Have you ever finished the identical together with your ult bias? 👀

NIMXX and STAYC have had a number of endearing interactions, like when the 2 teams had been nominated for first place on KBS2‘s Music Bank, and both groups showed their support for each other.

A fan even asked STAYC’s J about how the groups got close, which J defined was as a result of she skilled with the entire NMIXX members, aside from Sullyoon.

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But regardless that J and Sullyoon may not have skilled collectively, Sullyoon has by no means hesitated to point out her love for STAYC, particularly for her bias, Isa. According to Sullyoon, she’s been a fan of Isa since STAYC’s debut and was very excited in regards to the alternative to take footage with Isa’s filter at KCON.

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STAYC’s Isa and NMIXX’s Sullyoon | @eunhalilac/Twitter

When NMIXX and STAYC shared a ready room, Sullyoon confessed to Isa that she was a fan and exchanged numbers. The two have seemingly been buddies since.

Fans can’t assist however relate to Sullyoon’s fangirling, particularly with the idol’s behavior of bringing a photocard of her bias to meals. In one occasion, Sullyoon informed followers that “Old photos are essential.. ^^” when going to eat dinner.

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| @nmixxpics_/Twitter

And one other time, Sullyoon apparently didn’t carry her photocard however found out the subsequent smartest thing. “If I don’t bring a photocard, I take it like this too.”

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| @nmixxpics_/Twitter

Fans, after all, associated to her fangirling.

And in addition they beloved Sullyoon’s consideration to element, like how she embellished her Isa photocard holder.

Fans are longing for extra interactions between the 2 sooner or later.

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