It’s a brand new period for Quarterback Tiers as 50 NFL coaches and executives have shaken up the elite ranks for 2022, the ninth incarnation of my annual survey.

Young weapons Josh Allen, Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow have joined the Tier 1 ranks, whereas a pair huge names are conspicuously lacking — together with a sure quarterback the Seattle Seahawks traded to the Denver Broncos in a blockbuster deal recasting expectations for each franchises.

The full 2022 Quarterback Tiers outcomes are under for each veteran starter. The outcomes mirror voting from 50 NFL coaches and executives, together with six normal managers, eight head coaches, 10 evaluators, 12 coordinators, six quarterback coaches and 7 execs whose specialties embody analytics, recreation administration and the wage cap. The remaining poll was put collectively by 4 members of 1 staff’s personnel division.

The panel positioned 35 veteran quarterbacks into one in all 5 tiers, from finest (Tier 1) to worst (Tier 5). Quarterbacks had been then ranked by common vote and positioned into tiers based mostly on vote distribution, starting with Aaron Rodgers, whose 1.00 common vote mirrored his standing as a unanimous Tier 1 choice.

The survey excludes rookies as a result of voters haven’t seen them play within the NFL. More than one quarterback is featured for groups with unsettled beginning jobs.


A Tier 1 quarterback can carry his staff every week. The staff wins due to him. He expertly handles pure passing conditions. He has no actual holes in his recreation.

1. Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers stands alone on the prime, the eighth time in 9 years of QB Tiers balloting that he completed no worse than tied for the highest spot. He is the usual for Tier 1 quarterback play.

“I can’t wait to rate him as a 2,” a defensive coordinator stated. “That will be like the favorite day of my career.”

Rodgers by way of the years has acquired 401 votes in Tier 1, seven in Tier 2 and none decrease than that. Some who positioned him in Tier 2 beforehand repented in follow-up conversations.

“Where is the flaw?” a defensive coach requested. “He can make every throw, he has got command of things, he can read defenses, he is challenging to go against because of the mental part of it.”

This is the sixth time in 9 years Rodgers was a unanimous Tier 1 selection.

“The smirk, the shoulder shrug, the command of hurry-up tempo in 2-minute, he’s got it all,” a coach stated. “The head coach (Matt LaFleur) wants to run the field goal team on and Rodgers waves them off, calls another play, completes it to make the field goal try easier and burns enough time so the kickoff coverage team doesn’t have to run out there. The guy oozes Tier 1 in ways others QBs can only dream doing.”

Rodgers beats the competitors in two classes a number of voters cited: the flexibility to raise his weaponry and in how he not solely outsmarts opponents, however relishes doing so.

“(Tom) Brady has had the more decorated career with 10 Super Bowls and seven rings, but I will say this,” an offensive coach stated. “Aaron Rodgers has helped elevate every player on that offense. Brady with N’Keal Harry did not elevate his game. Aaron has had Davante Adams, but he is still waiting for a first-round receiver, they have not had great receivers overall and he is still putting up major numbers.”

As for exhibiting up opponents, Rodgers owns probably the most condescending smirk within the recreation.

“It’s not enough to make a good read and see a coverage rotation and throw where he needs to throw,” a defensive coach stated. “He wants you to know that he got you and look at the sideline with that smirk. He is outsmarting you … always trying to catch you in a blitz and throw a little smoke out, or whatever. He’s just an extreme challenge to go against, beyond any of these other guys that have talent.”

02 PatrickMahomes

2. Patrick Mahomes

A single contrarian voter prevented Mahomes from tying Rodgers on the prime. That voter, a veteran defensive play caller, thinks there have been occasions final season when Mahomes did not learn defenses the way in which top-tier quarterbacks ought to.

“We love Mahomes because of his unorthodox throws, not because of his natural pocket presence,” this voter stated. “And when that disappears, that is when they lose games. I don’t think that is a 1. I think that is a 2. Nothing against the guy. I love the kid. But take his first read away and what does he do? He runs, he scrambles and he plays streetball.”

Mahomes throughout the previous three seasons has commanded 149 Tier 1 votes, with simply this single vote in Tier 2.

“This guy, he’s box office,” a quarterbacks coach stated. “I mean, anybody would pay to watch Aaron Rodgers and him play. If you had the worst seat in the house, you would still go watch Patrick Mahomes play.”

Last season, defenses for the primary time curtailed Mahomes’ means to strike for explosive performs. The Chiefs gained greater than 15 yards on 14.6% of Mahomes’ cross makes an attempt the place positive aspects that lengthy had been doable. That ranked nineteenth amongst qualifying quarterbacks. Mahomes ranked first throughout the earlier three seasons at 20.3%.

“If I’m playing the optimistic side, I say defenses caught up with them a little bit, they wanted a slow death and he was still on a throw-it-downfield mentality because he had 10 (Tyreek Hill),” an offensive coach stated. “Without 10, he will dink and dunk, and they will coach him to that. He will complete so many balls this year because they will get his mind wired for that before the season. Moving Tyreek forced them to a mentality that they would have had to do anyway, and now it’s just easier. It is hard to sell that to a quarterback when you have 10 running around.”

A defensive coordinator stated Hill was the No. 1 game-plan consideration when dealing with Kansas City, above Mahomes.

“It’s like they play NBA iso-ball and just try to get enough space for a matchup on (Travis) Kelce or a matchup on Tyreek,” one other defensive play caller stated. “If Mahomes has a quote-unquote flaw, I do not think he is the greatest at diagnosing, but he is so extremely talented with his arm, his release and the way that they run their offense, it is just pick your best matchup and go work that. If you’re a matchup-oriented team and you lose one of your top matchup guys like that, it is going to affect how you play. Maybe he has to adapt a little bit, but I think he has all the makeup to do it.”

03 TomBrady

3. Tom Brady

Quite a number of voters assume Brady, if remoted just for his on-field contributions, may now belong excessive in Tier 2. Only eight positioned him there. The totality of what Brady gives is why solely Rodgers and Mahomes stand above him heading towards Brady’s age-45 season.

“Oh, Brady is a 1, 100 percent,” a quarterbacks coach stated. “He can carry that offense. He is that offense. He has an all-star team around him, but just look at how that team oozes confidence now that they have 12 back and playing. They are a contender again this year, and it’s all because of having him and just his mindset. Can they protect him? That is going to be the big question.”

Brady final season began each recreation and led the NFL in cross completions, cross makes an attempt, passing yards and passing touchdowns.

“You still have to give the dude a 1,” a defensive coordinator stated. “He still has the physical skills, different than Peyton (Manning) at the end of his career. Tom is going to get you into the right plays and make the right decisions, and he can still throw it. He can win games.”

Pro Football Reference credited Brady with 5 game-winning drives final season, matching a profession excessive.

“The playoff games were pretty good, but there were spells within those games where you go, ‘Ooooh,’ ” an evaluator stated. “The Rams game, both games against New Orleans — certain teams know how to play him well, and he is not simply dicing up guys as much as you would think. He is still talented, but I think he has to have a full package to continue to sustain that success.”

Brady was second to Rodgers in Total QBR and in MVP balloting.

“The things that make him great aren’t going to age poorly — his command of everything, his knowledge and vision,” a defensive coach stated. “But I do think there’s a wider arsenal of defenses available that are more effective against him. If you are just straight pressuring him, he’s going to murder you, and if you are just straight in coverages, he is going to murder you. We got him on some simulated pressures, which I think people are figuring out.”

04 JoshAllen

4. Josh Allen

Allen surged into the highest tier after narrowly lacking final yr. Tossing 9 landing passes with out an interception in playoff video games in opposition to New England and Kansas City all however expunged from his report his playoff meltdown in opposition to Houston following the 2019 common season.

