Additional movies have been posted by others in attendance.

Solo artist Crush has been in sizzling water this week with accusations of racism.

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A video went viral when a fan shared their experiences at a Crush live performance. According to one of many two followers featured within the video (@tulipyeo on Twitter), the singer deliberately prevented touching their fingers whereas high-fiving others as a result of they have been dark-skinned. In the transient clip, Crush could be seen touching many followers’ fingers within the entrance row earlier than briefly pausing, backing away, and shifting on.

The OP (unique poster) of the video recounted the expertise on Twitter, explaining the way it appeared that Crush omitted the good friend group. One’s account has since been eliminated, although.

yeah… i’m the roommate. for this to occur to us first hand actually broke my coronary heart. i’ve by no means skilled blatant discrimination like this in my complete life. particularly since he was my favourite artist, it hurts so unhealthy

— sabrina (@brinaxv)

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Crush was met with heavy criticism because the video went viral. So, he issued an apology that many discovered problematic. He denied racism and claimed that he was frightened for followers’ security.

@tulipyeo refuted Crush’s claims. Additionally, they shared extra “evidence” to assist their very own claims.

Yet, many netizens are nonetheless not satisfied that the entire story is being informed.

A video goes viral on Twitter and TikTook that features clearer audio the place Crush is heard advising followers to watch out as they might damage themselves, which actually aligns along with his assertion.


there’s nothing we are able to do because the harm has already been finished (don’t deliver the masked singer situation as a result of these two issues are unrelated, it’s in regards to the competition. thanks) #crush #rushhour #kpop #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

♬ Rush Hour (Feat. j-hope of BTS) – Crush


Replying to @Bom Bee from the video they posted you continue to can hear him say “다쳐요, 조심해” in the event you hear intently regardless of their audio being horrible #crush #kpop #rushhour fyp’#foryou #foryoupage

♬ Rush Hour (Feat. j-hope of BTS) – Crush

Netizens identified how the video posted by the OP had been partially muted, inflicting suspicions.

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Some additionally claimed to have seen one other video circulating that confirmed him turning down a present. Yet, the OP denied this.

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Another one who attended the identical occasion mentioned that Crush did the identical hand movement a number of occasions all through the occasion, expressing concern for followers’ security. To assist their declare, they connected their very own video.

Additionally, extra netizens who mentioned to have attended the identical live performance revealed that they, too, have been “ignored” by Crush though they have been Korean.

Crush will not be the one artist that @tulipyeo has claimed to have discriminated in opposition to them, although. They have posted a sequence of tweets claiming alleged discrimination by their favourite Korean artists. This contains Loco, Heize, and even ATEEZ, who’re recognized to be non-problematic.

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Some have even identified what seems to be inconsistencies of their tweets. For instance, @tlipyeo bragged about Yunho waving at them however later claimed he didn’t.

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Netizens are additionally confused why many are getting blocked by @tulipyeo for no obvious motive.

Even those that consider Crush deliberately prevented @tulipyeo and their buddies consider that the person ought to search skilled assist as a result of obsession with celebrities.

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