Can you inform the distinction?

Netizens suspect that IVE‘s Jang Won Young has made a change in stylist.

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Jang Won Young | @for_everyoung10/Instagram

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| @for_everyoung10/Instagram

Much has been said about Jang Wonyoung’s fashion and make-up, with followers usually criticizing her make-up. Many followers have implored the idol to alter her make-up store, even prompting a response from her then-stylist.

The discontent from followers stems from a change in make-up fashion. According to followers, Jang Wonyoung’s as soon as dewy gentle make-up had now grow to be a lot thicker, overshadowing the idol’s pure magnificence. A degree of fixed criticism from followers was the idol’s seemingly thicker drawn-on eyebrows.

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Jang Wonyoung’s stylist was criticized for this look, when IVE recorded for Jtbc’s Knowing Bros |

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Well, it appears now, in line with followers, that the idol has modified make-up outlets. In a submit uploaded to an internet group submit, a netizen asks within the title, “Can You Believe Jang Wonyoung’s Instagram? She Changed Her Stylist.”

In the submit are a number of photographs that have been initially uploaded to Jang Wonyoung’s Instagram. In the photographs, the idol seems to be gorgeous and wears noticeably lighter, extra pure make-up.

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| @for_everyoung10/Instagram

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| @for_everyoung10/Instagram

Netizens reacted to the alleged change positively, with many welcoming the idol’s extra natural-looking eyebrows and the disappearance of her child hairs.

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  • “It’s so good to see without her baby hairs. Ha. I really didn’t like her recent looks, but her airport shots looked so good. Her outfit is on point too.”
  • “Wow, did she finally change makeup shops? She looks so good.”
  • Oh, she seems to be so good with out her child hair. She seems to be so a lot better.”
  • “Looking at past articles, I read that her previous stylist complained about fans, but that’s beside the point that she was just bad at her job. How could she have styled her like that?”
  • “Wow, she’s giving off “Panorama” vibes. It should have actually been an issue along with her earlier make-up store.”
  • “Her eyebrows look so much better here.”

What are your ideas? Are you capable of inform the distinction?

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