“He has proven that he can handle big moments,” a personnel director stated. “He still throws interceptable balls, but he gives his guys opportunities to make plays, and nine times out of 10, they are making those plays. You can see the maturity. He used to make really egregious throws. It creeps in every now and again, but he is a big-time passer.”

Allen turned the ninth participant in QB Tiers’ nine-year historical past to command Tier 1 votes on at the very least 75% of ballots. Rodgers has completed it 9 occasions, adopted by Brady (eight), Mahomes (4), Drew Brees (three), Russell Wilson (two), Peyton Manning (one) and Ben Roethlisberger (one).

“Josh Allen is a better version of Lamar (Jackson), and I love him as a football player,” a defensive coordinator stated. “I still think he is erratic as a thrower and so he doesn’t scare me the same way Rodgers does. But he’s ascending.”

This voter had solely three gamers within the prime tier. Some voters are stricter than others with their Tier 1 interpretations. The group overwhelmingly positioned Allen in Tier 1, behind the one lively quarterbacks to win Super Bowls and MVPs.

“Some guys you’ve got to just give credit for being big, talented guys that can overcome a lot of stuff,” an evaluator stated. “He may not be perfect, but he’s so big and so talented that he carries the team. He is a freak. He is not going to expertly handle pure-pass situations, but he doesn’t have to a lot of times. He may have five guys hanging on him and complete it anyway.”

One potential concern: Brian Daboll’s departure from the Bills as offensive coordinator.

“It will be interesting to me to see if that changes things, because I think Brian did a really good job,” a defensive coach from the AFC East stated. “I think he controlled it as much as Josh did. I don’t want to say Josh is going to be on his own, but I’m not sure he totally has that command yet.”

05 JustinHerbert

5. Justin Herbert

Herbert joins a brief listing of quarterbacks to achieve Tier 1 earlier than age 25. Mahomes, Andrew Luck and Deshaun Watson did it after main their groups to the postseason and successful there. Herbert pulled it off with a profession 15-17 report as a starter and no postseason appearances.

“Man, I was so impressed with him live,” an offensive coach stated. “He has a chance to do something special. He’s the best pure thrower of the three young guys (Herbert, Allen, Burrow). I didn’t realize he was that athletic. One of our studs was chasing him down and he got around him and was laughing at him the whole time. The competitive spirit, the athletic ability, I saw a fricking stud in our game.”

Combine a few of Burrow’s accuracy with a few of Allen’s measurement/athleticism and also you’ve received Herbert.

“I think he’s the next guy, he is on his way, because the thing with him is, he’s not quite the passer, but he’s kind of like a bigger version of Aaron Rodgers,” one other voter stated. “When we played them, I was like, ‘Damn, I didn’t know this dude could move that well or he was this accurate.’ Five, six, seven years down the road, I think Mahomes, Josh Allen and Justin Herbert will be the guys we’re talking about, the big three.”

No voter questioned whether or not Herbert may change into a top-tier quarterback. Some did wish to see him drive extra staff success earlier than letting him borrow Dan Fouts’ gold jacket.

“It takes more time on task to truly be a top-tier guy,” a defensive coach stated. “With those guys, it is like going to ‘Top Gun Maverick’ every single weekend because the stunts they pull are the equivalent of pulling 11 Gs and bending the air frame. It takes hours in that cockpit to operate that and not kill yourself and your team and crash the thing. When it is 17-0 at half, that is trying to land the thing in the Indian Ocean with 50 mph winds and 40-foot waves rocking the flight deck, and they manage to get it down or get it close.”

06 JoeBurrow

6. Joe Burrow

Burrow has began 26 regular-season video games and 4 within the playoffs. He has made it by way of one season wholesome. He additionally quarterbacked the Cincinnati Bengals to the Super Bowl after Vegas set Cincy’s win complete at 6.5, fifth-lowest within the league. Voters love how he performs.

“Burrow is a young Tom Brady,” stated a GM who positioned Allen and Burrow within the prime tier, however not Herbert. “I think Herbert has shown he can do it in doses. Burrow is a step ahead. I think his mind is a lot quicker than Herbert’s. Burrow wins with his brain, and he has had to, because he played behind probably the worst offensive line ever to go to the Super Bowl.”

Burrow’s accuracy, calm beneath strain and willingness to face robust within the pocket even when he’s taking punishment has earned admirers.

“This league is in good hands with the quarterbacks right now, and they’re in good places, with (coaches) who like to throw the ball,” a head coach stated. “These veteran guys know that these colleges are throwing the ball more and they had better maximize their abilities, man, or they ain’t going to be doing it long, because the colleges are putting out better guys right now.”

Any issues on Burrow?

“He got fooled on that fourth down in the Super Bowl,” a quarterbacks coach stated. “He predetermines a lot of his quick game. They’ll spread it out and try to show him the picture. When you can change the look for him, I think the kid locks in and some of these guys. Once you get a book on them a little bit, you can make these guys struggle a little. I’m not saying this is a guy you are going to take off the map. The kid is a competitor. I’m just saying he clearly predetermines some things and until he grows out of that, he is a good 2 for me.”

A head coach who positioned Burrow in Tier 1 defined that Burrow’s poor offensive line was a contributing issue.

“Joe reminds me of the West Coast Offense quarterbacks you always were looking for with the anticipation, instincts, ball accuracy, throwing guys open,” one other head coach stated. “You just don’t see that at a very young age coming out, and I’m talking particularly from the drop-back phase. I’m a Joe Burrow fan. I’d put a 1 on him.”


A Tier 2 quarterback can carry his staff generally however not as persistently. He can deal with pure passing conditions in doses and/or possesses different dimensions which might be particular sufficient to raise him above Tier 3. He has a gap or two in his recreation.

07 MattStafford

7. Matthew Stafford

Stafford commanded 18 Tier 1 votes, up from 4 final yr. He remained seventh within the rankings as a result of, whereas Stafford overtook Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson this yr, he watched Herbert and Burrow race previous him. Still, the 1.68 common for Stafford marked a Tiers-era finest for him. He now stands about the place he did heading into the 2018 season, after 4 seasons with Jim Caldwell.

“I think it’s fascinating,” an offensive coach stated. “The whole thing with Stafford, you just felt like here is a guy with all the talent in the world and you get him into a situation with a good staff, a good team, and there’s some consistency there. I certainly was not surprised with how he performed. Any time the head coach is the play caller and you get some chemistry and are on the same page, that’s a huge, huge advantage.”

Stafford might need threatened the highest tier if he hadn’t faltered later within the common season because the Rams, thrilled to have a succesful veteran quarterback, leaned right into a dropback cross offense to a level that appeared extreme, maybe exposing Stafford’s higher limits. One voter cited these limits as his cause for not pushing Stafford into Tier 1.

“Run it, play defense and have a Tier 2 quarterback, you will win a lot of games with that,” a head coach stated.

The 2021 Rams averaged 10.5 anticipated factors added (EPA) per recreation on protection and particular groups within the playoffs. That’s the fourth-best common among the many previous 20 Super Bowl winners, in response to TruMedia. The Rams’ offense misplaced 2.5 EPA per recreation within the playoffs, second-worst among the many previous 20 Super Bowl winners. So, sure, it’s a staff recreation. A superb staff helped Stafford after unhealthy Detroit groups dragged him down for years.

“He still to this day has the best arm I’ve been around or seen,” a voter who was with Stafford in Detroit stated. “Whether it’s with a system that suits him and a good partnership with the head coach and all that, a Super Bowl ring gets you an upgrade in my book.”

08 RussellWilson

8. Russell Wilson

It’s been fascinating in current seasons to see how established quarterbacks fare in new environments. How a lot had been the Lions holding again Stafford? Lots, it turned out. How a lot did Brady want Bill Belichick to win? Not as a lot, Brady proved with Tampa Bay.

