The male actors who labored with Song Hye Kyo had the identical opinion about what she’s like in actual life .

Recently, a put up titled “Consistent mention of Song Hye Kyo by actors who worked with her” was uploaded on the web neighborhood theqoo, drawing consideration.

In the put up, OP shared a compilation of the titles of interview articles of male actors who starred alongside Song Hye Kyo in the identical works from the previous to the current.

Kang Dong Won, who co-starred with Song Hye Kyo as her husband within the 2014 film “My Brilliant Life”, stated about Song Hye Kyo’s real-life character, “She is the captain of easy-going women.”   

Kang Dong Won stated in a broadcast interview on the time, “Song Hye Kyo is very easy-going. She is a mood maker who is good at leading things. To put it mildly, I feel like she is a captain.” 

Song Hye Kyo Kang Dong Won

In addition, Lee Seung Jun, who appeared along with Song Hye Kyo within the drama “Descendants of the Sun”, talked about Song Hye Kyo’s real-life character on KBS’s “Entertainment Weekly”. He stated, “She is an easy-going person. She comes to me first to make me feel comfortable.”

Ahn Bo Hyun, who additionally starred in “Descendants of the Sun”, guested on MBC’s “Radio Star” in 2018 and talked about Song Hye Kyo’s easy-going character. He stated, “I had a crush on Hye Kyo noona for six months. All the actors who played male soldiers fell for Song Hye Kyo’s charm. I thought she would doll up because she is a top actress, but she came with no makeup and bun hair. I wondered if someone could be that easy-going.”

Jung Sung Il Song Hye Kyo

Jung Sung Il, who most lately labored with Song Hye Kyo in “The Glory”, revealed Song Hye Kyo’s real-life character in “You Quiz on the Block” on February 1st.

He stated, “After watching the first episode of ‘The Glory’, I texted Song Hye Kyo, ‘Hye Kyo, you’re crazy.’ She’s so cool and easy-going even in real life.” 

All the actors who labored with Song Hye Kyo praised her easy-going character in unison. In specific, Song Hye Kyo captivated her fellow co-stars along with her relaxed and mellow appeal, which contradicted her high star picture in entrance of the cameras. 

Song Hye Kyo the glory thumbnail

Netizens left feedback, “Her personality seems really nice”, “She’s cool”, “Cool easy-going charm”, “I always knew she is a nice person”, “She’s just so pretty”, “I wish she could film a vlog”, and so on.

Song Hye Kyo additionally instantly talked about her easy-goingness on the press convention on the finish of “Descendants of the Sun” previously.

She laughed, saying, “As for my real personality, many people think I’m coy and feminine, but I’m actually manly. I’m easy-going. I think I was vicariously satisfied while playing Kang Mo Yeon (she’s a girl-crush character).” 

Meanwhile, Song Hye Kyo hit her second heyday by making a craze via Netflix’s “The Glory”. Part 2 of “The Glory” will likely be launched on March tenth.

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