He was touring for work.

BTS‘s J-Hope recently returned from Tokyo, Japan. He was there to promote HYBE‘s new pop-up. Unfortunately, he ran into some trouble on the way back. J-Hope allegedly lost his luggage at the airport and had to settle the matter personally.

While this would be normal in most cases, J-Hope is no ordinary man. As one of the most prominent Korean celebrities worldwide, walking around unprotected may put him in danger. What’s extra, he returned from a business-related schedule, one thing that ought to warrant a supervisor with him.

Fans known as out the label for not paying sufficient consideration to J-Hope.

HYBE famously has round 100 employees members on the administration group. Fans questioned why not even one out of the hundred administration employees may obtain J-Hope from the airport or comply with him again.

Netizen reactions to the matter. | Nate Pann

  • “Did Bang Shi Hyuk eat all hundred of the management staff? Is that why he’s so bloated?”
  • “Huh, that’s kinda… There’s no bodyguard or manager. It’s too much.”
  • “F*ck, I hope HYBE goes down.”
  • “Wow, they really need to be chewed out for this.”
  • “Impossible. Where did the hundred management staff go to?”

On the opposite hand, some worldwide followers declare that this habits ought to be regular. As an grownup, J-Hope is totally able to dealing with himself.

Regardless, others really feel that if he was touring for work, he ought to be totally taken care of by his administration.

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