“The difference with Russell is, he is a lot more high-maintenance,” a GM stated. “He’s got the entourage, he needs the office at the facility, the extra hotel rooms on the road, all that stuff. It will be interesting how that dynamic works with a rookie head coach and rookie offensive coordinator, how they jell.”

Determining whether or not Wilson advantages from switching groups may very well be tough as a result of he produced at a excessive degree and received in Seattle, setting requirements that may very well be troublesome for many any quarterback to match. But if Pete Carroll’s run-heavier offensive philosophy was certainly holding again Wilson as a substitute of propping him up, switching to the Broncos could launch him to new heights.

“Russell has been a high-level play-action, shot, pocket-extend-plays quarterback,” a defensive coordinator stated. “His dropback game is well above average, but I don’t think it’s elite. This is going to be a legacy defining change for him. Is he going to be that guy or is he going to be what a lot of people thought but weren’t sure because it was easy to blame Pete and the system and all that?”

Some voters stated Wilson learns finest by way of repetition and may need time to get snug in Nathaniel Hackett’s offense. Some thought Seattle had already bent its offense to what Wilson does finest, and that Wilson himself may advocate for comparable ideas in Denver, to the purpose that the Broncos may run Wilson’s offense as a lot as they run Hackett’s offense.

“You would think you’re going to see the best version of Russ because of the competitor and how motivated he is to go out on his own and perform well,” an offensive coach stated. “But he does need to keep an eye on that body weight for the style of play he wants to play.”

Wilson was a unanimous Tier 1 choice two years in the past. Ten of fifty voters positioned him in Tier 2 final yr. That quantity grew to 34 this season, with one voter even putting Wilson in Tier 3, a primary for Wilson since 2018.

“There are extenuating circumstances with him,” a voter who positioned Wilson in Tier 1 stated. “There are injuries and there’s the type of team around him, but when it’s pure pass, the ball still moves. I don’t know what videos these other guys are watching. (Wilson) went 96 yards against the Vikings after the two-minute warning two years ago and did something similar against Washington last year. I’m way more concerned about the inconsistent catch ability of his weaponry (in Denver) than I am about Russell.”

Seattle and Tampa Bay are the one groups the previous two seasons to attain touchdowns greater than as soon as on drives beginning inside their very own 10-yard strains with 2:20 or much less in a half. But there may be additionally video exhibiting Wilson holding the ball too lengthy and alluring sacks, or failing to see open receivers, refusing to take what the protection provides him.

“My gut says he is a 2 descending, like some of the stuff that made him special is not quite the same,” a defensive coach stated. “I don’t know if it was schematic stuff last year, but we played them two years ago and I was like, ‘Yeah, I don’t know.’ Maybe this rejuvenates him. This will be an interesting year for him, a telling year. Does he get a two-year boost from this and then the flaws start showing up again?”

09 DeshaunWatson

9. Deshaun Watson

Watson received votes within the first, second and third tiers, plus a lone vote in Tier 5, as voters debated what to make of him after one year on the sideline, two dozen civil lawsuits against him and uncertainty surrounding how a lot Watson could be obtainable to the Browns this season.

“A Tier 1 distraction is what Watson is,” an evaluator stated. “It blows me away paying the all-time NFL contract for a Tier 2 player.”

Watson is simply 26 years previous, so there’s time for Cleveland to play the lengthy recreation. Still …

“I can’t believe that the Browns did what they did,” a GM stated. “There’s just too many unknowns. I know Andrew (Berry), and I just can’t picture him doing that. Take the contract out of there. Just making this guy the face of your franchise and really not knowing, ‘Do we have him this year, do we not have him this year, will other stuff come up?’ I just can’t imagine doing that.”

The Browns did it, and now they’re extra proficient at quarterback, every time Watson performs.

“I know he is all (screwed) up, but he is a 1,” a defensive coordinator stated. “I mean, I’m just rating him as a football player. He is a 1. He is legit. You could put the game on him. They were bad and losing in Houston, but it wasn’t because of him.”

Houston ranked Tenth in offensive EPA and thirty first in mixed defensive and special-teams EPA in 2020, Watson’s ultimate season because the Texans’ starter. Watson ranked twelfth in Total QBR. The staff completed 4-12.

Voters positioned Watson on the backside of Tier 1 final offseason. They dropped him into the second tier this yr.

“It will not be hard to put Watson back into Tier 1 if he does what the Dolphins and Cleveland and half-a-dozen other teams thought he would do if they signed him,” an offensive coach stated.

10 LamarJackson

10. Lamar Jackson

Jackson climbed barely by way of common vote however dropped three locations within the rankings as Stafford, Herbert and Burrow moved previous him. There stays no participant like him within the league.

“You cannot go into a game and not account for this guy — like, we are meeting with people every offseason to find out how they would defend this type of offense,” a defensive coordinator stated. “At the same time, I can totally see why you can go anywhere from 1 to 3 on him. If he has to drop back and throw the ball, it is not the same, but if he is on rhythm and they are running the ball and they are running the play-action off it, if you can’t account for that dude, he is going to kill you.”

Jackson was so sensational as a twin menace throughout his 2019 MVP season that 16 voters positioned him in Tier 1 heading into 2020. This yr, there have been as many votes for Jackson in Tier 1 (eight) as there have been in Tier 3.

“If he has to pass to win the game, they ain’t winning the game,” one other defensive coordinator stated. “He’s so unique as an athlete and he’s really a good football player, but I don’t give a shit if he wins the league MVP 12 times, I don’t think he’ll ever be a 1 as a quarterback. He’ll be a 1 as a football player, but not as a quarterback. So many games come down to two-minute, and that is why they have a hard time advancing even when they are good on defense. Playoffs are tight. You have to be able to throw the ball, and he is just so inconsistent throwing the ball. It is hit or miss.”

The Ravens are 1-3 within the postseason with Jackson beginning. Jackson has averaged 6.6 yards per try with 4 complete touchdowns and 7 turnovers in these video games. During the identical span, the gamers in Tier 1 this season are 24-12 in playoffs whereas averaging 7.7 yards per try with 79 complete touchdowns and 24 turnovers. Their mixed playoff passer ranking is 99.7, in comparison with 68.3 for Jackson.

“I think what we saw with Lamar, starting with the Miami game and carrying through the rest of the season, was someone who struggled to identify coverages and make pre-snap reads,” an offensive coach stated. “He is still a really dynamic player, brings something different to the group, but by and large, is going to have to continue to improve as a passer in order go deep in the playoffs and put himself in the Tier 1 group.”

Those putting Jackson in Tier 1 assume his talent set is exclusive sufficient to warrant that standing.

“To me it is nonsense to say he is not in Tier 1,” one other offensive coach stated. “He is one of the more special talents to ever play the game, and Baltimore is a contender because of him.”

11 DakPrescott

11. Dak Prescott

There was some extent final season when Prescott appeared to be gaining as a possible Tier 1 candidate. Perhaps it was a calf harm that set him again. Whatever the case, the momentum stalled, and Prescott wound up again the place he’s been for years, as a strong Tier 2 quarterback struggling to crack the highest 10.

“He played like how he always does,” a head coach stated. “He’s a solid player. Really solid. He’s not going to change and all of a sudden become something more special. He’s had a premium setup — premium offensive line, premium skill position players, and you know what he has done? He’s been really solid and they’ve won a ton of football games. He has legitimate intangibles in terms of his leadership and toughness, and he’s a good player.”

It’s doable Prescott will ascend this yr after therapeutic absolutely from the intense leg harm he suffered in 2020 and the calf harm that slowed him extra just lately.

“I think he is a 2, which is not bad,” a personnel director stated. “Some of these teams that have Tier 1 quarterbacks, the line is OK to questionable and they are still producing, whereas Dak has generally had a talented offensive line and he still gets that mixed performance.”

