Nightwing has had many roles within the DC Universe, and now he’s getting into some of the unlikely ones ever: surrogate father to Shazam.

Spoilers for Shazam #1 forward!

Nightwing is taking up a brand new function within the DC Universe: surrogate father to Shazam. Both are orphans who discovered greatness thrust upon them at an early age and since Shazam’s powers have been in flux just lately, in Shazam #1, he turns to Nightwing for recommendation—and the interplay reveals Nightwing turning into a stand-in for the daddy Shazam by no means had.

Nightwing, Starfire, and the remainder of the unique Teen Titans just lately opened Titans Academy, a particular college designed to show the subsequent technology of heroes, and certainly one of their first recruits was Shazam. Billy Batson has not had a simple time these days, each in his private and superhero lives: his powers are in flux, generally shorting out mid-battle. Shazam can be on the outs with the remainder of the Shazam Family—he has not spoken along with his foster brother Freddy in weeks, after which learns Freddy is dying. All of this has left Shazam needing a shoulder to cry on, and he could have discovered it in Nightwing.

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In the problem, written by Tim Sheridan, with artwork by Clayton Henry, colours by Marcelo Maiolo, and letters by Rob Leigh, Shazam joins the remainder of the Titans combating the poisonous waste villain Chemo over the Pacific Ocean. Midway by way of the battle, Shazam’s powers fail him. Chemo nearly falls into the ocean, however Raven is ready to teleport him away. Later, Shazam, again as Billy Batson, is brooding over what occurred. Nightwing approaches him and reminds him that nobody acquired harm, however Shazam wonders what occurs when he’s not capable of battle? He additionally fears turning into caught in Shazam’s form forever and not having the ability to return to being a child. Nightwing tells him that’s what rising up is, however Billy continues to be shaken.

With Shazam’s powers failing him in the meanwhile, he wants as many allies as he can get. Nightwing and Shazam are each orphans, giving them a typical floor on which to construct a basis. Shazam wants folks in his nook, particularly proper now, and somebody with Nightwing’s expertise can be the right mentor for him. While Nightwing didn’t bounce from foster residence to foster residence as Shazam did, he has been combating crime since Shazam was little, giving him extra perception and knowledge. Nightwing additionally has entry to sources Shazam could not have and he’s already taking benefit of what’s obtainable to him on the Titans Academy. Finally, an affable personality like Nightwing’s is precisely what a bundle of nerves like Shazam wants.

Nightwing has had many roles within the DC Universe, and now he takes on the function of surrogate father to Shazam, and it could be the right match. Shazam #1, on sale now in print and digital.

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