Fans didn’t count on him to be watching their tales!

NCT‘s Mark is well-known to interact with his fans, both offline and online. Recently, he posted a story on his personal Instagram that showed off the sky and included a sticker that he created that allowed fans to add their own photo of the sky they might be seeing. Mark is known to take interest in simple things, such as a beautiful sky, so this was not out of the ordinary for the idol!

| @onyourm_ark/Instagram

Fans noticed this sticker and immediately started adding their own contributions to the sticker! What they didn’t notice, although, was that Mark can be wanting by way of their posts and interacting with them!

Mark managed to get 140,000 responses to his Instagram sticker, so its clear each followers and non-fans cherished participating in his submit!

Though not all followers’ tales had been interacted with or seen, Mark undoubtedly created a bit group of followers who admire sky view, and we hope sooner or later he comes up with one other Instagram immediate for followers to take pleasure in!

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