos OP selected? Even if you guys are in your teens, men will choose Song Hye Kyo over you”, “OP posted bad photos of Song Hye Kyo only for numerous people to say that she looks pretty”, “She’s jaw-dropping gorgeous”, and “Song Hye Kyo is seriously legendary.”

song hye kyo past photo uniform

Source: Pann

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