NU’EST’s Baekho just lately took half in a pictorial and interview for Arena journal!

In the interview, Baekho expressed his pleasure to take photos in a convertible, saying it was the primary time he had skilled something prefer it at a photograph shoot. Sharing his love of driving, he stated, “My mood lifts when I take the wheel. The fact that I can use my hands and feet to go where I want at my own pace is so simple yet so fun.”

Baekho additionally spoke concerning the previous automobile he owns, describing its angular form and spherical headlights. “I feel drawn to old cars,” he stated. “After you fix them up they’re good enough to ride around in. Since I like the color black, I switched out the car’s wooden interior to black suede, and I made the ceiling and floor black too. When I hear a sound, I can more or less know that something is broken.”

When requested the place he favored to drive, Baekho responded, “Dawn, when the traffic lights are off. I like empty roads. When I hit a roadblock while composing, I’ll go to Incheon or Gangwon Province to get some fresh air.”

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NU’EST launched their second full-length album “Romanticize” final month. About the album’s theme, Baekho stated that it expresses what every of the members romanticize. As for Baekho, he shared that he likes to romanticize every day life. “Eating delicious food is romance, and a day like today is romance,” he stated. “I like doing photo shoots. I also like putting gas in the car. I feel more confident.”

Baekho talked about that he included within the album the ecstatic feeling he will get when he creates one thing. “Whenever I make something, it’s enjoyable and I feel good, but it’s also kind of a painful and profound feeling,” he revealed. “I chuckle when I make something ridiculous, but then I think, ‘This isn’t it,’ and delete everything. I romanticize that complexity.”

Many of the songs Baekho has made, together with “Shooting Star,” “Polaris,” and “Gravity & Moon,” reference the evening or the celebrities. Expressing his affinity for the evening, Baekho commented, “It’s quite nice to look at the sky full of stars. Your surroundings have to be completely dark in order to see them well. I enjoy desolate places like that. In those places, my head is empty. Sometimes I head over to see the ocean at night.”

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Baekho gave credit score to L.O.Λ.E (NU’EST’s official fan membership title) for serving to him uncover sides of himself that he didn’t beforehand notice. “I find it amazing and I’m so thankful when L.O.Λ.E discover small details about myself that I didn’t even think of,” he stated. “So even if I don’t dwell on things, I can’t be idle.”

In response to what he favored most about himself, Baekho answered, “My vocal color. When I’m making a song and I want to add some embellishment or need a powerful high note, I often make use of my voice.”

Baekho additionally spoke about his passion of freediving. After revealing that he can now maintain his breath for shut to a few minutes, he shared extra about why he enjoys the game. “When you go freediving, it’s very silent. Since I’m not breathing, it’s a time where I don’t even hear my own breath. Sometimes I need time like that, where I don’t have any thoughts. Should I call it meditation? When I empty everything out I feel at ease.”

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In his tenth 12 months since debut, Baekho stated that nothing a lot has modified. “I have more freedom in that my opinions are more reflected, but I also realized that things I thought I would take for granted ended up not being taken that way,” he revealed. “For example, the love that L.O.Λ.E give us isn’t absolute. The longer I work, that love feels even newer and I accept it even more gratefully.”

When requested what it’s like to satisfy artists who debuted after NU’EST, Baekho replied with amusing, “First of all, there aren’t any junior artists who talk to me often.” He continued, “I’m close with the guys from SEVENTEEN since we see each other every day, but I don’t try to make it into a senior-junior relationship. I have to do well myself first.”

To wrap up the interview, Baekho was requested what he believed in. He succinctly replied, “Time. Many things change based on how you spend your time. Of course you might feel pressed for time, or you might feel like time is betraying you, but in the end I think it’s most important to not spend your time in vain.”

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