During NMIXX‘s current debut showcase, Sullyoon shortly ginned consideration from netizens for her flawless, doll-like visuals.

With her small face and doe eyes, she stands out in fansite previews. Her flowing hair and dreamy gaze makes the showcase images nearly seem like a posed photoshoot!

Additionally, her visible energy is powerful sufficient to shine by means of unedited journalist images, together with the 2 beautiful images beneath.

According to netizens, her attractive visuals are harking back to many different beautiful idols like labelmates Sana and Tzuyu of TWICE.

Not solely is her visible energy spectacular, netizens are additionally impressed by her singing and dancing expertise on the stage.

It appears Sullyoon is already turning into a sizzling matter, regardless of having debuted mere days in the past!

Source: theqoo and Nate Pann


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