In a put up on an internet discussion board, netizens are praising SF9 for his or her development and successes on Mnet’s Kingdom: Legendary War, notably their cowl of SHINee Taemin‘s “Move”!

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The put up highlighted how they began off in final place…

And how Inseong couldn’t cover their disappointment.

“We didn’t receive a single vote for the self evaluation,” he stated. “We were trying to not show our [inner feelings] but it can’t be helped.”

During the 2nd analysis, they had been capable of make it to 2nd place!

Then, throughout the third analysis, they got here out on prime! From sixth place to 1st place, followers and netizens alike had been amazed by their progress.

Inseong revealed that one in every of their targets was to get first place, they usually had been profitable achieve that objective.

“We had a goal to get #1 coolly as a team in our performance,” he stated.

Everyone within the feedback of the put up was praising them for his or her abilities and development!

“Look at how happy the kids are,” stated a remark, together with the gif under. “ㅠㅠ My feels.”

  • “To be honest, they haven’t had that many experience in huge stages before so I was a bit worried. SF9ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ I’m so proud of them…”
  • “I’m a fan of Taemin, but I hope SF9 will be better and I’m cheering for them. Fighting!”
  • “I want to see the kids smiling again.. Let’s keep them smiling.”

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They additionally praised them for his or her latest cowl of “Move.”

“Please look at “Move” Taeyang, wrote another fan. “He’s crazy.”

“Am I the only one who got addicted to this part?”

“They did really really well.”

Fans and netizens alike are extremely happy with SF9’s successes!

You can watch their full efficiency of “Move” within the video under:

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