Everyone loves some good behind-the-scene tales and NCT DREAM shared some intriguing ones from their “Hot Sauce” MV filming.

During their time on 37.5MHz HAECHAN RadioJeno introduced up was the scene of their MV the place they needed to dance on the grime. Although they regarded flawless dancing in these scenes, Jeno revealed that it was truly tough to bounce nicely on the grime.

Dancing on the grime flooring. Wow, it was rather a lot more durable than I believed. It was tough to steadiness myself.

— Jeno

Meanwhile, Jaemin shared he had no bother dancing on the grime, and the reason being fairly humorous. Jaemin shared that he was in a position to sleep at an earlier time than typical.

You know on the second day, you movie all the pieces after which after we’re performed, when there’s free time within the center, we often like sleeping within the automobile. But I had sufficient time on my fingers. So I undoubtedly at 6 PM, proper? But once I awakened within the van, it was 12 o’clock.

— Jaemin

The members had been shocked at what they had been heard and Chenle commented, “Did you sleep for 6 hours?” Jaemin grinned and confirmed, “I slept 6 hours.

Mark was additionally stunned Jaemin was in a position to get a lot sleep and acknowledged, “You must have had such a power nap?

Apparently, Jaemin’s energy nap was the explanation he was in a position to be so awake and conscious throughout their “Hot Sauce” MV filming.

That’s why I used to be so alert once I was doing the dancing half within the grime.

— Jaemin

Following Jaemin’s story, Jeno realized that’s why Jaemin, “Wasn’t sleeping in the car” on the way in which again. Since the members run on such a busy schedule, Haechan expressed that any second they can take a nap throughout filming is de facto an enormous blessing.

You know once we movie MVs, since we’ve all performed it, as somebody who’ve skilled this, it’s these occasions when you’ll be able to nap that you just’re grateful for.

— Haechan

It looks as if getting as a lot as a 6-hour nap is uncommon because the members claimed it was “Record-breaking.Jisung revealed essentially the most theyusually ever get out of a nap is an hour.

But doing that for six hours although, it’s by no means occurred earlier than. Normally it’s like at most an hour.

— Jisung

Thankfully, Jaemin was in a position to get an excellent quantity of sleep for his or her MV capturing. Even with out his, now legendary, energy nap, NCTzens know he would’ve killed dancing within the grime both means.

Check out the video beneath:

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