One coach thought the Cowboys’ offense turns into extra predictable later within the season because the staff repeats performs. A quarterbacks coach who positioned Prescott in Tier 1 famous that Prescott stored the Cowboys aggressive although their offensive line had fallen off and the staff had disproportionate sources caught in an unproductive operating again. This voter referred to as Prescott’s footwork “impeccable” and admired how the quarterback adjusted coming off a severe harm that restricted his mobility.

“I don’t think there is a major flaw in his game, but I’m not sure if he has like truly hit that upper echelon,” a defensive coach stated. “I think he is a very healthy 2, a 2-plus. He has never really made that leap. I have a lot of respect for Kellen (Moore), think he does a good job. It just seems like every time they have their chance to really put it together and elevate it, they fall short, so I don’t know.”

12 DerekCarr

12. Derek Carr

Carr jumped to his highest standing since 2017 with the second-best common of his profession. He did it after weathering a season marked by Jon Gruden’s resignation, Henry Ruggs III’s arrest and release and a playoff look.

“He is close to Tier 1, Derek Carr is,” a head coach stated. “Just from an intellect standpoint, he always puts them in a good position, he makes a lot of good decisions. But, similar to the Dak Prescott and Matthew Stafford conversation, there is something different in Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen. Carr is a notch below those guys. He can’t quite overcome it when it’s bad around him.”

A research carried out final season confirmed Carr getting worse assist from his personal protection and particular groups than any of 41 quarterbacks with at the very least three seasons as a starter over the previous decade. The Raiders throughout the previous three seasons ranked twelfth in offensive EPA and thirty second in mixed EPA on protection and particular groups. The latter part explains why the staff has solely a 25-24 report throughout that span regardless of good manufacturing from the QB.

“Carr has been an easy target to blame for some crazy stuff there, and he is kind of a dorky guy a little bit, easy to make fun of,” a defensive coach stated. “But I think the more he has played, and what they did last year with all the turmoil they had, and Derek being a steady hand with solid numbers, that helped him.”

An AFC West coach stated he thought Carr had “powered through” perceptions that he shrinks within the face of the push, however all agree Carr must be protected higher than some.

“I’ve coached against him quite a bit, and he sees it, he makes checks, he can operate the offense, he has all the physical skills,” a defensive coordinator stated. “His issue is, he just doesn’t like to be hit. You hit him a lot, then you can get him. But if he is on time, on rhythm and protected, he can do it all.”

13 KylerMurray

13. Kyler Murray

Murray’s common improved for a second successive yr, however the tempo of enchancment slowed as voters questioned the quarterback’s sturdiness, consistency and management.

“I thought about giving him a 3 because the meltdown (against the Rams in the playoffs) was a meltdown, but by the same token, he is talented, he is athletic, he runs around, he extends the down, makes plays with his feet,” an evaluator stated. “It is difficult because he is not a big-bodied guy, and that shows up at times. I think he is a wide receiver mentality playing quarterback. … Things have to be a certain type of way for him to have success. Being more of a loner or introvert at that position is tough.”

Does any quarterback possess a extra thrilling spotlight tape than Murray? Just a few may, however not many.

“The game he played against Dallas (in Week 17) was about as well as I have seen him play — he played his ass off,” one voter stated. “He made a lot of contested throws. I thought he managed the game. But the thing you see when you watch all the games is, you see a lot of cadence issues, you just see a lot of sloppiness. Then he’ll take off on five plays and potentially change the game. He just makes a lot of mistakes, and it costs them.”

Murray’s completion fee, yards per try, passer ranking and EPA per cross play have elevated yearly he’s been within the league. His manufacturing has been significantly better in September and October than within the second halves of seasons. Seven of his eight fourth-quarter comebacks and game-winning drives fell within the first 9 video games of seasons, in response to Pro Football Reference.

“He’s a really streaky player,” a head coach stated. “I don’t see the consistency of excellence at the position. When he cannot run, I haven’t seen him play well enough from the pocket to win. And then I don’t think he possesses the decision making or the ability to just control a game with his mind.  But he’s an excellent player — a dangerous player is a better way to describe him. He’s dangerous when you are unsound, meaning you have bad matchups and he can just hit you on an isolation. But when he truly has to read it out, when there’s not air for him to take advantage of in the run game and then just his running threat, he’s inconsistent with it.”

14 MattRyan

14. Matt Ryan

Ryan is holding on, coming inside two votes of falling into Tier 3 for the primary time in 9 seasons of balloting.

“I thought he would do well in Atlanta with Arthur Smith managing the game like he did for Ryan Tannehill,” a GM stated. “He is definitely on the decline arm strength-wise.”

Getting traded to a possible playoff staff modified the outlook for some.

“I still think he can play,” an evaluator stated. “If you give him the run game and protect him, especially if you can protect him up the middle, he can throw it well enough and he’s smart enough to keep the train going. With those guys (Colts), I think he’s got a great chance.”

Voters felt Ryan’s arm energy was waning as his age-37 season approaches. He is six years faraway from his final Pro Bowl and 5 faraway from his final successful season. Some contributing elements have been past Ryan’s management. Atlanta has ranked worse than each staff however the Raiders in mixed EPA on protection and particular groups over the previous 5 seasons, together with twenty seventh final season (Indy was eleventh). The Falcons’ offensive infrastructure has been gutted.

“With the Falcons, he just didn’t have any help,” a former GM stated. “I’m not saying he’s the same guy who won MVP, but I’m saying if you protect him and you can run the ball, he will get the ball to the right guy, he will see the blitz, he’ll pick all that stuff up, and he’ll make plays. If you get the ball in 2-minute and you’ve got to go the length of the field to win the game throwing the ball, he can do that. He’s very competitive. I think they’ve got a chance to get two years from him.”

A quarterbacks coach drew parallels to Philip Rivers’ signing with Indianapolis two years in the past, contending Indy was going to win 10 video games with him whether or not or not Rivers was nonetheless within the prime two tiers. A GM thought Ryan’s arm had diminished to the purpose of changing into a legal responsibility in pure-pass conditions.

“Matt Ryan physically has less ability than the guy they got rid of (Carson Wentz),” a defensive coach stated. “What they’re hoping is, this guy is a better leader and less mistake-prone. Frank (Reich) wants someone who can control the offense, and I think they are going to work together, and I think Matt is a good manager. He’s going to try to take care of the ball and go to the right spot, so I think that’s going to be a better pairing.”


A Tier 3 quarterback is a legit starter however wants a heavier operating recreation and/or defensive part to win. A lower-volume dropback passing offense fits him finest.

15 KirkCousins

15. Kirk Cousins

If there’s ever a Tier 3 Hall of Fame, Cousins may get the primary bust. In the previous six years Cousins was first in Tier 3 twice, second twice and fourth one other time. He was additionally the ultimate quarterback in Tier 2 one yr. His common vote this yr (2.72) is inside a hundredth of the place he stood twice beforehand.

“I think he’s one of the more accurate passers in the league,” a GM stated. “For whatever reason, in big moments, big games, he’s not able to get it done. Now, because Kevin O’Connell is going there and their offense is going to open up, they’ll maximize what he is. Is he Stafford, who had just been in some bad situations? I think he’s a step below.”

Voters referenced former Vikings coach Mike Zimmer’s open disdain for Cousins as an element working in opposition to the quarterback. The partnership with O’Connell can solely be higher.

“People want more, but guess what, he is a pretty damn good player,” an offensive coach stated. “Now he is going to be in an offensive-oriented system where guys like (Jared) Goff and Stafford have had success. People don’t like him because they knock his leadership or his contract, but the reality is, there is no one younger that you would want over him that you could get through the draft or trade — (Sam) Darnold, (Baker) Mayfield, those guys.”

A head coach referred to as Cousins “very skilled” however struggling in pure management.

