Fans aren’t thrilled in regards to the actress’s alleged accomplice.

On September 28, media outlet Dispatch dropped a bombshell report the place they alleged actress Park Min Young to be relationship controversial businessman Kang Jong Hyun.

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Park Min Young | Nate

According to the unique report, the 2 had been discovered to be relationship whereas the outlet was investigating Kang Jong Hyun. The media outlet writes that the businessman had prior been arrested for fraud, and his enterprise dealings are mentioned to be murky at finest. According to Dispatch, among the the reason why the businessman is so controversial embrace the next.

Between 2013 and 2014, Kang Jong Hyun was concerned in a fraud case, defrauding about ₩3.50 billion KRW (about $2.45 million USD) from A Capital Group by altering the ledgers. He was charged with fraud and forgery of personal paperwork.

— Dispatch

In 2014 and 2015, Kang Jong Hyun was concerned in a roundabout mortgage scheme with a monetary establishment. Through the monetary establishment, a complete of ₩33.2 billion KRW (about $23.3 million USD) in personal fairness bonds had been issued to assist purchase an organization. In this course of, Kang Jong Hyun borrowed an additional ₩9.00 billion KRW (about $6.31 million USD) by profiting from a weak point within the monetary establishment.

— Dispatch

The report additionally contained a number of photos of the 2 collectively. One, specifically, reveals the 2 allegedly leaving a van collectively.

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Kang Jong Hyun (left) and Park Min Young (proper) |

Netizens responded to the relationship allegations in a web based neighborhood submit.

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  • “I really don’t understand this… She has plenty of money herself. Does she love money that much? The man looks like a basic ajussi from behind. Park Min Young’s image ㅠ.”
  • “He really is a fraudster… I don’t think she didn’t know when first dating him… If this is true, it’s unfortunate as I really liked her ㅜㅜ.”
  • “I guess Park Min Young has a strong stomach.”
  • “I don’t think it’s a sponsorship because seeing how their family is involved. It’s obvious they are dating. But why is she dating a fraudster? Her image is ruined. Seriously, even if he has so much money, this is beyond comprehension.”
  • “As soon as the ruling government ran into political turmoil, all this celebrity gossip broke out. First Don Spike, now Park Min Young, is this coincidence?”
  • “He spends thousands of dollars on wine per night? I lost all the money I had invested into one of his companies. Investigate the fraudster, and Park Min Young should leave her drama. I hope I never see her again.”
  • “They are fraudsters using other people’s money to buy cars.”
  • “No matter how much money he has, no one is jealous of this dating allegation.”
  • “They live the great life off of different folks’s grief. How do you guys even stay with your self?

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