In the world of Naruto, each ninja has their very own particular approach of doing issues. However, oftentimes their skillset closely depends on their clan. Though no two ninjas are precisely the identical, most all shinobi clans have sure abilities, talents, and preferences. For instance, the Uchiha clan is the one one with the Sharingan, however their love for fireplace and lightning talents is hardly unique.

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While all clans have some kind of expertise, few rise above the others and turn out to be revered. Throughout Naruto, numerous clans feud over completely different matters like land, energy, and easy hatred. Specific teams, such because the Uzumaki and Senju, earn respect by means of generations of highly effective ninja persevering with on their bloodlines. There can solely be one finest clan, although.

Updated by Amanda Bruce on November 10, 2021: There are a lot of clans in Naruto, and a few of them actually do not get their due. The Akimichi and Yamanaka clans, for instance, are main gamers in world conflicts, however their contributions aren’t as flashy as others, so they do not get seen. Of course, there are additionally some clans with dwindling numbers, just like the Uzumakis and the Uchihas, who’ve traditionally been very highly effective however by the top of the sequence solely have a handful of members. It’s fascinating to see simply how highly effective the smaller clans may be.

25 Iburi

Members of the Iburi clan meet and debate their options in Naruto

One of essentially the most distinctive clan talents comes from the Iburi. This household can flip into smoke at a second’s discover. However, there’s a severe flaw: they do not have full management over this means. Worse, in the event that they randomly flip into smoke and the wind separates their physique an excessive amount of, they may lose their life. Going exterior in any approach is a severe hazard for them.

Even although their energy is distinct and they’re a definitive clan, the circumstances of their talents make them a hazard to themselves. These poor individuals battle to reside a traditional life. In one among Orochimaru’s extra useful moments, making use of curse marks to every member lets them regulate their energy. However, they nonetheless depend on this to remain secure.

24 Lee

Rock Lee beckons a challenger for a fight in Naruto

Throughout Naruto, the shinobi make it very clear that it is nigh unimaginable to turn out to be an efficient ninja with out ninjutsu. Considering the Lee clan has none, it simply makes them one of many weakest households in Konoha. However, Rock Lee wasn’t deterred and have become one of many strongest fighters in Naruto. With solely taijutsu at his disposal, he wished to turn out to be a shinobi at any price. After all, he risked his life in surgical procedure to proceed his coaching.

With Rock Lee, the Lee clan’s energy modified drastically. Between him and his son, there’s honor and energy of their blood. However, earlier than them, their household hardly measured up. Furthermore, regardless of their achievements, they nonetheless cannot carry out ninjutsu.


23 Kagetsu

The Kagetsu patriach looks down from underneath a wooden ceiling in Naruto

Once upon a time, the Kagetsu clan was a household of easy, comfortable herb farmers. However, they finally turned a rich, severe individuals. Money modified them fairly a bit, souring all their moods and making their household dynamic tragically completely different. The patriarch of the household was so determined to make his clan happier that he willingly faked his personal finish. He hoped it might put a smile on his grandchildren’s face. The pretend loss introduced the household again collectively, making all of them the stronger.

While they are not a ninja clan, their copious wealth nonetheless makes them a strong and influential group on this planet.

22 Wagarashi

Members of the Wagarashi clan try to appear intimidating in Naruto

For a few years, the Wagarashi and Wasabi clans have been battling for management over the Land of Tea. While the Wasabi clan tries to maintain issues above board, the Wagarashi are prepared to do something to say what’s rightfully theirs. Naruto and pals are put in severe hazard due to their offers with Amegakure, an infamously cruel mercenary village.

This clan undoubtedly has lots of energy and cash, however so many sneaky dealings and under-handed plots have tainted them. Over time, they’ve turn out to be the dangerous guys in a turf conflict — a turf conflict that they’ve misplaced and will by no means win once more.

21 Wasabi

The Wasabi patriarch has a stern stare in Naruto

In the Land of Tea, no shinobi village exists to deliver order. Instead, the principle village is run by two warring households, the Wasabi and Wagarashi clans. While neither is above paying for out of doors assist, the Wasabi pay for cover whereas the Wagarashi pay for assassins. They each do extra than simply truthful and equal fight, however the Wasabi are extra honorable about all of it.

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For their individuals’s profit, the clans determined to battle for energy in a race quite than trigger undue bloodshed. Taking in orphans and wanting one of the best for his or her individuals, the Wasabi clan is rich in cash and management abilities. The Land of Tea is at its finest below their rule.

20 Hoshigaki

Every member of the Hoshigaki household, not directly, has gills and shark-like options. Their most notorious member, Kisame, joined the Akatsuki and induced havoc throughout a number of lands. Not solely did he have gills however sharp tooth and fish pores and skin. If followers did not know higher, he’d simply move for a weird Orochimaru experiment.