“I don’t think his players would die for him,” this coach stated.

A first-rate-time victory in opposition to Pittsburgh through which Cousins accomplished 14 of 31 passes lingered within the thoughts of 1 voter.

“They ran the ball straight up Pittsburgh’s ass, and he made about three throws the whole game — a couple outstanding throws, but other than that, he was terrible,” this voter stated. “One of the deep throws, the receiver pushes the DB in the back. I’m thinking, ‘This is not the guy you are going to win a championship with.’ ”

An offensive coach stated he’d relatively have Cousins than Ryan at this stage.

“I think Kirk has been playing consistently at a very high level,” this coach stated. “Kirk right now is a more consistent passer than Matt. Both are learning new systems, but Kirk is not learning teammates, doing all that stuff, whereas Matt is, and this is new for Matt. I just think that there’s more things in place for Kirk where he’s more comfortable and it should be a little bit more of a seamless transition.”

16 JimmyGaroppolo

16. Jimmy Garoppolo

The 49ers have received with Garoppolo however not essentially due to him, and now they’ve given him permission to hunt a commerce as San Francisco strikes nearer to beginning Trey Lance.

“Reminds me of (Ryan) Tannehill,” a coach stated of Garoppolo. “Wins games, doesn’t play for the opponent, teammates respect him — the exact kind of guy we find ways to kick off the team.”

The resolution seems agonizing for the 49ers.

“Jimmy is a 2, in my opinion, and the only reason anyone would say he’s a 3 is because of the injuries,” a head coach stated. “Most of the 3s with a good run game and a good defense are still like .500 quarterbacks. San Francisco has been either to the Super Bowl or the NFC Championship three times with Jimmy. Once you do that, you are in that 2 category.”

Only six different voters agreed with the Tier 2 designation for Garoppolo. Garoppolo missed two video games final season, 10 the season earlier than and none in 2019. The 49ers are 25-12 with him within the lineup throughout these three seasons. They averaged 25.3 offensive factors per recreation final season when Garoppolo began, in comparison with 16.5 within the two video games Lance began as a rookie.

“Why do you think they don’t like Jimmy G so much?” a former GM requested. “He is close to a 2 to me, but I’ll give him a 3. If I was the owner there, it would really piss me off (to be trading so much capital for Lance at Garoppolo’s expense, possibly without getting better).”

The 49ers need greater than a Tier 3 system quarterback.

“Jimmy fits that Tier 3 category perfectly,” a quarterbacks coach stated. “Like you say, a lower-volume drop-back pass offense, lots of movement, lots of play-action, lots of eye candy with fly/jet sweeps. And then you need playmakers around him like he has had in San Francisco.”

17 RyanTannehill

17. Ryan Tannehill

Tannehill climbed into Tier 2 final season after a gentle ascent, solely to slide following a one-and-done playoff efficiency because the AFC’s prime seed.

“He is probably a 3, maybe a 3-plus,” a coach who overlapped with Tannehill in a earlier season stated. “My heart broke for him that he played so shitty in that playoff game. He was having such a good year, really two years. But I think that is what he is. Unfortunately, in a couple of times they’ve asked him to be the guy to win the games, he hasn’t been able to do it.”

Derrick Henry’s return to well being may very well be pivotal. Tannehill averaged a further 2.1 yards per cross try on early downs final season when Henry was on the sector. His EPA per cross play (counting sacks) elevated sevenfold with Henry in these conditions. His EPA per cross try greater than doubled.

“Tannehill relied on the team more than the team relied on him, because in the moments when he could have brought the team back, especially when they played against Kansas City in the AFC Championship, he couldn’t make it happen,” a quarterbacks coach stated. “I’m still waiting for that defining moment from Ryan Tannehill. It still hasn’t happened yet, and that’s why I have him as a Tier 3. He’s got Tier 2 potential and talent, but just in the big moments, it just hasn’t translated.”

An offensive coach who positioned Tannehill, Cousins and Ryan within the second tier thought the cutoff ought to fall after them.

“I haven’t changed on Tannehill at all,” this coach stated. “He is doing exactly what he does. He is the AFC version of Kirk Cousins. The last two years he has been very successful, very efficient. If you replaced Tannehill with Matt Ryan, would you be as successful? I believe you would. If you replaced him with Kirk Cousins, would you be the same? I think you’d be the same because those are all good quarterbacks. Now, if you replaced him with some of these Tier 3 guys, would they be as good? I don’t think so.”

18 MacJones

18. Mac Jones

Jones makes his QB Tiers debut with a 3.06 common, the Tenth-best debut amongst 49 newcomers since 2015. Herbert (2.14), Prescott (2.52), Mayfield (2.53), Garoppolo (2.58), Burrow (2.58), Watson (2.60), Murray (2.68), Wentz (2.92) and Cousins (2.93) made increased debuts. Mahomes was decrease just because he had began just one recreation, so voters positioned him in Tier 4 provisionally for lack of proof.

“Mac is going to make good decisions — he sees it,” a defensive coordinator stated. “But I don’t think he can carry the game by himself. To me, he is going to be like a Kirk Cousins type where if their team around him is good then I think they will make the playoffs and maybe do some damage.”

Voters revered the way in which Jones succeeded in a high-pressure atmosphere at Alabama, then went to a different high-pressure state of affairs in New England and reached the playoffs as a rookie. A head coach who confronted Jones stated the quarterback impressed him in stay motion, exhibiting sufficient to counsel he may ascend into Tier 2. Others famous that Jones possessed no particular traits.

“I think if Mac Jones wasn’t in New England and with that hype machine, maybe he would be viewed a little differently,” a coach from an AFC East rival stated. “If Mac Jones was in Jacksonville last year, how would he have been? How would people feel about him?”

No one is evaluating New England to Jacksonville, however voters did categorical consternation over the Patriots’ dealing with of their offensive workers following Josh McDaniels’ departure to the Raiders.

“I think Mac Jones is doing all the right things, but is New England helping him?” an offensive coach stated. “We have been told his quarterback coach is Joe Judge, and I can’t name the last time he’s developed any quarterbacks. The head coach is more involved, but there are 57 other moving parts on any given day that Bill Belichick must attend to. Unless Bill gets 48 hours in a 24-hour day, then he is not getting enough time to develop a quarterback.”

19 BakerMayfield

19. Baker Mayfield

Mayfield price the Panthers $5.5 million in wage and a 2024 fifth-round decide that might improve to a fourth-rounder. That’s a cut price when Sam Darnold is the choice. But it’s not essentially the reply.

“Baker is not showing up at training camp and (instantly) becoming a 2 for Carolina,” a GM stated.

“I think he’s a 3 with upside, an interesting guy,” a head coach stated.

“He needs to get humbled fast or his career is going to be over,” a quarterbacks coach stated.

Mayfield has been higher than Darnold, however he’s had higher gamers round him, and extra favorable construction.

“If he is humbled and wants to learn and grow and become a better quarterback and develop, Baker can probably be solid then — Jimmy Garoppolo-ish solid,” a defensive coordinator stated.

A head coach from a staff with an upper-tier quarterback raised an attention-grabbing level relating to Mayfield’s departure from the Browns.

“Something is missing there, and I don’t know what it is,” the top coach stated. “I like his feistiness. I’m OK with that. He’s not bad, but there’s not one player that stuck up for him during this whole thing. Not one guy said, ‘Hey, this is my guy.’ So, I don’t know. If you put the tape on, his play is not brutal.”

An evaluator prompt Mayfield was “average at best” regardless of taking part in in “the most quarterback friendly system there is” with Cleveland.

“I think everything has to be perfect to win with those guys,” this evaluator stated earlier than Mayfield was traded to Carolina. “I don’t know where Baker goes and makes an appreciable difference.”

