There was no competitors for the weakest drinker.

On the seasonal episode Drinking Dummies: Year-End Party, NCT 127‘s Taeil, Jungwoo, and Taeyong decided to have some fun with the other members by asking them who was the worst drinker among the three.

DoyoungJaehyun, and Haechan were up for the challenge, all selecting the same Drinking Dummies member who was the weakest at drinking alcohol.

Jungwoo, Taeyong, and Taeil. | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

The Drinking Dummies called Doyoung first. Out of the whole trio, he chose Jungwoo. He didn’t make the selection with out purpose.

Doyoung spilled one in every of Jungwoo’s consuming habits. He defined, “Jungwoo isn’t bad, but when he drinks, his eyes get too relaxed.

They referred to as Jaehyun subsequent. While it was a troublesome selection for him, Jaehyun additionally chosen Jungwoo as a result of Taeyong had just lately improved.

When Jungwoo talked on the cellphone with Haechan, the maknae (youngest member) didn’t maintain again. Haechan mentioned, “Among you guys, honestly you.

For Jungwoo to win all of the votes, consuming alcohol will not be his sturdy swimsuit. But that makes him being a member of the Drinking Dummies extra entertaining.

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