These individuals, a few of Kirigakure’s extra violent members, love battle and competitors. Even generations later, when Kirigakure is extra peaceable, Shizuma Hoshigaki tries to trigger extra fight and hassle within the now-peaceful village.

19 Fuma

A member of the Fuma clan wears one of their giant shuriken on his back in Naruto

Across all the Land of Fire, the Fuma clan is a revered and masterful group of ninja. Other shinobi know this clan for his or her warrior nature and their signature, large Fuma Shuriken that they put on on their backs. Though initially, this large shuriken was distinctive to the Fuma, it has unfold throughout the nation.

As shuriken-lovers, the Fuma are grasp projectile customers and blades-men. They know learn how to use their instruments in battle higher than most anybody else. Considering a Fuma member contended towards Jiraiya in a struggle and was adequate to turn out to be a Path of Pain, they are not a household to trifle with. The Fuma clan is aggressive and highly effective.

18 Tsuchigumo

Hotaru Tsuchigumo has the clan symbol embedded in her back as she stands in the middle of the symbol for the jutsu in Naruto

Running their very own village, the Tsuchigumo clan prides themselves in self-sufficiency. By the Third Shinobi War, although, they bored with getting caught within the crossfires. Their chief devised a method to destroy complete villages, giving them the right firepower to guard themselves. However, he promised to forbid the jutsu if Konoha protected them below any circumstance. The Third Hokage (understandably) agreed.

Unfortunately, the Tsuchigumo approach finally put the village in peril. A gang deliberate on utilizing the ninja embedded with the power, Hotaru, to destroy her personal village. While they did not succeed, Hotaru selected to let the approach finish along with her. The Tsuchigumo clan, modern and powerful, wanted to search out one other strategy to defend themselves.

17 Inuzuka

Kiba and Akamaru in Naruto

As one of many extra distinctive ninja clans, the Inuzuka are proficient warriors due to their bonded relationships with their canines. Not solely do they turn out to be robust ninja, however they increase spectacular and intimidating Ninken. When an Inuzuka member comes of age, they’re given their very own canine(s) to lift. This turns into their fixed companion as they study ninja abilities and combo strikes to turn out to be one of the best shinobi group they are often.

While Kiba is the Inuzuka fans know best, his mom and sister are additionally highly effective and revered shinobi. They helped resolve the Fourth shinobi conflict alongside all different Konoha ninja. For their very own strengths and their sensible dog-breeding talents, they’re an essential clan of their village.

16 Karatachi

Yagura Karatachi stands in shadow in Naruto with a mysterious figure

When below the fallacious circumstances, energy and jinchuriki affect could make a monster out of anybody. During Kirigakure’s worst instances, when kids have been pressured to battle in bloody fight, Yagura Karatachi rose to energy. Not solely was he extremely robust but in addition ruthless. With the Three-Tailed Beast in him, any opposing him hardly ever stood an opportunity. Though the Akatsuki ended his life, the ramifications of his actions rippled by means of the village for years.

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His grandson, Kagura, is younger, however shinobi already know him as a genius ninja. He’s proficient in direct fight, swordsmanship, and outwitting opponents. However, he does all he can to have a really completely different repute than his grandfather. Despite their disturbing darkness, the Karatachi are an undoubtedly highly effective individuals.

15 Kurama

Yakumo Kurama's alternate personality manifests as a demonic entity in her art in Naruto

Not all clans’ energy ranges are good. The Kurama clan is an in any other case unremarkable group, save the ninja born each few generations that’s extra highly effective than the remainder of the clan mixed. This reward (or curse) provides the ninja in query the power to warp their world into advanced illusions. They may even finish an individual’s life with illusions. Unfortunately, the downside is that they may have little management over this means, which may make emotional outbursts extraordinarily harmful. Even their thoughts acknowledges the facility, oftentimes making a secondary persona to control the ninja’s powers.

When Yakumo Kurama’s alter persona turned malicious, she fatally wounded her mother and father and harmed a number of shinobi. No ninja ought to ever underestimate essentially the most highly effective Kurama clan members.

14 Hatake

Kakashi Hatake sits on a ledge in Naruto

Any clan that has the mysterious and impressive Kakashi Hatake in it, after all, is highly effective. However, Kakashi and his father have been the one recognized ninja members of the family. Otherwise, the Hatake clan did not participate in shinobi methods, at the least not sufficient for others to note them.