20 JalenHurts

T-20. Jalen Hurts

Hurts jumped 10 spots from final season, the biggest year-over-year acquire (Burrow climbed 9 spots). Some of that was as a result of Hurts debuted so low as a participant with minimal expertise and a modest pedigree, however voters additionally admire Hurts for his method to the sport regardless of seeing limitations that the majority really feel will forestall Hurts from climbing into Tier 2.

“He is a poor man’s Baltimore guy (Jackson) because he can’t run that fast, but he’s so serious about his job, and he’s physically and mentally tough,” an offensive coach stated. “He will play very, very consistent. He just won’t be a good enough passer over time to get out of the 3s.”

A quandary awaits Philadelphia if Hurts stays the starter.

“Their staff did a masterful job adjusting the offense for Hurts,” a defensive coach stated. “It is just very rare that you are going to have sustainable success running a college-style offense with a limited passer. You are on a path where you are either going to recreate Baltimore’s offense or Hurts is going to prove to you that he can play in a pro-style offense or you are going to get a new quarterback.”

Two head coaches did assume Hurts may ascend into Tier 2.

“Jalen is a 3 with an arrow to maybe a 2,” one of many head coaches stated. “I love the guy. We couldn’t take him as high as Philly took him, him but if he would have fallen, we were definitely interested. I like that he wants to be really good, and I thought he was playing some pretty good football last year.”

The prevailing thought on Hurts is that he’s doing a superb job operating an offense that the Eagles’ teaching workers has successfully tailor-made to his strengths, and that he’ll have to develop significantly as a passer for Philly to contend.

“If the guy can’t stand there and win on third down with his arm, you don’t have a chance,” an offensive coordinator stated.

20 CarsonWentz

T-20. Carson Wentz

Wentz went from the Eagles to the Colts to the Commanders in 13 months. His common tier vote has fallen for the fourth consecutive yr, from 1.84 (ninth) in 2018 to three.36 (twentieth) this yr.

“He’s got two fingers on the Tier 3 ledge,” a quarterbacks coach stated. “How many more chances can you get? He has to be praying to the football gods, saying, ‘Thank you, again,’ because not many people get this many opportunities to prove themselves. I’m just about ready to pull the trigger on him as a 5 after the Jacksonville game and that interception from the end zone against the Titans in a huge game. You can’t make those decisions.”

You could make these choices if you happen to’ve already earned $100 million, as Wentz has, and if a staff like Washington is raring handy you one other $28 million for this season, which would be the case.

“No one thinks it because he’s a small-school kid, but he was like the God at North Dakota State, everyone told him how great he was,” a defensive coach stated. “And then he has some success as a rookie and they win the Super Bowl and it’s like Wentzylvania and the team’s like, ‘Oh, we’ve got it figured out,’ and I don’t know that he had it figured out. I don’t know that he has gone through that process and understood how to be a professional, make himself better. He thought it just happened. I just I don’t think the kid ever looked internally and said, ‘It’s my fault, I have to do this better, I have to prepare differently.’ ”

One voter marveled at how the Colts had been prepared to commerce Wentz with out having a fallback.

“They were telling us they would prefer anyone over him,” this voter stated. “The only reason I’m this strong against him is that is my evaluation from watching him play. But adding information of what the team that is with him on an intimate level on a daily basis, by going from having Wentz to having none, zero, that tells me that my evaluation of him from afar matches the evaluation internally. If Carson Wentz was not a first-round pick, would he be in the league right now?”

Any quarterback who throws 27 landing passes in opposition to seven interceptions and has a successful report as a starter — because the case was for Wentz final season — can have a house within the league. But with Hurts rising and Wentz falling, the present and former Philadelphia quarterbacks discover themselves tied however heading in reverse instructions.

“I was high on him coming out in his rookie year,” a head coach stated. “But when he didn’t get along at the Colts, I just went, ‘Oh, boy.’ That, to me, was the last straw. I mean, that was Frank Reich’s guy. Something isn’t right there.”

It may very well be that Wentz wasn’t all that unhealthy in Indianapolis, and that Colts proprietor Jim Irsay unfairly took out his frustrations on the quarterback, who rankled the proprietor by refusing COVID-19 vaccination.

“If Carson does exactly what he did last year, throws 27 touchdowns with seven interceptions, but Washington makes it as a wild card, what would that do to him the next year?” an offensive coach requested.

22 JaredGoff

22. Jared Goff

Goff was chosen first and Wentz second within the 2016 draft. The order is reversed in QB Tiers this yr, with Wentz one slot forward of Goff and each gamers holding on.

“I think it’s more of Goff’s ability not to lose the game than to win the game that makes him a 3,” a quarterbacks coach stated. “He is still among the top 32 starters. He gives Detroit a chance to win even though he just checks the ball down and allows the defense to do what they do with Aaron Glenn and company.”

A defensive coach had bother shaking from his thoughts how the Lions performed late of their tie with Pittsburgh final season.

“It was third-and-8 and they were running the ball,” this coach stated. “That was so bad. Now, it helped them get a tie. Pittsburgh turned it over twice in overtime on Detroit’s side of the field. You can say what you want, they did not trust that guy because he was not very good.”

Goff peaked in Tier 2 after reaching a Super Bowl with the Rams. His inventory has fallen yearly since then.

“I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt with a 3 because he’s been to a Super Bowl, but he needs the heavy run game and defense,” a head coach stated.

23 TrevorLawrence

23. Trevor Lawrence

Voters gave Lawrence a partial cross on his rookie yr given the Urban Meyer debacle, however they did hope to see extra flashes of brilliance from the primary participant chosen within the 2021 draft.

“Hard to judge with the surrounding talent and the situation down there, but we didn’t walk away from that game like we did the year before with Burrow going, ‘OK, yeah, this guy is the f—–g guy,’ ” one voter stated. “But he does some good things on tape, makes some throws.”

Some raised issues about Lawrence’s accuracy and general throwing means, whereas sustaining that there’s sufficient expertise for Lawrence to climb into Tier 2.

“I don’t think he’s a natural thrower of the football — it’s not effortless for him,” a head coach stated.

“He’s a little stiff-wristed, didn’t have as loose of an arm slot as I expected to see,” an offensive assistant stated.

“But he is a fantastic athlete,” the top coach stated. “He is a playmaker. I do think Trevor is going to excel playing for Doug Pederson.”

An offensive coach thought the Jaguars had too many younger gamers round Lawrence final season.

“When you’re the young quarterback, there’s something to having veterans around,” this coach stated. “Mac Jones had Hunter Henry and he had the receiver (Nelson) Agholor and the other high-priced guy (Jonnu Smith). That helps the rookie quarterback. I think you’ll see jumps from Trevor this year. I don’t know if we’ll be talking about him as a 2, and certainly I don’t think he will be a 1, but he will be much more comfortable.”

24 JameisWinston

24. Jameis Winston

Winston had 14 touchdowns with three interceptions earlier than struggling a torn ACL final season. The TD-INT ratio was 14-12 for Winston at the same level throughout his infamous ultimate season with Tampa Bay in 2019. Winston completed 2021 with career-bests in big-time throw share (7.1) and turnover-worthy play fee (3.0), in response to Pro Football Focus. Those are constructive indicators, however it was solely seven begins.

“There’s a lot to like about what he was doing last year,” an offensive coach stated. “I’m excited to see what he looks like coming back from injury. I put him as a 3. I think he will end up as a 3, but if he can protect the football with that defense, he might have a shot of really impressing people. The Saints are telling everyone they are all-in on this season. That is exciting if I am Jameis.”

Winston inched up sufficient in voting this yr to cross the border into Tier 3, the place he had resided throughout his ultimate 4 seasons with Tampa. He has by no means ranked increased than seventeenth.

“I think if he was there for Sean Payton, Sean could get him to play like a 2,” a GM stated.

