With Obi-Wan Kenobi followers not solely acquired a unbelievable bridge between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope however characters and character improvement that add quite a bit to the Star Wars canon. The personalities of characters new and outdated within the present shine all through the six episodes, and lots of of them have quotes that completely encapsulate who they’re.

From summaries of their character arcs to the exemplification of their values and objectives, every predominant character has at the least one quote that showcases who they’re.

Haja Estree

“Look, Have I Made A Few Bad Decisions? Sure. Do I Feel Bad About It? Sometimes. Do I Like Credits? Yeah. So Much Stuff You Can Buy With Credits.”

Haja Estree turned out to have a surprisingly candy story in Obi-Wan Kenobi, being a conman who wished to do good and assist folks regardless of his faults. This quote completely captures that.


Coming whereas talking with Obi-Wan, Haja appears genuinely enthusiastic about serving to those that want it, however on the identical time nonetheless maintains a love of credit and a willingness to do shady issues to realize them. He is difficult to not like regardless of his faults, and his self-awareness is an enormous purpose for that.

Kawlan Roken

“Look, If You Want My Help, You Got It.”

Roken is one other new character within the present, and whereas he doesn’t get an excessive amount of improvement nor an excessive amount of of his previous detailed, he has the potential to pop up in future content material as some type of insurgent.

This quote sums up who Roken is within the present as a frontrunner and somebody who desires to do good, assist individuals who want it, and battle for what is correct. Even if it is probably not the neatest factor to do or if it’s a danger to his life, he desires to assist, lead folks each to battle and to security, and encourage hope, a trait seen amongst one of the best insurgent leaders in Star Wars.

 The Grand Inquisitor

“Do You Know The Key To Hunting Jedi, Friend? Patience.”

Rupert Friend as Grand Inquisitor in Obi Wan Kenobi

Thanks to his appearances in Star Wars: Rebels and within the prolonged canon, the Grand Inquisitor’s historical past and character have already been nicely established, and this quote matches him splendidly.

The means he articulates this, in such a chilly, calculating method, talking on looking Jedi as some type of artwork, could be very according to the analytical, information, and Jedi-archive-loving Inquisitor. The Inquisitor is a decently powerful villain however makes use of mind to finest numerous opponents, and this quote showcases that stage of intelligence.

Tala Durith

“Yeah, Sometimes. But It’s Worth It If I Get To Help People.”

tala obi-wan kenobi

Tala Durith turned out to be a little bit of a show-stealing character at occasions, being somebody who helps these on the Path, having defected from the Empire and inflicting one of many present’s most emotional moments when she sacrifices herself to save lots of Obi-Wan and the others on Jabiim.

This quote comes as a response to Leia, who asks whether it is scary pretending to be a part of the Empire when she is, in actuality, a insurgent. Tala exhibits time and time once more that she is powerful and fearless, keen to battle for what is correct regardless of the chance.

Owen Lars

“He Is My Own.”

Grant Feely as Luke Skywalker in Obi Wan Kenobi

One of one of the best issues that Obi-Wan Kenobi does – regardless of not spending an incredible period of time on him – helps additional the layers and nuances of Owen Lars’ character, just like what the prolonged canon does, improving his scenes in the Skywalker saga.

While many undoubtedly understand Owen as a little bit of a poor father determine at occasions, maybe too suffocating and overprotective, he adores Luke and sees Luke as his son, having raised him since he was a child. This quote of defiance, which is hurled at Reva, is without doubt one of the standout strains from the finale and a abstract of how Owen views Luke; like his son, his household, and a very powerful factor in his and Beru’s life.

Bail Organa

“Then Let’s Change Things Together.”

Kenobi Young Leia & Bail Organa

The Organas are a spotlight of the present, with Bail getting a number of scenes to shine, particularly reverse his daughter, to whom he says this unbelievable line within the finale.

When Leia says she desires to vary issues after lastly accepting her path by politics, that is Bail’s response, and it highlights not solely how nice of a father he’s however how he operates as somebody combating the great battle within the Senate. He is aware of he alone is powerless towards the entire Empire however nonetheless fights for change and the great of the Galaxy.

Reva Sevander

“I Couldn’t Do It. I Couldn’t Do It. I Failed Them. He Killed Them All, And I Couldn’t Do It.”


There are questions surrounding Reva’s story and her future. Still, ultimately, she had an fascinating character arc which might get summed up by this line delivered excellently by Moses Ingram, who’s immense within the finale.

Reva was so pushed by hate and anger all through the present within the title of revenge towards Vader for what he did to her mates. So a lot in order that when she couldn’t kill Luke, when she couldn’t develop into Vader, she believed herself a failure. Now, Reva will get to exit and correctly redeem herself, return to the light side, and really understand that she didn’t fail her mates however as a substitute made them proud. This line is the place Reva finally ends up on the finish of the present, and what her mindset is by the finale, even when it doesn’t outline her future.

Darth Vader

“You Didn’t Kill Anakin Skywalker, I Did. The Same Way I Will Destroy You.”

Whether it is within the Skywalker saga, standalone movies, animated exhibits, comics, books, video video games, or Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader at all times appears to ship as among the best characters ever put to display with some of the layered and sophisticated journeys in Star Wars.

He has a slew of legendary quotes, a number of of which come when he faces off towards Obi-Wan on this collection, together with this, arguably the best quote in the show. It just about sums up what Vader is to Anakin. Not solely does this line spotlight how far gone Anakin is at the moment – because of Vader – but additionally showcases the tragedy of Anakin, who can’t be saved by his brother, Obi-Wan, simply as his sister, Ahsoka, couldn’t save him. The hate and anger emanating from Vader’s very being, which has consumed Anakin, may also be summed up by his final phrases, phrases he can not even assist however say, “The same way as I will destroy you.”

Obi-Wan Kenobi

“…Both Were Exceptional People Who Bore An Exceptional Daughter…”

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Leia in Episode 6

Obi-Wan has a slew of wonderful quotes all through the collection which showcase steps in his journey and significant moments that lead him to be the particular person he’s by the tip of the finale, which is the place this lengthy quote comes from.

This sees Obi-Wan describe to Leia her finest qualities and from which of Padmé and Anakin she acquired them. What is so nice about this line isn’t just that Obi-Wan can and is snug sufficient to reveal this to Leia, however that he has forgiven himself and may bear in mind his mates fondly with out the asterisk of Vader looming over his each optimistic thought concerning them. It doesn’t sum up each side of his phenomenal, complicated character however actually represents a great portion of his journey within the collection.

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