Of course, Sakumo and his son modified that. They turned two of essentially the most famed ninja in shinobi historical past. Kakashi even turned Hokage, a lot to his chagrin. Though the father-son duo have been outliers, their energy alone raises the Hatake clan’s energy standing far greater than it ought to be. No one can name Konoha’s White Fang or Kakashi of Sharingan weak.

13 Yamanaka

Of all of the Ino-Shika-Cho members, the Yamanaka clan is arguably the weakest. Not as a result of they are not highly effective, however as a result of their talents work finest with a group and are tougher to make use of with out comrades round. After all, the consumer’s physique is safer if their pals defend it whereas they possess an enemy ninja’s thoughts.

However, with a group, the Yamanaka powers can turn out to be an ace within the gap towards unsuspecting foes. With such wealthy household historical past as protecting shinobi, the Yamanaka clan is at all times ready to do what their village asks. Ino Yamanaka even helps found hospitals all around the nation after the Fourth Shinobi World War — and assists in interrogating Konoha’s enemies. Also, they’ve a flower store. Who would not admire a clan with diversified belongings?

12 Haruno

Sakura Haruno hugs her parents in Naruto

While the Haruno household is not precisely a giant clan, the members of its household are too essential to not point out. Both Kizashi and his daughter Sakura are powerful ninja that make nice contributions to Konoha. In one other life, Kizashi may have turn out to be Hokage. Meanwhile, Sakura turned one of many strongest medical-nin to ever exist, between her personal chakra prowess and her teachings from Tsunade.

Furthermore, although her daughter classifies as an Uchiha, Sakura did increase an immensely highly effective and clever ninja. Sarada does not simply impress due to her Uchiha blood, but in addition due to her Haruno self-discipline and intelligence. Though the group does not have many members, the Haruno line created sufficient of an impression to earn rank as one of many highly effective clans in Naruto.

11 Akimichi

Choji Akimichi and other Akimichi clan members stand together in Naruto Shippuden

In the early days of Naruto, there have been lots of fat-shaming jokes round Choji. However, when a part of the Konoha 11 goes to retrieve Sasuke from the Sound 4, he proven that there is much more to him than a penchant for consuming. Even higher, his love for meals is definitely essential to his energy. The Akimichi clan depends on energy to energy their ninja talents.

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Choji, his father, and his daughter Chocho (together with all their ancestors) use their caloric consumption as gas to provide them spectacular body-changing powers. Between contributing to the Shika-Ino-Cho triad and packing fairly a punch, they’re a formidable clan that deserves recognition.

10 Raikage

Killer B stands with his arms crossed in Naruto: Shippuden

The individuals of Kumogakure may be odd at instances (see Killer B, the rapping ninja,) however they’re highly effective and intense. Not solely do they harness lightning, however in addition they home the violent Eight-Tailed Beast. Their customs are a bit weird, giving their kids names like A and B, however they’re robust protectors. After all, they dedicate themselves to main and guarding all of the individuals of their land.

Fans could by no means absolutely perceive this distinctive clan, however they can’t deny their powers. Killer B is one among a only a few individuals who can face off towards Naruto. They increase their kids resilient and fearless, in battle or whereas performing.

9 Aburame

Shino Aburame In Naruto Shippuden

Though the Aburame clan could make some individuals a little bit squeamish, nobody can deny their energy. With a symbiotic relationship to bugs, they will management mass swarms with a flick of their wrists. For an onlooker, that may be fairly overwhelming. During his time as a genin, Shino impressed others along with his innate talents and intelligence.

Having bug powers makes being a instructor even simpler, too. Shino hardly struggles with maintaining a tally of them. Throughout Naruto, followers do not get to study practically sufficient in regards to the Aburame clan. However, from what they do know, they’re clever ninja that pack fairly a punch.

8 Nara

Shikamaru and Temari have a meal with their son Shikadai in Boruto

There are many well-revered clans in Konoha, and few are recognized for his or her missions abilities because the Nara clan. Not solely are they proficient in shadow manipulation, however they’re additionally strategic geniuses. Even at their laziest, they’re at all times a number of steps forward. Furthermore, they’re part of the famed Ino-Shika-Cho trio, a group that traverses a number of generations. Shikadai leads his, as did his father Shikamaru, and his father Shikaku.

Konoha would not be the identical with out their clan talents. Tactical specialists aren’t straightforward to return by in a world stuffed with hotheads; the Nara clan members are pure leaders who make the ninja round all of them the higher.

7 Kazekage

Gaara is ready in a fighting stance while Kankuro and Temari hold umbrellas in a promotional image for Naruto

While the Kazekage household may use a lesson or two on parenting, they do increase intimidating and highly effective ninja. Gaara horrified any ninja that met him. His sand powers, boosted by his jinchuriki standing, have been not like something many individuals knew. However, his siblings have been no slouches. Temari may destroy dozens along with her fan maneuvers and Kankuro deceptively tricked others along with his intelligent puppets.