Payton’s offensive coordinator, Pete Carmichael, stays with New Orleans.

“I like Jameis because he wants it, he is hungry,” an offensive coach stated. “I think he works, and it means something to him and he competes. He just is not a great decision maker, and he is kind of a casual personality. Decision-making improvement is hard to do. I think they have taken the ball out of his hands a little bit. They are trying to coach the renegade out of him.”


A Tier 4 quarterback may very well be an unproven participant (not sufficient info for voters to categorise) or a veteran who ideally wouldn’t begin all 17 video games.

25 JustinFields

25. Justin Fields

The ebook on Fields says he’s exceptionally sensible and should not have any bother studying a brand new offense however lacks a pure really feel for the sport, which may restrict his ceiling.

“It’s more instincts and awareness to blitzes, the clock, those types of things,” a GM stated. “There are some quarterbacks maybe not as smart who have all that.”

A coach with ties to the Bears stated he’s “cautiously optimistic” about Chicago’s new franchise QB.

“I do think his anticipation in the dropback game needs to improve, but he does throw a really good deep ball and deep cross route where some of those other guys, I did not have that feel in the dropback game of, ‘Can they make certain throws as consistently?’ ” this coach stated. “It is everything else he has to figure out. I don’t think he is going to be a top-shelf guy this year, but you are going to trend. You are going to say, ‘We can win with this guy.’ I don’t think he is ever going to be a 1. I think he can climb to maybe a 2, high Tier 3.”

If Fields makes such a leap this season, one voter famous that the Bears’ new offensive coordinator, Luke Getsy, may change into a head coach subsequent offseason, introducing one other unwelcome disruption for Fields early in his profession. That could be a very good drawback for the Bears to have, higher than different issues the staff has confronted on the place over time.

“Fields has the ability, talent, skillset to ascend,” a personnel director stated. “I don’t know if he has the weapons around him to ascend at a rapid pace. He should be a better player this year.”

26 TuaTagovailoa

26. Tua Tagovailoa

Skepticism continues to engulf Tagovailoa. Last offseason, voters positioned him in Tier 4 partly as a result of they didn’t have sufficient info to position him elsewhere. This offseason, voters positioned him there as a result of they’ve seen sufficient to say he doesn’t belong increased.

“He is being set up for success with a running game, defense, offensive line and then obviously the impact players at the skill positions,” an offensive coach stated. “If there is ever a time for him to be successful, it is this season. What is success? Staying healthy all year and leading his team to the playoffs.”

Voters fear about Tagovailoa’s means to course of rapidly sufficient to guard himself. They questioned how effectively he recognized protections, coverages and mike factors, whereas blaming him for getting damage in opposition to Buffalo when he did not account for a pass-rusher.

“He’s a guy that I’m still holding on to the edge of my chair when I’m watching him play,” a quarterbacks coach stated. “I am still cheering for him and I’m just hoping it doesn’t implode. Having Tyreek Hill and Terron Armstead and all the talent they have, there’s no excuses any more. He’s got to get it done.”

An evaluator referred to as Tagovailoa probably the most correct of the current Alabama quarterbacks, however he referred to as Jalen Hurts and Mac Jones a lot fiercer rivals, which may assist them grind by way of struggles.

It’s not all detrimental for Tua, nonetheless.

“I’m excited to see what he does with this supporting cast,” an offensive coordinator stated. “I’m a big fan of the offense they are installing, getting the quarterback to make quick and easy decisions. I don’t think Tua is moving into a consistent 2, but I could see some people next year saying when he has a good year, that he has some 2 attributes. I like what they’re building around him down there.”

27 DavisMills

27. Davis Mills

Pre-draft evaluations don’t change in a single day, however Mills did win over voters to a level that was not foreseen when Houston used a 2021 third-round selection to pick him.

“I love this kid,” a defensive coordinator who confronted Mills stated. “I think he is so poised. He stands in the pocket, he is able to deliver the ball. I think he knows where to go with the ball. He throws a pretty ball, he throws a catchable ball, he sees the field. He’s a 3.”

Mills had a decrease expectations bar to clear than quarterbacks who entered the league as first-round picks, so he may very well be benefiting from a shock issue. As in, Mills certain is spectacular — for a third-round decide.

“Really like his composure,” a personnel director stated. “He makes plays in the passing game. Doesn’t have the best arm but is an adequate passer. He reminds me of a better Andy Dalton.”

Again, if a top-five decide reminded somebody of Dalton, it could be seen as a pejorative. A 3rd-rounder changing into Dalton sounds higher.

“How about all the hype on Davis Mills,” a former head coach stated. “I just don’t see it.”

A personnel director referred to as Mills “pretty interesting” for his anticipation and accuracy, suggesting Mills “is going to surprise a lot of people” this season.

“He’s done some good things,” a former GM stated, “but doing good things when your team is no good, that is a whole different thing. He is still a 4 to me. I have yet to see legitimate starter.”

An offensive coach who questioned Mills’ sturdiness and athletic motion coming into the draft stated he thought Mills had larger upside than Tagovailoa however lacked the assist to fare as effectively this season.

“Liked him coming out in the draft,” a GM stated. “If he turns into a Garoppolo, that wouldn’t shock me.”

28 ZachWilson

28. Zach Wilson

Wilson ranked final amongst qualifying quarterbacks in EPA per cross play as a rookie. Only Josh Rosen was worse by this metric amongst 34 qualifying rookie quarterbacks throughout the previous decade. That may mirror conditions as a lot as a quarterback’s prospects, though many quarterbacks close to the highest (Dak Prescott, Russell Wilson, Justin Herbert) as rookies loved higher outlooks than these close to the underside (Rosen, DeShone Kizer, Blake Bortles, E.J. Manuel, Geno Smith, Mitch Trubisky).

“Zach Wilson has got talent — he has ALL the physical talent,” a defensive coach from the AFC East stated. “He is not lacking in any skill set from a tools standpoint. They have done a good job trying to draft and surround him with people. It’ll be a big year for him to take a leap. It was a bad team last year, and he made a lot of mistakes. We will have a better sense after this year.”

If you didn’t love Wilson popping out of BYU, there wasn’t sufficient throughout his rookie season to vary your thoughts.

“He looks at the rush way too much,” an offensive play caller stated. “He is one of those guys who sees the rush and wants to get depth and run right, but you lose the field when you do that.”

A head coach vouched for Wilson’s talent set whereas noting “there were times where it looked like it was too big for him,” suggesting Wilson must quiet down this yr.

“Tell me one marquee player that he had around him last year,” a quarterbacks coach stated. “I still think the sky’s the limit for this kid. He’s got some young weapons now, and I think they are going to be a lot better.”

29 TreyLance

29. Trey Lance

Lance began two video games, performed in 4 others and tried 71 passes all season, so there wasn’t a lot to investigate. Based on what voters did see, and based mostly on the training curve they anticipated for Lance, some stated they selfishly hoped San Francisco would make the change from Garoppolo this season.

“That would be like my early Christmas present if they just get rid of Jimmy, so that way he can’t play for them, and then make Trey be your guy,” a coach whose staff performs the 49ers this season stated.

The 49ers are a contender within the NFC with Garoppolo, even when they haven’t been capable of win all of it with him. Voters assume Lance would wrestle initially, with no ensures he’ll develop.

“I love the skill set (of Lance), but he had ball-accuracy concerns on his tape coming out, and he was really raw,” a head coach stated. “The very little I’ve seen of him last season, he’s got a little Tim Tebow to him — it’s a long delivery. It seems like there are some mechanical things he has to work out. But that is from watching a limited number of plays.”

Again, not a lot to go on, however numerous dialogue.

