The Stone Ocean one-shot “Fujiko’s Bizarre, Worldly Wisdom: Whitesnake’s Miscalculation” reveals a stand so risque the villain deleted it from canon.

The new Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure one-shot selling the launch of the Stone Ocean anime debuted within the newest challenge of Ultra Jump journal, and it is a unusual one even by Jojo‘s requirements.

The one-shot, entitled Fujiko’s Bizarre Worldly Wisdom: Whitesnake’s Miscalculation follows Jolyne within the earliest days of her arrival at Green Dolphin Street Prison, however the villainous Enrico Pucci already has his sights set on her. The one-shot was written by Shou Aimoto, creator of the supernatural thriller collection Kemono Jihen, and makes use of a really completely different fashion from that employed by Araki on different Jojo manga. The cutesy fashion occurs to work decently well with Jolyne, though it does strongly reinforce the concept it is a little facet undertaking/spinoff slightly than an enormous new story.


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Rumors are swirling across the jail of a prisoner who creates artwork that she sells for additional money. That artist seems to be Fujiko Fujiyama, a Japanese-born girl whose interest is to attract no matter perverse request she may obtain. However, this is not only a talent of hers–it’s really tied to her Stand ability, named “Bad Romance” after the Lady Gaga tune. Fujiko provides to do a sketch of Jolyne totally free, which is comparatively tasteful in comparison with a few of her different work. That’s the place the Stand kicks in, nevertheless: anybody who has acquired paintings from Fujiko could have their feelings managed by her… and as evidenced by her style in drawing topics, the primary feeling she intends to evoke is need, one thing that is solely made worse by her growing obsession with Jolyne.

Reading the one-shot feels much more like studying an unofficial doujinshi (fan comics which might be usually R-rated) than a promotional chapter. From the lewd gaze at Jolyne as she and the opposite feminine inmates follow Yoga to the very nature of Fujiko’s Stand, all of it feels just like the set-up for a wild rendezvous within the jail, however the comedian shies away from going that far. Instead, Pucci, aka Whitesnake, is so embarrassed by the incident on the finish of the manga that he removes Fujiko’s stand and successfully erases all reminiscence of the incident. While the chapter is clearly meant to be comedic and does have some humorous moments, it additionally appears to strike at one of many largest fears many followers had for the primary feminine Jojo: being decreased to overly sexualized eye sweet.

Jolyne is an uncommon character in that she’s usually outlined herself by being comfy with intercourse and sexuality in a manner that her father Jotaro and most different Jojo characters aren’t. In that manner, she’s a bit extra like her grandfather, Joseph, each carrying that attraction on their sleeves. While turning that issue on its head might be an attention-grabbing concept, all of it comes off feeling extra like an excuse for fan service. It’s in all probability finest for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure followers to take the chapter for what it is price: just a few laughs on the characters’ expense with little-to-no bearing on the rest.

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