Despite the household’s instabilities, it is clear they’ve inherent energy. Any youngster from this clan is destined to search out their very own, distinctive powers. If solely they did not have such aggressive tendencies — and, after all, that aptitude for deception. Though they’ve improved tremendously, they nonetheless have a protracted strategy to go.

6 Sarutobi

Konohamaru Sarutobi In Boruto Anime

Until the Third Hokage, the function of village chief fell to members of the Senju clan. When each males misplaced their lives, although, their pal Hiruzen took over the job. Powerful in his personal proper, the younger Sarutobi turned an honored and beloved chief. Not solely was he proficient in working with Earth Releases, but in addition working in tandem along with his summoned ape pal, Enma.

From Hiruzen got here a line of ninja devoted to Konoha. They did not have the flashiest powers, however they have been environment friendly and clever. As a mere child, his grandson Konohamaru was already engaged on transformation jutsu. Between them, Asuma, and Mirai, there are few ninja clans extra diligent and innately loyal to Konoha.

5 Uzumaki

Fans may by no means focus on highly effective clans with out mentioning the enduring Uzumaki clan. After all, they result in Naruto Uzumaki, Kurama’s host, and the Seventh Hokage. This clan was recognized for not solely their intense chakra reserves but in addition for being the notorious Nine-Tailed Fox’s jinchuriki. Their oldest recognized member, Mito Uzumaki, was the attractive and spectacular spouse of Hashirama Senju. She was the primary to avoid wasting her metropolis from Kurama however not the final.

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While the earlier daring crimson hair could also be extraordinarily uncommon now, Naruto and Boruto carry the title proudly. They will not be Uchiha ranges of general energy, however they’ve created some highly effective ninja through the years which have modified Konoha for the higher.

4 Hyuga

Though the Hyuga clan begins off mysterious and obscure, over time followers learn the way actually highly effective they are often. When their clan energy is so coveted that they curse most all members of the family, there’s real and fearsome energy there. Neji confirmed off the injury even a younger Hyuga can do throughout his time within the Chunin Exams. In the years afterward, he and Hinata solely proceed to point out off that energy. Hinata Hyuga is constantly underestimated by her friends.

While there are extra highly effective eyes on the market, the Hyuga’s Byakugan succeeds as a catch-all means that may make anybody a stronger healer, scout, combatant, and extra. The Byakugan isn’t one thing to take calmly, as its versatility is invaluable. Every member of the household is intense and highly effective in their very own approach, making them one of many strongest Naruto clans.

3 Otsutsuki

A very long time in the past, Kaguya Otsutsuki got here to earth to devour the planet. Instead, she fell in love with a human. Though the planet in the end didn’t go well with her, her kids handed on the ninja talents that may turn out to be commonplace centuries later.

As the literal birth-family of ninja, the Otsutsuki clan is highly effective. While they are often outmaneuvered and outnumbered, their uncooked energy is unmatched. They could not have a number of the highly effective Kekkei Genkai of different clans, mutated over time, however they’re nonetheless the supply. Any member of this clan is a fierce foe. All ninja ought to concern their pure prowess in battle.

2 Senju

When the primary Hokage hails from a sure clan, after all, that household can be very highly effective. Before Konoha was created, the realm had two specific warring clans: the Senju and the Uchiha. Haunted by shedding members of the family to conflict and in-fighting, Hashirama Senju determined to create a village the place ninja may study and reside in peace.

As direct descendants of Asura Otsutsuki, they management one of many purest bloodlines to the supply of ninja talents. Specializing in wooden release, therapeutic, and possessing robust chakra, they’re a formidable household. Both the First and Fifth Hokage have been of Senju blood. Not solely have they got inherent powers, however they’ve honor and dedication, which makes them even stronger.

1 Uchiha

Itachi and Sasuke in Naruto Shippuuden

While followers can go on and on in regards to the Naruto and Sasuke debate, there is not any debate in relation to general clan energy. The strongest clan in Naruto is by far the Uchihas. The Sharingan alone provides them base talents past most ninja. With that energy comes an much more harmful volatility: the Uchiha Curse. Their capability for hatred is horrible.

Though they will turn out to be intimidatingly highly effective, their finest talents come at a excessive price. For instance, the Mangekyo Sharingan is simply activated by the consumer witnessing the passing of somebody near them. Worse, the attention solely stabilizes by taking the attention of a fellow Uchiha. Horrible, huh?

Despite this, and their dwindling numbers within the sequence, they nonetheless have the best capability for energy, making them the strongest clan in Naruto and Boruto.

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