There are two members talked about greater than the others!

One of probably the most notable facets of NewJeans‘ styling choices since they debuted is that the members all have long, luxurious, beautiful hair.

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NewJeans | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

While their hairstyles have changed a bit since they first entered the K-Pop scene this summer, they’ve overwhelmingly retained their lengthy locks. And whereas some followers like to see the type on the members, others want to see them strive one thing new!

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| @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

A current discussion board submit titled “Who is the first member you want to see a bob cut in NewJeans?” has followers discussing which of the members they most need to see rocking a shorter haircut first, and the overwhelming majority appears to be in direction of two members specifically.

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| @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

The creator of the article merely states, “It’s Hanni for me”, which is a sentiment that a number of commenters on the submit agree with.

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Hanni (NewJeans) | SBS

The different member with arguably much more individuals hoping for a brief bob haircut quickly is Danielle!

Out of all of the members, Danielle additionally appears to be the closest to getting a full-on bob as her subsequent coiffure. Recently she’s been styled with a kind of half-bob lower, with shorter hair within the entrance and longer within the again.

Here are a number of the many feedback from followers on the discussion board submit, exhibiting the overwhelming choice for Hanni or Danielle in a bob coiffure subsequent!

  • “Hanni for me too”
  • “Danielle will do it first I think”
  • “Danielle will seriously match it”
  • “Danielle. I remember someone made a Matilda edit with her wig? Or maybe my memory is wrong? But she looked too pretty”
  • “Danielle, I think she’ll suit a short perm. I think that Minji and Haerin will suit a blunt bob…”
  • “Dani and Hanni”
  • “Danielle imo. I really think she would look great with shorter hair. I’m not a fan of the current styling and the way it looks like a helmet? idk how to describe it but it reminds me of when Jeongyeon would grow out her hair past her shoulders. I think their frames just suit shorter hair better. Haerin i think could pull off a chic bob look too”
  • “Hanni and Danielle would suit it sooo much”

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Danielle (NewJeans) | SBS

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Hanni (NewJeans) | SBS

Whatever type every of the NewJeans members is given subsequent, there’s little doubt that their beautiful visuals will make it look superb!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa

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