Her e-book selections had been non-fiction, one she wanted to learn and one other she wished to have for a protracted whereas.

NewJeansHanni and Hyein had the opportunity to do some shopping while in Spain and shared their purchases in their latest Light Jeans video.

The girls showed the items they purchased; clothes, a backpack, a cap, and some hair accessories. Note that Hanni was modeling her cap as though she were posing for a photo shoot.

Hanni shared two books she purchased that she was so happy about. The first book she showed was Am I Overthinking This? by Michelle Rial. She claims she needed this book.

The other book she shared was The Little Book of Chanel by Emma Baxter-Wright. Hanni bought the first trilogy volume and said she would be buying the other two books if she wanted them enough later on.

Am I Overthinking This? is a book that dissects modern anxieties in a creative and insightful approach, using colorful charts, graphs, and diagrams to illustrate the author’s insights. Book critiques on Amazon and Goodreads have praised the e-book for being good and humorous whereas remaining wise and providing sound recommendation on life’s most requested questions.

Overthinking could also be thought-about a unfavourable trait, however it has optimistic points. According to Lindsay HolmesSenior Wellness & Travel Editor of the HuffPost, overthinkers could also be smarter and extra artistic than everybody else. Excessive considering might result in options and concepts.

One of the graphs proven within the e-book Am I Overthinking This? | Michelle Rial

The Little Book of Chanel chronicles the life and legacy of Coco Chanel, certainly one of historical past’s most influential couturiers. The e-book is a monograph that gives a captivating account of Chanel’s evolution and innovation, supported by images and sketches of her designs, style images, and catwalk pictures. 

Hanni’s e-book selections are non-fiction; one is a self-help e-book about overthinking, and one other is the biography of a style icon. The typical readers of those books are working-age adults, primarily based on the critiques posted on Goodreads and Amazon.

Her e-book selections, even her determination to purchase only one e-book first, out of the trilogy of The Little Book of Chanel and purchase the opposite two books if and when she felt that she wanted to purchase them, confirmed that her e-book purchases had been well-thought-out choices and never impulse buys. She purchased books that she had already wished for some time. 

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