It simply started filming this week.

Hwang Dong Hyuk and Netflix‘s Korean thriller Squid Game was a massive hit not only in South Korea but overseas despite its heavy subject matter. The show centers on 456 players competing in a series of childhood-themed games to the death, with the last one standing to win ₩45.6 billion ($35 million USD).

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With its popularity, we have seen many Squid Game-themed events, shows, and parodies. They have all been controversial in their own way.

Yet, Netflix’s personal upcoming reality competition show Squid Game: The Challenge is already probably probably the most problematic, though they’ve self-described it as “the biggest reality competition series ever.”

Fans of the drama collection are in for a captivating and unpredictable journey as our 456 actual world contestants navigate the largest competitors collection ever, filled with rigidity and twists, with the largest ever money prize on the finish.

— Brandon Riegg, Netflix vp

Production for the unscripted Squid Game started on Monday, December 23, at Cardington Studios, “a hangar in a former Royal Air Force base located north of London.” According to experiences, “hundreds of contestants were forced to compete in below-freezing temperatures.” 

“The secret location” of filming | ANDREW STYCZYNSKI by way of THE SUN

Like the unique Squid Game, 456 volunteers competed to win a grand prize of over $4 million USD. The similarities didn’t finish there. Just like the unique collection, the primary recreation was “Red Light, Green Light,” which incorporates the enormous animatronic doll Young Hee.

“Red Light, Green Light” scene in “Squid Game” | Netflix

The recreation turned out almost as lethal as the unique collection too. The contestants started to really feel sick, and a few even tried to crawl to the end line as a result of horrible climate circumstances. The United Kingdom suffered from a extreme chilly snap, and it was -3 levels Celsius climate (roughly 26 levels Fahrenheit) on the time of filming.

Contestants leaving | DAN CHARITY

A contestant informed The Sun that some had been carried out on stretchers by medics. They went as far as to explain the expertise as a “warzone.”

Even if hypothermia kicked in then folks had been keen to remain for so long as attainable as a result of some huge cash was on the road. It was like a warzone. People had been getting carried out by medics however we couldn’t say something. If you speak then you definitely’re out.

Squid Game: The Challenge contestant by way of The Sun

Scene from “Squid Game” | Netflix

Production companions Studio Lambert and the Garden, together with Netflix, disputed the claims, although. They reported collectively by way of CNN on Thursday.

We care deeply in regards to the well being and security of our forged and crew, and invested in all the suitable security procedures. While it was very chilly on set — and individuals had been ready for that — any claims of significant damage are unfaithful.

— Netflix by way of CNN

Still, at the least three contestants are being handled for “mild medical conditions.” Netflix claimed that nobody suffered a severe damage, and medics had been current on set always.

Squid Game: The Challenge is claimed to incorporate ten episodes, however a release date has not been set right now. Read extra in regards to the upcoming actuality present beneath.

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