Although the latest JYP Entertainment group NMIXX hasn’t had the simplest debuts, the members are undoubtedly taking up the world of K-Pop, and netizens all the time appear to be speaking about them. Their debut observe “O.O” may not have been to everybody’s style, however the group has been praised for his or her expertise, visuals, and charisma.

Members of NMIXX | @NMIXX_Official/ Twitter

Yet, one member who instantly caught the eye of followers since she was launched was member Sullyoon. Whether it was the comparisons to TWICE‘s Tzuyu, her enormous fanbase earlier than even debuting, and her iconic ending fairy, Sullyoon is changing into the latest 4th technology “IT” woman.

NMIXX’s Sullyoon | @nmixx_official/ Instagram

With the group’s rising recognition, netizens not too long ago shared a few of Sullyoon’s pre-debut photos on a discussion board, and there’s no denying that she has all the time had one thing particular that meant she was destined to be an idol.

| theqoo

| theqoo

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| theqoo

When the photographs had been shared, netizens couldn’t recover from the visuals from Sullyoon.

Even earlier than the group debuted and JYP launched the teasers for every of the members, Sullyoon gained consideration for her flawless efficiency and visuals that appeared unreal.

| JYPn/ YouTube

| JYP Entertainment 

Yet, the primary matter of the discussion board wasn’t nearly Sullyoon’s visuals. In specific, netizens mentioned the truth that all of those photos had been proof of why Sullyoon has been dubbed the “Monster Rookie” for years.

According to many on-line sources, earlier than being forged via a personal audition for JYP and becoming a member of the corporate in 2020, Sullyoon additionally succeeded in auditioning for YG Entertainment and SM Entertainment. For many, it is a enormous achievement as they’re seen because the “Big 3” K-Pop corporations.

If that wasn’t sufficient, in the identical publish, netizens observed that alongside these corporations, Sullyoon additionally handed auditions for extra corporations earlier than ultimately becoming a member of JYP.

According to netizens, she handed the audition for TS Entertainment in 2017 but additionally went on to achieve attempting out for Fantagio, FNC Entertainment, and was a trainee for Woollim Entertainment. It reveals that the idol truly handed auditions for six of probably the most well-known corporations in Korea.

| JYPn/ YouTube

It appears as if Sullyoon has showcased her true expertise through the years and why her visuals alone didn’t carry her via the trade. Even throughout their newest performances of their debut observe, “O.O,” Sullyoon has showcased that her repute isn’t simply phrases and that she will again all of it up.

| M2/ YouTube

| SBSKpop/ YouTube 

Sullyoon may simply have debated, however netizens already can’t get sufficient of the idol. Even in actual life and unedited images, Sullyoon continues to shine. There is little question that she and the remainder of NMIXX might be a pressure to be reckoned with.

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