A sure picture caught the attention of netizens, and nobody can appear to inform which woman group idol is on this picture!

| The Qoo

While the idol within the image is beautiful, followers couldn’t assist however suppose it may very well be one in all two celebrities; aespa‘s Karina

| SM Entertainment

…or WJSN‘s Yeoreum!

After sufficient sleuthing, netizens got here to the conclusion that it was certainly Yeoreum, as a result of, upon nearer inspection, the woman within the picture lacked Karina’s well-known magnificence spot close to her lips…

And in addition they traced the picture to WJSN’s Dazed Korea photoshoot for April 2021!

It was the similarity in styling and the angle that the picture was taken from that had followers tremendous confused, however all of them agree that each Karina and Yeorum have totally different visuals which have charms of their very own!

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