She certain is the coolness one out of the group.

NewJeans not too long ago dropped a pictorial and interview with GQ Korea journal for the October difficulty and talked about music, desires, and the way they’ve been doing these days. 

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| NewJeans/GQ Korea

GQ: Even if you happen to mute the display screen, we are able to see who the speaker is simply by Haerin’s gaze. Even now.

I prefer to take heed to different individuals’s tales. I are inclined to concentrate on listening so I can sympathize with them and thru that I can even really feel feelings that I haven’t felt earlier than. Naturally. I believe there are lots of issues that I need to really feel.

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| Haerin/GQ Korea

GQ: What is Haerin studying lately by being part of New Jeans?

I believe I’m practising find out how to categorical a whole lot of myself lately. Although I’ve a whole lot of ideas and emotions inside me, it’s tough for me to precise it outwards on stage in order that others can really feel it too. I’m nonetheless inexperienced, however I’m attempting to determine it out.

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| Haerin/GQ Korea

GQ: From that place, did you dream of the Haerin that you’re now? Not certain if we are able to describe it as a “dream”.

Yes! Even now, typically I consider it, typically I don’t. Hmm…I can’t consider a particular second, however I used to be fascinated that I may really feel a sure sort of emotion from somebody I didn’t know in any respect via listening to somebody singing.

I keep in mind that singer, that particular person, sang a music that they wrote themselves. And so I nonetheless suppose, ‘Is that why I felt that way more?’. I assumed it was actually cool to have the ability to convey feelings via songs.


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| Haerin/GQ Korea

GQ: It appears that the topic of feelings, expression, and emotions are all the time one thing round you. Out of the varied forms of feelings, which emotion does Haerin reply to the quickest?

Fun! Just as how I’ve all the time acquired it, I’ve all the time wished to make individuals really feel blissful. It is a very powerful and I get very excited once I do it properly.

Seeing simply how a lot they’ve are available simply over a month, we’re excited to see how far they are going to go as the following technology K-Pop lady group!

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