“It’s amazing how quickly you can lose the perception,” an evaluator stated. “Three months before the draft, people were like, ‘Ahhh, I’m not sure Trey Lance is a first-rounder.’ Then as it got closer to the draft, ‘Hey, really smart, handles himself really well, has CEO traits, I can understand it.’ And now people are completely dumping on him. It happens at that position more than any other. You either have it or you don’t.”

Voters agreed that Lance struggled in opposition to Arizona and didn’t seem prepared to start out.

“Sure, the more he plays, the better he will probably get, but he is a 4, and I feel like he is probably the bottom 4 for me,” a voter from the NFC West stated. “Just think about it. You get Russell Wilson out of here and now we’ve got Trey Lance playing and it is like, ‘Oh, thank you.’ It just went from a really good quarterback division to being one of the softer divisions.”

30 DanielJones

30. Daniel Jones

The Giants aren’t betting huge on Jones, or else they’d have exercised his fifth-year possibility. Voters aren’t betting huge on him, both. Jones debuted in Tier 3 final yr, then fell eight spots into Tier 4 this offseason although voters understand Jones hasn’t had a lot assist.

“He has talent, he obviously can run, he has an OK arm,” a defensive coach stated. “That kid holds the ball too long in the pocket, which leads to turnovers. I don’t think he sees the game great. I like (Brian) Daboll, so maybe that will change. I just don’t see it with that kid.”

A head coach stated he thought Jones performed the sport “heavy minded” and would profit from no matter creativity Daboll brings to the offense.

“I think he is a classic case of a guy who didn’t have enough reps coming out and then realizing pretty quickly, ‘Guess what, it is hard to develop quarterback play with a truncated offseason unless you are doing that on your own,’ ” an offensive coach stated. “I think this will be the last season he is a starter and the last season we are talking about him. The same goes for Drew Lock, Mitch Trubisky, all those guys.”

Lock and Trubisky have already modified groups. Jones may very well be subsequent.

“I think his hope may be going somewhere else, taking a year off and trying to get himself restarted,” an evaluator stated. “There is enough talent there, enough intangibles there, he has certainly proven his physical toughness. He was just in a bad, bad situation: offensive line, receivers, coaching was a mess. If nothing else, maybe he can give them a year or two to find their guy because he is professional, he is tough, he is respected in the locker room because of the toughness.”

31 MarcusMariota

31. Marcus Mariota

Mariota is again in QB Tiers after a one-year absence, having fallen from as excessive as sixteenth in 2017 into the 30s now. This may very well be his ultimate beginning alternative coming into a season.

“The way he has been used is what he is,” a head coach stated. “He is a change-of-pace guy, and if he does have to replace your starter, you hope you don’t have to play more than three or four games with him. There are only so many things you can do with him. It can be good in the short term because the opponent has not prepared for him, but after he has been a starter for three or four games, the field definitely tilts to the defense.”

Mariota hasn’t began since leaving Tennessee following the 2019 season. The Raiders used him as a changeup, giving him 13 carries with two cross makes an attempt as Carr’s backup final season.

“Tough guy, teammates respect him, smart,” an evaluator stated. “He has a chance, but they are not real talented around him and they are young, which who knows how that is going to go? If you were to make him a 4, it would be more about him staying healthy than his play.”

A quarterbacks coach in contrast Mariota to Trubisky.

“The biggest thing you have there in Atlanta is the lack of offensive line play,” a personnel director stated. “They do have a good tight end, some rotational receivers, some runners that should help them. I just think Mariota does similar to Lamar in that he can run and pass, but at a much lesser production level. He is not as bad as some of these 4s. In a balanced offense, he can be productive.”

32 SamDarnold

32. Sam Darnold

Darnold is competing with Mayfield for the Panthers’ beginning job beneath a head coach on the new seat, with a coordinator, Ben McAdoo, who final referred to as performs 5 years in the past and is attempting to regain a foothold within the league. It’s not but over for Darnold, however it’s shut.

“Sometimes the ability to sort and process on gameday overwhelms him,” a veteran coach stated. “And it’s tough. Not everyone can handle the modern pass game, where you might face six defensive personnel groupings and nine coverage/blitz combinations on third down. Darnold wouldn’t be the first who looks the part but can’t play the part.”

Darnold had by no means acquired a Tier 5 vote till this offseason, when he received 12 of them. In his protection, he’s struggled in two horrible spots, first with the Jets and now with the Panthers.

“That is unfortunate,” a quarterbacks coach stated, “but we just don’t see the good football IQ, which contributes to his struggles. Physically, he has everything. It’s like, come on, what is going on? But it seems like I continue to hear the same thing regardless of where he is. He just can’t put it together.”

33 MitchTrubisky

33. Mitch Trubisky

Trubisky may have adopted Daboll to the Giants for much less cash and a possible backup function, however as a substitute he landed in Pittsburgh with the Steelers’ coordinator, Matt Canada, as a bridge to rookie Kenny Pickett.

“I can’t say he’s a legitimate starter,” a defensive coach stated. “There’s going to be pressure because they have a first-round quarterback. Can Mitch rise above that, ignore that, focus on the future and get the job done? Or will he resort back to having the doubt, especially after an interception or something bad happened? Does he maintain his composure or do the dominoes continue to fall?”

Trubisky tried eight passes throughout his one season in Buffalo.

“That just goes to show, if you are not a jerk you can get resurrected by relaxing for a year and letting the rest of the shitty quarterbacks be shitty so that you can look good, and then they’ll circle back to you,” an offensive coach stated.

Voters questioned Trubisky’s means to course of the sport.

“We played him a couple times in Chicago and he struggled, threw into a lot of coverages,” a defensive coach stated. “They ran some of that Kansas City gimmicky stuff, but when it came down to it, he didn’t see pressures very well. He did not diagnose defenses very well at all.”

34 DrewLock

34. Drew Lock

The Seahawks’ two potential beginning quarterbacks spherical out the survey this yr.

“I think they are looking for a guy in a year,” an evaluator stated. “A lot of what you feel about Drew is whether you liked him coming out or not. And as you recall, it was a mixed bag coming out.”

Voters appreciated Lock’s bodily expertise, not his means to make it translate.

“There is hope and talent with Drew Lock,” an evaluator stated, “but there is inconsistency. And there has always been inconsistency. You can’t debate his talent. He’s got size, athletic ability, excellent arm strength, all those things. But the inconsistency is the thing. Pete (Carroll) will have a chance to make him play his best, playing it the right way, because he’s got all the tools.”

Visions linger of the Bengals’ Khalid Kareem taking away the ball from Lock on a run close to the aim line final season.

“The thing about Lock is, all the bad decisions he made in Denver when he got a chance to play were all the same bad decisions he made at Missouri,” an offensive coordinator stated. “He is not a good decision maker, and he doesn’t play smart. It’s not just bad decisions. He does crazy stuff on top of it. Maybe they can help him with that.”

As a head coach put it: “All kinds of talent. I don’t know how he is wired … I want to like him and I’m pulling him, but there is something missing there.”


A Tier 5 quarterback is finest suited as a backup.

35 GenoSmith

35. Geno Smith

Voters preferred Smith as a backup, which is why he received so many Tier 5 votes. The Seahawks are letting him compete with Lock for the beginning job.

“Everybody who has ever coached him loved this guy,” a head coach stated of Smith. “You love him as your backup. If he has to start more than four or five games, I don’t see him going to do the whole thing.”

The Seahawks averaged 18.0 offensive factors per recreation in Smith’s three begins final season. The staff went 1-2 in these video games. The offense completed with detrimental EPA within the one victory with Smith within the lineup as Seattle routed Jacksonville on the energy of its protection and particular groups.

“Unfortunately, I got to say, he’s a 5,” a quarterbacks coach stated. “He does a good job when he comes off the bench of maintaining things and managing the game well. He’s not going to elevate the team at this point. I think he’s good to come out of the bullpen and pitch four or five good innings, then give it back to the ace to close things out.”

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