An episode being thought-provoking is nice.

Leaving the viewers scratching their heads is not.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 Episode 12 fell extra into the latter class, because the staff was tossing round phrases comparable to “drone swarm” and “rogue AI.”

That’s not how one can join with these scuffling with their distant controls.

Unlike, say, Deeks hoarding the toys of his youth. Now that was one thing to which the present’s viewership might relate.

Artificial intelligence can be (and has been) the right subject for Black Mirror to sort out. NCIS: Los Angeles, not a lot. Stay in your lane, folks.

This was a Fatima highlight episode, with Roundtree attempting gamely to maintain up together with her. 

And when she had seems to be of awe and horror on her face, the remainder of the older members of the OSP and people watching had been additionally anticipated to really feel that means.

Apparently, the phrase “UFO” has develop into gauche. Who knew?

The new expression is unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAP. Why? Because that is what the navy does: provide you with new phrases to maintain the citizenry confused.

So, lengthy story brief, one thing unidentified failed to indicate up on radar till the final second. The pilot despatched to research was surrounded by the thing, and he bailed out.

And due to all of the UFO, excuse me, UAP nuts on the market, social media received flooded with photos of the thing, though nothing identifiable. Of course not. That would have defeated the aim.

Even although the staff was assigned to research the incident, nobody confirmed each curiosity in serving to them.

Excepting that poor younger pilot Landry, performed by Graham Patrick Martin (Major Crimes). Although Landry was nonetheless shaken by the occasion, he knew rattling properly {that a} flock of birds did not take down his jet.

Sure, he was motivated by self-interest, looking for to restore his repute. But that was additionally the primary signal {that a} coverup was afoot.

Evidence of that continued to multiply as Sam and Callen went aboard Landry’s ship, the Allegiance. The X-O blamed the crash on the inexperienced Landry over-reacting and dumping his multimillion jet prematurely.

The X-O’s failure to again his pilot rankled Sam and Callen. Then Sam noticed a few troopers from the Army Futures Command and it was odd for them to be aboard a Navy vessel.

Based on Fatima’s mild ton of information from the UAP division (which is an actual factor), she hypothesized that the thing was a drone swarm. And even worse, the swarm was gathering intelligence on navy targets.

Multiple sources quickly confirmed that concept. First, Fatima despatched Deeks and Kensi to the AUP’s approximate crash web site, naturally out in the course of nowhere.

They discovered no stays however as an alternative uncovered a UAP podcaster. There’s no escaping from podcasts even out within the woods.

And Gabe, the annoying podcaster, volunteered that he had been seeing the drone swarm taking off each day from close by. So one nerd with an excessive amount of time on his fingers knew greater than the navy concerning the swarm’s actions. Frightening.

Based on her observations, the intercept controller from the Allegiance arrived at a lot the identical conclusions.

Under stress from Kilbride, Fatima got here up with a convoluted plan to hijack the swarm sign, which required Roundtree, Deeks, and Kensi to race by the forest to position antennae in exactly the proper places.

That did not work as a result of (dum, dum, dum) there was no sign as a result of the swarm was linked towards by a rogue AI.

No criminals. No overseas adversaries. Just the geniuses on the DOD turning unfastened one thing they did not perceive correctly.

Callen’s private-industry professional coaxed to the Boatshed basically instructed him the identical factor in means too many phrases. Her perspective was, “Why are you interrogating me about this instead of your own people who bought them?”

It was like she was saying, “Tough crap. The warranty has run out.”

Then Kilbride and the Men in Black known as off the entire investigation, which was an train in futility. Yup, that was time we’ll by no means get again.

At least Kilbride took the time to clarify to the viewers and their surrogate, Fatima, was it was necessary that the U.S. discovered a method to win the AI race. The message appeared to be that we have to get the utmost bang for our buck even when we’re not sure how one can management it. That’s reassuring.

Minimal lip service additionally received paid to a pair of ongoing storylines. 

First, Callen was now mounting an investigation into the deep fakes of him being generated from Russia. Like his investigation into Katya, that too was going nowhere quick, though the season’s midway level had handed.

Then, from the Kensi-and-Deeks-want-to-be-parents entrance, their upcoming inspection to develop into foster dad and mom was talked about.

Somehow, Deeks received it in his head to raid eBay and purchase all his favourite toys from his childhood. Yup, simply what each trendy little one desires, to play the vintage videogame Oregon Trail, which too many people bear in mind. But then, that was the purpose.

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Who had “drone swarm” on their sport card?

So the entire investigation was to make the AI stretch?

Name your favourite ’90s toy.

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