Masters of the Universe administrators, The Nee Brothers, have revealed a number of particulars relating to their depiction of He-Man.

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The Lost City directing duo Aaron and Adam Nee are gearing as much as helm the lengthy, long-awaited Masters of the Universe film for Mattel Studios and Netflix, with the pair having now teased what audiences can count on from their tackle this beloved 80s establishment. Speaking with Variety, the Nee Brothers heaped reward on their main man, West Side Story star Kyle Allen, who’s hooked up to play He-Man, and teased the parkour and “Jackie Chan-style crazy action stuff” that the character will carry out within the film.

“He has such incredible emotional vulnerability, he’s just an amazing dramatic actor, but he’s funny like Michael J. Fox. Like he has this special thing, this energy that is very rare in an actor. Then you add on top of that, he is trained in like all forms of martial arts, he is a swordsman, he does parkour, he can do everything, so the amount of Jackie Chan-style crazy action stuff we’re gonna be able to do in this movie is gonna blow people away.”

After Adam Nee in contrast Kyle Allen to cherished Back to the Future star Michael J. Fox and revealed how multi-talented the younger up-and-comer clearly is, Aaron supplied some perception into their supposed tone for Masters of the Universe.


“In terms of ‘Lost City’ helping to pave the way for ‘Masters of the Universe,’ it was very important to us that with ‘Masters of the Universe’ we hold onto what that was for us as kids. That ‘Masters of the Universe’ property and those toys for us as kids, it wasn’t silly to us or absurd to us, it had a depth and a meaning to it.”

Aaron continued, revealing that, very similar to their subsequent big-screen outing, The Lost City, Masters of the Universe will try and strike a steadiness between being deeply emotional whereas not shying away from the more unusual parts discovered on the planet Eternia.

“But what we don’t want to do is lose the fact that it is wild and these are crazy characters and colorful, and that was part of the balancing act that we were trying to do with ‘Lost City,’ too, is hold onto something that has a core human empathy to it and yet isn’t afraid to have fun and get crazy and have wild things happen and have wild characters.”

Netflix’s Masters of the Universe Will Tell the Origin of He-Man

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Aside from depicting He-Man as a parkour-loving, Jackie Chan-style combating warrior, the Masters of the Universe will inform the origin story of the character. “Yeah, and Kyle’s perfect for it because we also want to take a new audience on this adventure,” the Nee Brothers explained recently. “So we’re treating it as an origin story, and Kyle, there’s not a more perfect person to come in and embody that.”

Masters of the Universe doesn’t but have a release date. The newest model of the script is being written by David Callaham (Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings) alongside The Nee Brothers, with manufacturing anticipated to start in Summer 2022.

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